Moses Chan Dares to Love, Not Hate

A man’s charm can come from his appearance, talent, fame, status, and financial resources. These are elements that attract the opposite sex. Moses Chan Ho’s charm also includes his “attitude:” his work attitude, his calm attitude in life, and his loyal attitude in love. Moses was considered a “good man” and a “high quality but inexpensive real estate.” When Bernice Liu Bik Yee let go of this “hot property” last year, Moses became even more vigorous in the market.


In the past, Moses refused to openly speak about his love life. However, his blush often betrayed him and he could not hide his emotions. Unexpectedly, Moses parted with Bernice Liu last year. Bernice grieved that Moses did not acknowledge her as a girlfriend publicly and suggested that Aimee Chan Yan Mei may have been a third party. Since Moses’ has a tendency to never counter or blame, it was impossible to have him respond to the allegations.

In this interview, Moses made a rare confession of love, “Somewhere in life, there is an arrangement. If Heaven arranged for you to love this person, even if this person is bad, you will love him or her. Even if the person is very bad, you will continue to offer support.” It is difficult to assess to what degree Moses personally experienced this painful lesson.

Surrounded by Love After Breaking Up

In his early teens, Moses had a blueprint for his life. He had planned to marry and have children before the age of 30. Currently, he remained single at 40-years-old. He adapted his view and believed that Heaven would make arrangements. Moses was just waiting for the pieces to fall into place. If he encountered the right opportunity, he will advance towards it. In love, he will wait until his luck arrived.

Late last year, after Bernice and Moses broke up, Moses was moved by the love he felt in the people around him. “Everyone has times when they are not happy. However, people have to move forward and immerse in life again. I am a positive and optimistic person. At the time, I felt many people cherished and protected me, such as my friends and reporters’ concern. I regarded it as a gift from Heaven. Perhaps I was just lucky, otherwise it is difficult to explain everyone’s love towards me. ”

Acknowledged He Made Mistakes

Moses acknowledged that he made mistakes as well because he was a normal person, “Of course I will not disclose my own secrets it! Anyhow, from the time I committed mistakes to the Ah Mo today, I have been changing and trying to gain wisdom. With more past experiences, I will know how to face future challenges. There is no need to be afraid of making mistakes; it will allow you to learn the lesson and do better next time. My advantage is that I am broad-minded. When some people encounter unpleasant events, their first reaction is to counterattack. However, I will assume the viewpoint of a third position. Many things are not black or white, or simply right or wrong. ”

Appreciates Aimee Chan

After the turbulence, Moses has been romantically rumored with Aimee Chan. Since the appearance of his “new flame,” Moses became very coquettish. “I have to say thank you. Since the unhappy events, I do not know what kind of mood to face the media. I know that everyone cares about me, but I did not want to appear [too dejected needing] sympathy. I thought about how to let everyone see happy Moses. Due the timing of tabloid news, I was able to show my happiness.” Aimee was praised as sweet, pure, and a good girl. Although Moses insisted that they did not develop a relationship yet, he greatly admired her. Aimee said that Moses did not indicate that he was interested in her. Discussing his rumored girlfriend, Moses often laughed to hide his embarrassment. “Aimee never asked me whether I was interested in her. All along, only reporters asked whether I liked her or not.”
An Aries man was often very focused on his targets. In the past, Moses admitted that once he spotted his target, he would “bite and not let go.” Since his new romantic target appeared, was he in aggressive pursuit? “I am the same in all matters. Staying focused in my strength and weakness because I am a total bore. Regarding future development, it will have to depend on the situation.”

Can Never See Love Clearly

Moses thought that the public imagined him to be perfect. He also had the opportunity to make mistakes, however if he dared to commit the act, he will admit it. His actions are guided by his conscience and should not harm others. Each person has a dark side, but Moses said he has a “colorful face.” Fortunately Moses was an actor, a position which allowed him to freely express himself. An actor looked at each event with 3D vision and can see the consequences. Did Moses possess the same 3D perspective in love? Moses became emotional upon the mention of love. He said that he cannot see clearly in love and could not plan it. Somewhere in life, there will be an arrangement to love someone.  Even if the person is very bad, he will support her.

Since he cannot see clearly in love, perhaps Moses can recruit his mother’s assistance. Did Moses introduce Aimee to his mother yet? Moses became suddenly alert, “You’re setting up a trap for me again! Amitabha! My mother has not met Aimee yet!”

Hoping to Become an Entertainment Brand

Moses had constantly changing images onscreen. Appearing handsome and affectionate to please his female fans was not difficult. However, he liked comedy. TVB series, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> allowed him to play freely. He designed his offensive hairstyle, a mushroom cut to match his teacher character, causing the audience to laugh.

“When watching films, I prefer comedies. I was very happy during the filming of Yes Sir, No Sir and allowed to play during work. Can’t Buy Me Love <公主駕到> was my first exploratory stage into comedy. With the experience, my portrayal was more accurate this time and I improved. It’s not easy to act in comedies. It requires you to have a twisted madness inside in order to express the [humorous] ideas.”

Handling Comic and Handsome Roles Equally Well

Abandoning his image in comedy roles, Moses no longer appeared handsome. “I will not attempt to look handsome in a comedy. The character portrayal should come before the image. If the role required to look handsome, I can become handsome and cool. After Yes Sir, No Sir, I still have War of the Heart <心戰>and Heaven and Earth <天與地>. My image in the these series are not comical and look more refined. I am fortunate to play varied roles. Different producers will ask me to partake in different roles. Producer Lau Ka Ho likes to cast me in comedies, Miu Siu Ching prefers to capitalize on my affectionate and romantic side, while Jonathan Chik Kei Yi asked me for varied performances with a deeper psychological approach.”

Marked Stephen Chow As His Goal

In addition to Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Moses appeared in last year’s Eye of the Beholder <秋香怒點唐伯虎> which reminded the audience of Stephen Chow’s films Flirting Scholar <唐伯虎點秋香> and Fight Back to School <逃學威龍>. Moses said, “Only the subject matter was similar. I will not copy Stephen Chow, who has achieved god-like status. Even if I wanted to copy, I could not. I used my own creativity to portray the role. I greatly admire Stephen. In his early career, he exceling in comedy and he has demonstrated his talent and vision in later projects. He represents a very good brand. One day, my goal is to make Ah Mo become a brand. Right now, I need to increase my comic abilities.”

Since Moses’ goal was to establish himself as a brand, was it difficult to do so while working in the television industry and filming 110 episodes per year for TVB? “My onscreen performance is not simply a job. If that were the case, then it is just about doing more work. This is my business career and I hope for greater development. I am confident in my abilities and there is more space for future development. I am waiting for the right opportunity. My progress in the television industry is quite good, but I did not grow complacent. I have greater capacity and vision. I realize that this goal is not based solely on my individual effort. After all, now everything is market-led. I admire that Stephen Chow has his own team, to fit with his ideas and achieve his goals. I am advancing with this goal in mind. Right now, I work in television and continuously improve myself.”

Getting Into the Film World

Some people say that there are framework limitations in television. Moses believed that if an artist does not [work in the television industry] with wide open eyes, possess an open attitude, and willingness to learn, then he will not improve. As long as one’s thinking improves and learns from life experiences, then it will become better and better. “One day if I allow others to see my diversity, my opportunities will increase as well.”

It has been ten years since Moses acted in films. Although he wished to appear in movies, he will not partake in the projects for the sake of appearing on the big screen alone. “I am confident that I will be competitive in the film industry, but the opportunity has not come yet. I have to wait for the directors to trust me and attempt to cast me. My goal is not to only film one movie, but ten, twenty films. I am marching step-by-step towards my target. However, I only have television and coffee as the ‘chips’ on my table right now, so I will handle these areas well first.”

A Flourishing Coffee Kingdom

Moses will be able to realize his coffee kingdom soon. Many years ago, he wanted to open a coffee shop near the sea. He was able to [execute] the plans recently; it was like completing a puzzle. Opening his first coffee shop in Malaysia, Moses chose the location due to the suitable local business environment. Malaysians also liked to drink coffee. He considered opening a coffee shop in Hong Kong, however the rent was too expensive. In the future, Moses would need to travel frequently between Hong Kong and Malaysia. He needed to learn every step and detail of the preparatory stage. Renovation and painting were Moses’ strengths.  Will Moses do the renovation himself? “Even if I drew the drawings, this will not make the coffee sell. I am learning how to run a business from scratch. It is necessary to monitor the quality of the coffee in the long run. No doubt my popularity will benefit my coffee business, however fame will not make the coffee taste better. The most important thing is to make a  good quality product to be competitive. It takes a long time to establish a coffee brand.”

Facing Moses were two large projects: establishing himself as an entertainment brand and developing a well-liked coffee kingdom. He had other “investments” and he needed to “go house-hunting.” (The tabloids spotted Moses near Aimee Chan’s house and his explanation for his appearance was that he was house-hunting.) While he was busy, will Moses need to continue go “house-hunting?” Moses laughed, “House-hunting is an investment. I have to see whether I have time!”

A Filial Son Who Never Argues With His Mother

On the day of the interview, Moses’ mother accompanied him. Afraid that his mother was bored, Moses brought his mother along. “I am a family man and family is very important to me. If I encounter unhappy circumstances, I will not tell my mother. I do not want to bring my troubles upon the elderly. My mother has worked hard enough; she should just enjoy life now. Her sons grew up and will be able to deal with the problems. ”

It was not easy to have Moses speak about his feelings. Did Moses’ mother rush her son to get married and have children? Did she meet Aimee Chan? Moses’ mother, Mrs. Chan, had a “tighter lip” than Moses. She smiled and waved, not interfering in her son’s matters.

Moses’ mother was an easy-going mother. The interview took place at a concourse in the mall. When Moses proposed his manager to buy a drink, Mrs. Chan said to his son, “You should ask the reporter friend what he wants to drink first!” The reporter laughed upon seeing Mrs. Chan correct her son. After the interview, the reporter chatted with Mrs. Chan and found her to be very talkative. Referring to her son, Mrs. Chan said: “Ah Mo is a great son; he is very filial and will never argue with me.”


Source: Ming Pao Weekly

Jayne: I am impressed with Moses Chan’s maturity and vision. He sounds very sensible and has a good head on his shoulders. At most promotional events, he usually banters engaging with reporters, so we don’t get a frequent glimpse into his deeper side. Its obvious he’s promoting for his coffee business as much as he can in interviews, but he realizes that for the business to remain competitive in the long run, he will need more than his celebrity status.

His belief that if God arranged him to love a person, no matter how bad the person is, you will continue to support her/ him. It’s so ambiguous…is he talking about general blindness and tolerance in love, or is he referring to Bernice Liu? Given the context of her interview last week, what do you think? I sense that Moses was hurt badly in his relationship with Bernice and he seems to hint that Aimee Chan is better? Sometimes, you will say in break-up that things didn’t work out well. However, for Moses to make such a comment, he must realize that some people will interpret it in a negative way.

From the interview, Moses comes across as a man with very carefully chosen words, an expressive and well-thought man who uses language to his advantage to tell you exactly what he wants you to believe.

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  1. Thanks so much for the interview Jayne! I had a feeling that after Bernice’s long interview that Moses will eventually have one as well. I am also impressed by Moses’ maturity and open mind. I don’t know why, but I feel that Bernice may have dumped him to go after that one other guy. However, I guess I will never know. But it is no longer important and it appears that they have both moved on now. I hope that Moses will find a great woman that will truly love and appreciate him.

    Is Moses Buddhist?? I know that Bernice is Christian so I wonder if their religious beliefs affected their past relationship(if Moses is Buddhist anyways)?

    I just realized that the length of time that you date doesn’t always dictate whether you will end up with the person or not. YOu can date someone for many many years and then break up. But then you can date someone really briefly and then just get married. I guess being with a person or not is often separated by just a thread line. You can be with one person one moment and another person the next… I guess it is just fate…

    1. HeTieShou, I’m not sure what Moses’ religious beliefs are, so I left it as Heaven in the article, although he may have meant God. He referred to sheung tin a few times in the interview.

      You’re right, both Bernice and Moses have moved on.

      At first, many fans groaned when we heard he was chasing his coffee dream and taking a break from filming. He is turning his passion and knowledge in coffee into a business opportunity which is great.

      I enjoyed the interview because Moses really talked about his vision and we saw glimpses of his well-thought-out mind. No need to talk about painful lost love or childhood experiences, Moses’ had good positive advice to share about life atttiudes, work ethics, setting and meeting goals. Such good and practical advice that’s applicable to all. Sometimes success just takes the right attitude. 🙂

      1. @Jayne,
        Thanks for your info! I thought he was Buddhist because you used the word “Amitabha” in this article. I guess I will need to look at the original Chinese article to see… I also really enjoyed this interview and feel that we can all learn from it. I must say that I enjoyed this interview more than Bernice’s.

      2. I personally like the fact that he is chasing his coffeee dream even if in all honesty I won’t be paying his coffee shop a visit unless he is serving.

        He is a Christian right? That’s my impression anyway, after all his name is a big indication. BUT even Buddhists sometimes can say God, which can be general in meaning, need not refer to Christian god.

  2. Thanks Jayne for translating the interview 🙂 I’m very impressed with the way Moses handled the situations, he didn’t point fingers or play the part of the victims. He took the chance to try to show the audience his personality and let them know him better! In a way, he allows the audience to make their own decision about the Bernice-situation rather than playing victim. Raymond could learn a thing or two from him!

    Although I don’t particularly like Moses’ s acting in comedic dramas, I think he’s created his own ‘ah mo’ comedic style that will bring him many money making opportunities.

  3. I like his overall vision and perspective in life. He seems to have a positive outlook for his future and is taking all things in stride, and he seem to believe in fate. And yes, he doesn’t try to play “victim” in the whole thing with Bernice, unlike Ray who evidently made it clear that he was betrayed. But of course, Moses is almost 10 years older than Ray and has a greater level of maturity when it comes to challenges like this.
    I also don’t like Moses’ style of comedy. His gag lines are forced and acting exagerrated in comedies. I prefer him in the cooler, more suave roles.

    1. I don’t age is necessarily the factor that has made Moses more mature than Ray. I think Moses has had a harder life compared to Ray. First of all, I think that Moses lost his father right?? Also, I don’t think Moses comes from a rich family like Ray does. Therefore, I think that Moses overall has a way harder life than Ray so he knows how to value the people and things around him a lot. Losing a parent really changes you as a person. I think that Ray has a better and more pampered life so he probably does not know how to handle things as well as Moses does. Basically, your experiences in life and many other factors contribute and shape your maturity more than your age does in my opinion. You can be in your 50s and still act like a little kid if you have had too good of a life. I have relatives like that and they are really irritating…

      1. Just because Ray never lost his father or is from a rich background doesn’t mean his life is easier compared to Moses. What happened to Moses with age gives him a certain edge in wisdom, he probably would have handled scandals better than Ray who is still young.

      2. Come on age does play a factor. Ray is 10 years younger than Moses so of course Moses is the mature one. Moses is 40 the right age when men start maturing. Many men are playful during young and only start mature when having a family or when they begin to age 35 and more.

      3. Hehe, I think you are all right in a way. @Funn, Money always makes life easier… it may not make you happier, but easier, yes. It must have been nice for Ray to have been able to fully concentrate on honing his acting skills w/o worrying about how to pay rent or support himself/family… unfortunately many actors don’t have the luxury he does and have to work several jobs to pay for expenses.

        Age certainly does play a factor in maturity. With age comes life experiences. I can tell you that the way I handle situations now is much different/mature than the way I handled them 2 or 4 years ago.

      4. Judy, true money makes life easier but in Ray’s case, or any actor’s case who is talented but from a privileged background, they have a different set of problems; they have to work doubly hard to earn respect in the craft of acting where generally I do agree those who suffered more would make better observers therefore better actor.

      5. I guess I did not mean to say that age does not play a factor in shaping the person that you are at all. It definately does and what I meant was that it is not the only thing that shapes the person that you become. Your experiences in life and many other things contribute to making you become the person that you currently are. And yes, with age does come wisdom but it isn’t just age…

      6. Losing a parent really changes your life a lot… Those who have not experienced it will not know yet…It depends on the situation as well. In Moses’ case, if he was the oldest son for example and lost his father, he would in a sense have to carry the family burden which of course would make his life a lot harder. Ray is the oldest in his family so if he had lost his father, he would have had to deal with that. However, he didn’t so of course his life is easier than Moses’. Also, money does make your life a lot easier since you don’t always have to struggle to make ends meet. I think many of us know that due to the tough economy…

    2. Maybe you can have a look to the article I posted below.

  4. I am always impressed with Moses as a person and this article really shows his sensible side. I also like the fact that he acknowledges he can never be Stephen Chow. When I read Stephen’s name, I was ready to pounce but his reply was sensible. Overall a very sensible man. I can understand why the girls go ga-ga over him. He will make a good husband material I suspect, when he does want to settle down with the right girl.

    1. Thank God he confess that he can never be Stephen Chow. I don’t like Moses brand of comedy it’s like he’s copying Stephen Chow but the outcome doesn’t work as well

  5. From the article, I now believe that Bernice loves Moses more than his love to her.

    1. I agree.. but I guess outsiders can’t judge who is right or wrong since there is no right or wrong in love.. I just think that it’s unfortunate that it had to end so messily, especially in the public eye.. both Moses and Bernice were affected..

  6. “Can’t Buy Me Love was my first exploratory stage into comedy. “

    What does he mean? He has acted in several comedy series before CBML. Why did he say this was his first exploratory stage into comedy?

    1. Kidd,
      Moses had light-hearted moments in The Gentle Crackdown. However, maybe he saw his comedic style in Can’t Buy Me Love as more outright slapstick which is different than subtler use of humor in the past?

  7. I’ve been guessing for a long time the location of his coffee shop in Malaysia. Any idea which state it is at?

  8. I smell an essay contest: “Why I love Moses” coming up…

    1. Pvt. Joker, haha the next giveaway will be complete freebie! No need to write essay; stay tuned for details!

  9. We can’t say much both of them have their own reason’s, & whom knows who’s telling the truth, only they will know & know what happen between them this is their personal life & moses & raymond are two defferent ppl can’t compare them. I like both of them actually 🙂

  10. 陳豪向陳茵媺 道歉 不值緋聞女友被指「第三者」

    (明報)2011年4月27日 星期三 05:05



    直認有好感 讚聰明好甜





    After reading this one, especially the part I put in bold, I have a stronger belief that Bernice loves Moses more. He seems to not wanna have any relationship with her after everything is revealed.

    1. @Fox,
      Thanks for the article. After I read the bold(was too lazy to read the rest of it), I get that feeling as well… I always thought that Moses loved Bernice more, but maybe that wasn’t the case. At least he said that he would greet her which is a good sign. However, I feel kind of sad when he said that he would not take the intiative to contact her. I guess it is really over between them. I wonder if they would still remain “friends”?? I am guessing no… I think it is awkward to be friends with an ex. I hope that at least they don’t hate each other…

      1. Uhm… the rest he praises Aimee by words with wings.

        I feel like Moses is now blaming the breakup on Bernice (like it’s Bernice’s fault and Bernice can’t get out of/drag the relationship while he wants to end it)

      2. P/S: I rmb that long time ago, in Love Bond’s time, Moses also said the same thing to Aimee now to Bernice.

      3. “P/S: I rmb that long time ago, in Love Bond’s time, Moses also said the same thing to Aimee now to Bernice.”

        Not surprising. When one first fell in love, one only sees the good part of that person. He/she might not know that person for long or that deeply. So, he/she is blind to the other’s fault. But, after dating for a long time, he/she know more and more of the other person. They started to see the difference with one another and different viewpoint surface. Some couple can get pass this, some couldn’t and breakup.

        So, I believe what Moses said to Bernice at that time was genuine and was his true feelings at that time.

      4. @ kidd: Nope, I mean the praises he used to Aimee is similar to Bernice.

    2. @Fox @HeTieShou
      I don’t know if I agree with Bernice loving Moses more. Most women are more emotionally needy in a relationship and want to be firstt priority, including a man to emotionally support and be there for her. This was one of the compliants Bernice had and it sounded like she was the one who asked for a breakup first.

      Based on recent interviews, it sounded as if Moses and Bernice loved each other in different ways. Bernice sounds more passionate and more confrontational. Moses sounds tolerant and perhaps slower to react, avoiding addressing issues in a clear, blunt way. He has long-term vision in his career and life outlook. A man who is so careful with his words and possesses such vision would likely indicate a mature and sensitive lover. It was probably true that he did place his career first as Moses understood the game rules of the entertainent industry and realized the personal sacrifices needed to climb to TVB #1 Brother status.

      If Bernice and Moses did break up in 2008, then why was Moses so dejected and sad at the end of 2010? Unless it was all acting done to perceive the public’s pity. If we accept it as genuine unhappiness at the time, then he must have had feelings for Bernice as recent as last year. He claimed to have sent her text messages in November/ December, but she did not return messages after Alastair Lam photos were published. It was Bernice who wanted to draw clear boundaries.

      I don’t see Bernice wanting to talk to Moses directly. In fact, she sounds quite upset with Moses even now. She felt he should have spoken up for her in time of need, however she didn’t want to contact him directly. Since Moses must know the Bernice doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and he now has Aimee in his life, it’s normal for him to not want to contact Bernice anymore.

      A former couple can’t truly have a clean break unless both of them do. Both bernice and Moses don’t wish to talk to each other anymore, but is it indicative of who loved each other more? It depends on which behavior you perceive to be indicative of loving more: is it a more passionate, outspoken attitude, wishing to make the relationship public? Or a quieter, more tolerant attitude, mourning breakup pain in silence and not speaking poorly of other party after breakup?

      Their break-up did not result in a “tell-all” story to the tabloids, so we can’t judge. Suffice to know there appear to be personality clashes, as indicative of ongoing taloid headline, Bernice felt she was a victim of being called golddigger, two-timer, etc. Moses’ need to clarify Aimee Chan was not 3rd party etc.

      1. I see your point, Jayne.

        It’s my feeling when I read the bold part I posted above. And I also feel it’s not nice of Moses to not stand out and say anything for Bernice when she is bashed by all HKers as a gold-digger. If their relationship is dragged until now, that means when Bernice is bashed, Moses is still with her and he didn’t say anything for her? And now he is mentioning that Bernice should give up.

        After reading more about this, it gave me the second thinking: Moses is too smart. He handles this situation too well, too craft. He is free in everything while Bernice loses most of her things. That’s what I admire in him. Too smart.

  11. Is it really matter to u who love whom most? It is their own business. We are not there to understand the whole incident. How about if Bernice really cheat on him? Does he still need to treat her like nothing had happen?

  12. Why are u all impressed with his answers? It is so cliche. I heard these type of answers from many other artists. Believing in fate decides love etc. The answers were very general and didn’t as straight forward as it should be.

  13. When I see Aimee and Moses together I can’t stop but to think of them as siblings, definitely not a couple.

  14. While I ignore Moses acting. I have to admit that he has a good EQ and IQ from his interviews during this fiasco.

    What really happened? How can we ever know but what we can see is Moses is handling this gracefully and intelligently.

  15. Producer Lau Ka Ho is not that great of a producer
    Producer Miu Siu Ching is being affected by her husband LKH too much now…
    While Jonathan Chik Kei Yi seems to be forgotten… heaven and earth (when heaven burns)… heaven and earth (when heaven burns)…

  16. Kwan, Lau Ka Ho’s series from the early 1990s, which featured Alex Man in series such as “The Key Man” were more dramatic and featured stellar cast.

    I was never really a big fan of Miu Siu Ching though.

    1. I like Miu Siu Ching’s old family series like Family man or Love bond. I dun really like her recent products. These 2’s current products are kinda shallow.

    2. early 90s is 20 years ago… MSC was good a few years ago too overall most TVB workers aren’t as good as before

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