Moka Fang Continues to Attend Social Gatherings

The 33-year-old could not resist heading out for meet-ups in the last two months despite the worsening COVID-19 situation. 

Moka Fang (方媛), the wife of Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok (郭富城), shared a video on Weibo of her pampered life over the past two months. Despite the Hong Kong government’s heightened warnings about the worsening COVID-19 situation, Moka continued to lead a busy social life, including bringing her two daughters for a picnic at a friend’s home, attending a friend’s birthday party on a yacht, and learning dance moves with her friends.

Brought Children Along for Picnic and Yacht Party

In the video, they were travelling to a gathering at Moka’s friend’s home when her two-year-old elder daughter Chantelle could be heard asking curiously what they would be doing today, while anxious to know if her younger sister would also be going with them. Even without revealing her face, Chantelle’s child-like voice sounded absolutely adorable.

In a yacht party captured on video, many attendees were seen gathering unmasked at the dock, and both adults and children who went on board later without wearing any masks. Moka and her friends did not socially distance and had close contact with each other at the party.

In another activity captured in her vlog, Moka was seen completing a dance routine to a song. Impressing with her sleek moves, it made one wonder if Aaron, who is known for his dancing talent, had offered her any coaching tips during his time off.

Although the former Chinese model most likely attended these gatherings in June before the onset of Hong Kong’s record spikes of COVID-19 infections recently, it seems that a wiser choice would be for Moka to avoid the crowds.

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  1. didn’t the spike happen just recently? she has been attending for the past two months for the past two weeks. plus going out on a yacht is the safest option.

    1. @m0m0
      People should still live their lives but just take precautions. My younger brother just attended some small gatherings but he takes pre cautions and he and my cousins are all fine. One of my cousins is in his 70s and he is fine.

  2. If she did this recently in HK then she’s an idiot. AK isn’t young and covid can be deadly for any age group.

      1. @rika
        I doubt he will die unless he has some serious health problems. This virus is not that deadly as the recovery rate is high but sadly many just focus on the negatives only. She will definitely get most of it along with her 2 kids. I wonder if he would leave anything for his siblings, nephews and nieces? If not then she and her kids will get it all since his parents are both gone now.

      2. @luye
        True but many may think they have no health issues but do without knowing. This one lady said that her cousin was ill and recovered and his wife and kids were always with him but none of them got infected. This virus is tricky which is the main reason why it can be scary but not that deadly.

    1. @bubbles23
      the death rate is in a low single digit number world wide and hospitalization rate is 120.9 per 100,000 per the CDC. most people end up just getting very sick but manageable at home so the chances of AK dying is very low even if he gets infected.

      1. @m0m0 yes that’s why I wrote *can be* Most people don’t even show symptoms, but why anyone would knowingly put their family at risk is beyond me.
        @rika haha you’re right.

      2. @m0m0
        Yes the death rate is very low and should be way lower than reported as many deaths claimed as Covid 19 are not. With AK’s wealth he can get the best care at home or anywhere, so the chances of him dying are very low.

      1. @hetieshou I am not bored. I learned a new language and read a lot of books. I also volunteered. Some people choose to do mindless things and some don’t.

      2. @afan202
        it’s what you’re used to. my 22 yo nephew plays video games all day says it’s the same for him anyway. probably be true for most if not all pro-gamers.

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