Moses Chan Sent Bernice Liu a Birthday Message

Yesterday was Bernice Liu Bik Yee’s thirty-second birthday. Appearing at a Cole Haan promotional event, Bernice noted that she will be celebrating her birthday with her family this year. “In the past, I did not have many opportunities to celebrate my birthday with them.”

Earlier, tabloids claimed that Bernice broke up with rumored boyfriend, Alastaire Lam. Bernice did not respond directly to the alleged break-up rumors. “I read in the tabloids that said we broke up.” Did Bernice receive birthday blessings from Alastaire Lam? “I did not receive his phone call yet.” (What about rumored ex-boyfriend, Moses Chan Ho?) “No! Actually, I don’t know yet. I don’t’ have my phone with me now. Today is not over yet!”

At a BMW event, Moses Chan said that he sent an e-mail wishing Bernice a happy birthday. When reporters pointed out that she did not receive the message, Moses said, “Maybe she did not check her e-mail yet.” (Will Moses also give a birthday gift?) “Likely not.”  Moses will be focusing on his career and hopes to open a coffee shop this year.

Moses will leave his love life in the hands of fate. “If it comes, I can not stop it. If it ends, no matter how I chase it, I can not recover it. The New Year represents a new beginning to regain myself.”

Compiled from the Sun

Jayne: Given time, the media will focus less on Moses and Bernice’s break-up, when another celebrity hook-up or break-up catch everyone’s attention.

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