Miss Hong Kong, Juliette Louie, Doesn’t Care About Being Called Ugly

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Miss Hong Kong, Juliette Louie, Doesn’t Care About Being Called Ugly

Taking home the title as Miss Hong Kong 2017, Juliette Louie’s win was met with heavy criticism. Due to Juliette’s protruding teeth, many felt that Juliette was not pretty enough to win the title.

Beating out favorites such as Kelly Ng (伍樂怡), Boanne Cheung (張寶欣), and Regina Ho (何依婷), Juliette was announced as the winner much to everyone’s surprise. Not only was the 23-year-old a dark-horse in the competition, she was picked at random to test-wear the winning crown prior to show day. Juliette is the first contestant in history to have both tried on the crown and won the actual competition.

Unlike recent years where Hong Kong citizens had an opportunity to vote for their winners, this year’s decision was left to a panel of judges picked by TVB. In the final round where the votes were tied between Regina and Juliette, Carol Cheng had the final say despite previously casting her vote. This created a public outcry on the unfairness of the ruling, with many netizens wondering why Carol submitted two votes. TVB received 20 official complaints about the unfair and unreasonable results of this year’s pageant.

Netizens left negative comments on Juliette’s Instagram account, claiming that she is not fit for the crown. Poking fun of her looks, some netizens compared her face to that of a horse. Others said she resembled soccer player, Luis Suarez.

In response to the criticism that surfaced hours after her win, Juliette exclaimed, “To be honest, I don’t really mind – we must all love ourselves and I know my own worth! I want to thank everyone who supported me, but I feel bad that people have to start verbal fights, I’m very disappointed in them. They say I’m ugly – but I don’t care! They only know me by my looks and they don’t know me as a person. Everyone can continue saying whatever they want, but I don’t know how to read Chinese and I am not going to waste my time translating everything.  To those who are unhappy about my win, am I supposed to give up my crown? Of course not, I will continue to be myself and won’t change myself to please anyone!”

After Juliette’s win, the media did some further digging and revealed that Juliette’s father is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned designers and that she comes from an extremely wealthy family. When netizens starting attributing her win to her affluent background, Juliette said her father doesn’t mind the comments and is very proud to have her as a daughter.

Juliette was not deterred by the comparison made between her and Luis Suarez. Confident in her own smile, Juliette has no plans to get braces in the future.

Above: Emily Wong, Juliette Louie, Regina Ho, and Boanne Cheung

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

37 comments to Miss Hong Kong, Juliette Louie, Doesn’t Care About Being Called Ugly

  1. jjwong says:

    OMG, Dino Je, is that you? xD

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  2. happybi says:

    I read that she won yesterday. Not surprised that she won but was surprised that with her wealth, why her family didn’t get her braces when she was a kid! Teeth is very important!!!! but then i find many Asian family don’t focus on their kids teeth.

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    • melody replied:

      @happybi What’s even funnier is that her boyfriend is a dentist.

      I have no problem with her winning since it’s Miss TVB anyway, can’t take these pageants seriously because they’re just there to win a ticket into the entertainment industry. I just think she should change her attitude towards her haters. Miss HK is suppose to represent HK, be poised, elegant and intelligent. IMO she should just ignore all the hate comments, coz atm she’s fuelling the haters even more by fighting back.

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      • happybi replied:

        @melody no way! That is hilarious! He must be attracted to her teeth. Ehheheheh he just better not use her to promote business! Yep. Not surprised she won at all. Just surprise she has such bad teeth when she is suppose to be rich!

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      • janet72 replied:

        @melody For girls whose teeth are not so nice, many parents would have brought them to have teeth corrected when they reached 12 or 13. Some have other jobs done like eyes, nose or boob jobs. The new Miss HK has features which are not attractive.

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  3. sherla1019 says:

    throughouts these year HK beauty pagent is pretty much BS they give the crown to the ones with wealthy backgrounds!!! I mean Hey….if you have the money you dont need to be pretty have a banging body or brains just show TVB the $$$$$ and you’ll be crowned the champion or 1st runner up!!! Its not like what is used to be like back in the 90’s or even early years of 2000 that;s why i’d stoppped watching years ago

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  4. aiya says:

    I think the MHK pageant is trying to make some kind of a statement: the perception of beauty is subjective and can be altered.

    Let see….buck teeth is beautiful….buck teeth is beautiful….down with orthodontics…buck teeth is beautiful.

    Well, that did it for me. Now I am totally infatuated with Miss Louie and her set of choppers.

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    • coralie replied:

      @aiya “her set of choppers” LMAO!

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    • happybi replied:

      @aiya too funny!!!

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  5. m0m0 says:

    so much shaming on how this girl looks. i bet westerners will think she’s hot. also but perhaps i could be wrong, just never seen so people shaming a girl for how she looks. asian and western cultures are so different. i bet, if any of the statements above are said about a beauty queen or any celebrity, the board will be washed with hate messages. nothing wrong w/ either, just pointing out the cultural differences. i think it’s not bad to be blunt at all esp on the internet forum.

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    • happybi replied:

      @m0m0 you think so? I personally think the people in the west would have the same reaction.

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      • m0m0 replied:

        i personally know a few asian girls that’s been called very ugly in chinese standards but the westerns think they are super hot. look at that super model, she’s chinese. isn’t she pretty darn ugly in chinese standards. so is lucy lui

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      • happybi replied:

        @m0m0 you do have a point there.

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    • nomad822 replied:


      I think she’s pretty, and not run of the mill. Kudos to her, for not being a groupie.

      In Vancouver where I am … straight bleached teeth are the norm. In fact those dazzling white, perfectly straight teeth that look kind of fake – the smiles politicians have.

      West Coast (North America) = full of Yoga perfect bodies, and perfect smiles. Nope, they would not condone crooked teeth … especially dental, it’s huge here and the dentists over prescribe since it’s covered by insurance.
      Korea’s Bae Yong-jun back then had endearingly slightly crooked teeth which made him look well … human. Then he fixed them and look so fake insincere when he smiled.

      It takes someone special to see how beautiful she is – for eg, she reminds me of 2 Singapore models who went international (they were considered ‘ugly’ – teeth, cheekbones etc). But seen with the right eye by creative make-up artistes … so unusual, cut above the run of the mill faces.

      She reminds me of these two:
      Ethel Fong. (Singapore model from the 80s)
      Jane March (who acted with Leung Kar-fai in that steamy movie) .

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  6. llwy12 says:

    MHK pageant went downhill eons ago. The best years they had were in the 70s and 80s as well as early 90s – many of the winners and runners-up from those decades truly fit the “beauty + wisdom” slogan that has defined the pageant since the beginning of time. It’s also not a coincidence that the MHK from those eras have been more successful than the ones who came after them and also are the ones that audiences remember most.

    With regard to this year’s pageant – I can only say that once again, it seems that TVB can’t do anything right. The way they have made a joke of the MHK selection process and the pageant over the past decade is shameful and to be quite honest, they should just shut it down. Sandy Yu’s style is to attract attention (whether positive or negative) at all costs so it’s not surprising that she fills the MHK pageants nowadays with gimmicks and things that will cause controversy. Those who are trying to blame Dodo Cheng or the contestants themselves for all the issues with this year’s pageant probably aren’t familiar with how these things work (probably the same people who think “reality shows” are real, lol) – at the end of the day, MHK is just a show where everyone who participates follows a script and does what the producers tell them to do…if anyone is to blame, it should be TVB and their crooked management, not the artists who participated or the contestants.

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  7. coralie says:

    honestly, it doesn’t look like her teeth are protruding from the pics. is it the angle?

    also, surprised Kelly ng won nothing! she was the hot favorite.

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    • happybi replied:

      @coralie her teeth are pretty bad. There was a photo of her side profile that was very noticable floating online. First thing i notice was her teeth. Her parents should have invested in braces when she was a kid.

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  8. passingby says:

    She will look better if she fixed her teeth. Unless she’s a horse.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @passingby there are definitely beautiful ones who could have been Miss HK…but the winner makes us think the judges are blind.

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  9. mindee says:

    I have to admit that Miss HK contestants these recent years isn’t about beauty

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    • janet72 replied:

      @mindee grace Chan has still not improved…now she is turbo mouth after hooking up with a veteran boyfriend.

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  10. alicesky says:

    The first time I saw this miss HK I thought well why didn’t I join the competition? I look back and figure out my family is not rich at all ROFL
    One more pageant on tv next year.

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  11. cutie777 says:

    I wonder what’s her nationality? Philippine or what? I remember when Kate Tsui first came out she wasn’t that pretty either and being chubby at that time and still can be Miss Hong Kong?

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  12. jayne says:

    I actually think Juliette Louie is quite pretty, especially from the front angle where her teeth look less protruding. She has pretty eyes and a good figure. But she needs her photos to be taken from certain angles with the right smile to highlight her looks. For example, she looks a lot prettier in the bottom group photo with the other winners.

    Since Miss Hong Kong yielded some very memorable beauties in the past, it is a big title to live up to. I found Edelweiss Cheung, Kayi Cheung, and Mok Ho Yan to be even less remarkable.

    Btw, this year’s pageant didn’t really have standout beauties. The press’ favorite was Kelly Ng, but I felt Juliette is on par with Kelly’s looks.

    In her latest interview, Juliette said she is interested to develop her career in Hollywood. She plans to fulfill her one-year obligations as Miss HK, before looking to Hollywood. Guess she is not interested in becoming a TVB actress.

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    • happybi replied:

      @jayne she does have a good body and smilely eyes. If she just fix her teeth will be much better. Edelweiss was awful!!!

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    • rucofan1100 replied:

      @jayne true i think she’s actually quite pretty, especially by western standards. though i’ve noticed in all images of her, even the ones from the side, her teeth are actually quite straight! like they actually lay flat, not in the stereotypical protruding way; think she just has an overbite.

      omg, but did you see kelly ng on pageant night? went from girl next door to total smokeshow; completely blew me away!

      idk about hollywood for her though; more attractive, successful, talented, and HUMBLE asians have failed, doubt she’ll have what it takes

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    • coralie replied:

      @jayne I looked at photos of her online and still didn’t see what the protruding teeth was all about. they looked fine to me, not like Charmaine Sheh’s teeth (she put veneers on so her teeth is actually way too forward to cover her mouth sometimes.) maybe it’s one of those things where you need to see her on camera to know what the protruding teeth is all about.

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  13. kidd says:

    I’m actually impressed by this girl’s self-confidence and applaud her for not giving in to outside pressure to brace her teeth. If more girls have her self-confidence and positive self-image, there wouldn’t be so many cases of anorexia and plastic surgery addiction.

    She could have handled herself better in her response to criticism. Be more poise and elegant instead of fighting back. But, there is nothing wrong with her not ‘fixing’ her teeth.

    I listen to a radio talkshow yesterday and one of the host, actress Joyce Chan, actually tip her as the winner because of her confidence on the stage during the pageant.

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  14. rucofan1100 says:


    i think everyone should actually see and hear her response as opposed to the transcript; written words just don’t do it justice. chinese juliette sounds poised and humble (maybe due to her limited chinese), but full english speaking juliette is just — wonder if she would’ve won had she presented this version of herself…

    also, wow kelly ng not winning anything completely surprised me! wasnt that hyped for her going in, but holy moly she looked like a million bucks on pageant night!

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  15. Don’t know what’s more disgusting, TVB’s dirty politics or people hiding behind their computer screens making fun of a stranger’s looks.

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  16. kolo says:

    i think this years mhk-winner isnt that bad,actually i find she is attractive. yes she is not as beautifull as michelle reis or maggie cheung. but she is genuine,energetic,confident,and possess a good figure. ppl needs to chill out.

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  17. nomad822 says:

    They’re fine to me. And she isn’t groupie, which is great.

    1) props to her for being comfortable in her own skin, how she looks and being confident with her own teeth.
    2) groupie is doing what most teens do in North America … I don’t know many teens actually who have not be suggested braces by their dentists in Vancouver. Most have them on by 13 or 14 and they stay until 16 or sometimes even 18..
    3) check out all the white (bleach), perfectly straight teeth around. dentists suck people into a package and this all translates to regular $ for them (cleaning, regular checks for alignment).
    4) personally, even when health insurance covers it… braces imo are just over prescribed.

    Some people actually LOOK better with less than perfect teeth. Many Japanese have naturally crooked teeth.
    1) Korean actor Bae Yong-joon looked so much better with his natural teeth and endearing … compared to his later straightened teeth which produced a fake insincere smile.
    2) Jane March who acted with Leung Kar-far way back
    3) Jactor Takayu Kimura

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    • aiya replied:

      @nomad822 I think you had mischaracterized the the field of orthodontics as merely a form of plastic surgery contributing no value to the health of the patients other their vanity. Sufficient research results in the last 50 years have shown mis-aligned bites can caused severe speech and dietary defects for kids, as well as other dental hygienic problems in the future because of brushing inaccessibility.

      I do agree that only North America has recognized this as a legitimate health issue and that’s why most US/Canadian insurance providers partially cover orthodontic expense. I think Europe is slowly catching on now but I still remember all the old jokes about British dental hygiene.

      Asia is still in the dark age with respect to orthodontic health, just like cigarette consumption. To be fair, there are only a handful of orthodontists in all of Asia, most procedures are performed by general dentists using the most archaic (painful) procedures. That’s why Asians still prefer crooked tobacco-stained teeth (even thinking they are sexier) over what would be a traumatic experience of orthodontic treatment.

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