Miss Chinese International 2018: Elisa Santos Does Pole Dancing

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Miss Chinese International 2018: Elisa Santos Does Pole Dancing

The 2018 Miss Chinese International contestants performed in a live talent show today. Despite the cold weather, many contestants wore skimpy outfits while demonstrating their talents.

Contestant #11 Elisa Santos (高詠堃), from San Francisco, impressed viewers with her pole dancing performance. Showing off her strength and flexibility, Elisa did not many rotations and an inversion on the steel pole. The crowd cheered and even voted Elisa for best performance among all candidates at today’s show.

New York’s #10 Rose Li (李思佳) and Singapore’s #12 Christine Cai (蔡美琪) did ballet with traditional Chinese dance influences. Hong Kong’s #3 Juliette Louie and Manila’s #7 Joy Wu (吳雪蓮) sang songs.

Vancouver’s #16 Cheryl Ng (伍殷嬅) did a hip-hop dance, but her shorts revealed her thick legs. When reporters pointed this out, Cheryl said, “I don’t mind! I exercise a lot, play basketball, and go cycling.”

Hawaii’s #2 Crystal Yang (楊筑晶) wore a red bra top and straw skirt for a luau performance, which flaunted her curvaceous figure. Crystal has taken luau lessons in high school, but practiced for one year to prepare for the pageant. Asked if she will regard Elisa Santos as her strongest competitor after her stunning pole dance today, Crystal said, “Elisa is very strong. Everyone shrieked when they saw her practice.”

Elisa Santos’ Pole Dance Performance


Crystal Yang’s Luau Performance

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