Moses Chan Gives Up His Career for Ali Lee in “Death By Zero”

TVB’s Death By Zero <殺手> is taking everyone back to watching TV again, and in the latest turn of events, star assassin Zero (played by Moses Chan 陳豪) tells Cash (played by Ali Lee 李佳芯) that he is willing to give up his career in order to be with her.

Zero and Cash have been in an underground relationship for quite some time. With Zero being the agency’s most skilled assassin and Cash being a single mother-turned-assassin assistant, Cash had always felt that she was unworthy for Zero. Upon observing Zero and Sam Sam’s (played by Samantha Ko 高海寧) close knit partnership, Cash decides that it’s better for her and everyone else to step out of the relationship.

While Sam Sam does have romantic feelings for Zero, the assassin’s only love remains to be Cash. When Cash musters the courage to tell Zero that she wants to break up, Zero is confused. Realizing that Cash had been feeling inferior to Sam Sam, Zero tells Cash that he would stop seeing Sam Sam, and would even give up his career as an assassin, in order to be with Cash.

Death By Zero will air its last episode on August 7, 2020.


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  1. …okay nvm, this is back on the to-skip-list 🙁 Eeeh

    Yet another overused love triangle BS… Moses’ll leave Sam for Ali. Sam’ll be pissed and go after Ali. Moses’ll sweep in and save the day and Ali. Yawn.

    I can’t stand more than 3 mins of that clip… Moses looks so uncle-y. He and Ali don’t match at all. The way he delivered his lines is still like reading a book. And like, who tf keeps announcing they’re killer, doing killing job, while walking in public? Killer this, killer that, like an ads lol. For Ali, it’s too bad this was shelf bc I think with her popularity then and her char in here, she would’ve gain more fans, popularity, and endorsement. She seemed natural and likable with bearable acting from that short 3 mins.

    1. @jjwong There’s really no triangle. Moses is flirty, but he only is interested in Ali.

      I think Moses is conservative with love scenes so his kisses are always awkward and use camera angle tricks. But their interactions are full of chemistry and charm. Ali makes Moses likeable to me.

      1. @jjwong I couldn’t edit, but meant to add: Did you see them in My Ages Apart? Similar chemistry but even more sparks to me. Moses looks younger and Ali looks more mature in this series than that one, so a closer match.

      2. @jjwong I have never liked Moses but I watched that series for Bobby, Maggie, Ali, Louis, and Krystal (to a lesser extent). I was worried that the 50 episodes would drag. It was surprisingly hysterical and made me notice Moses for the first time. If you are bored, maybe check it out. I need a time waster during quarantine.

      3. @conan2209 In Line Walker 2, his kiss with Jessica was so passion less that it made their love story completely unbelievable. It’s like, what’s the point?

  2. I’m starting to lose interest in the Men Men story line. Yes, it’s sad she’s orphaned, but Zero and King Yim shouldn’t feel guilty for killing her dad or be responsible for her safety.

    I also am tired and annoyed with Ali’s acting and character. She always cycles between three expressions and she talks like she’s about to die (死唔斷氣). She talks like a chicken in every series she’s in…I don’t know why people are so fond of her and say her acting’s better than previous fadans.

  3. Excuse me for regressing into a fan girl. My shipper heart thinks he was blown away by her on their first meeting. He didn’t know what to make of this crazy, feisty and challenging woman. He didn’t know why he wanted to help her. I laughed when she threatens to quit and he demands 7 more days.

    They are cute together but I have to admit that this “retirement” plot is a bit dull. Hope this passes soon.

    Their scenes with Timothy are also comedy gold. He’s lots of fun.

  4. I’m kinda tired with Moses’ high pitch voice. I noticed in a few dramas he always raises his voice when trying to speak English & being funny

  5. I’m actually more interested in the bromance between Timothy and Moses. Timothy is so underrated and always being typecasted into villain.

    I love Ali but her character here is growing more and more annoying with each episode that I am actually rooting for Moses and Samantha instead.

  6. That’s the goal tho!!
    HeR character must be so annoying!
    Greedy, chicken. Love dumb and stupid. Also playing a young mother who can’t afford her son. Taking advantage around her friends.

    Love her new style!!
    You go girl!! And welcome back!!

  7. I find Zero and Cash’s relationship so random and abrupt. Like they went from bickering to each other and at each other’s necks to lovey-dovey after what a one night stand that eventually turned into more night stands? I think the producer should have edited the relationship better or added more scenes which show each of them slowly have more feelings. It would’ve made more sense if Cash’s son hung out more with Zero and then Cash looking up at him as the new father figure and having feelings then. And then Zero as the protector. I feel like I missed episodes because everytime I see them do couple things I’m confused. They seem cute but it just reminds me of Ali and Moses in My Ages Apart. Zero and SumSum would’ve been a great match especially since their jobs link well.

    Also yes. I am a fan of Ali Lee but Cash’s character is getting a bit more annoying as the episodes go. It’s like the world revolves around her like you can’t just force Moses to quit his job and then be upset.
    Also, Dark Angel’s character is nicer as episodes go. I used to hate her but when you get to know the character it all makes sense and makes you like her.
    Fav couple currently: Wayne and Elena’s characters.

    1. @oligodendrocytes Too true, I agree with you, it’s too bad they didn’t opt for it to be Sam and Mo being a character. I think that would have been more passionate and wilder. Guessing they were going for a reunion of my ages apart for those two oh well.

  8. I am so sick of moses in this drama…his english SUCKS and he keeps screeching weirdly with english words during the drama…it’s annoying and not even funny.

    1. @jujuxoxo LOL…..Hahaha…His English has always been bad . I also remember on his wiki profile that he studied 10 years in Australia prior to his acting career in HK. Imagine that!! haha

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