Moses Openly Praises Rumored Flame, Aimee Chan

Since breaking up with ex-girlfriend, Bernice Liu Bik YeeMoses Chan Ho appeared to have finally regained his former spirits. At a promotional event yesterday, Moses openly praised newly rumored romantic interest, Aimee Chan Yan Mei, while complaining that the paparazzi followed him too closely.

When asked if Moses was currently dating Aimee Chan, he replied that he was currently resting and earning money on the side. (Did Moses heal his former wounds?) “Let’s not talk about unhappy things. The New Year brings about new beginnings.”

Photographed leaving Aimee Chan’s apartment building recently, Moses reiterated that he was there to see a real estate property. At the same time, Moses could not refrain from praising Aimee as a good woman. When the press asked whether Moses wanted to “hide a woman at home,” he laughed, “It’s for investing!”

(You want to be close to the water-front pavilion to be in a favorable position (近水樓台)?) “Being close to water is good; water is equivalent to good fortune!”

When asked whether there were opportunities to develop the relationship with Aimee further, Moses said, “I don’t know.” (Do you have this intention?) “I don’t know how to answer.” (Do you like big breasts?) “Wah, wah, wah, ha ha ha, I don’t know how to answer. Those are very sensitive words.” (Did you ask her out?) “You guys are following so closely, what can I do?” Moses indicated that he will focus on work and will let Heaven decide.

Bernice Liu Sends Her Blessings

Bernice Liu appeared on variety show, <華麗明星賽> as a guest yesterday. Regarding ex-flame, Moses Chan and Aimee Chan’s recent romantic rumors, Bernice noted that she learned of the incident through reporters. Bernice sent her blessings and was happy for them! Will Bernice ask [Moses] for confirmation about his alleged relationship with Aimee? Bernice noted that she will not respond to other people’s matters.

In addition, Bernice revealed that she had waist surgery earlier. When asked whether rumored boyfriend, Alastair Lam, visited her, Bernice noted that many friends visited, admitting that she dined with him.

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: If Orientaldaily did not twist Moses’ words, his response seems to indicate that he is indeed dating Aimee Chan. Whenever an artist says “I don’t know” about these sort of rumors, they are pretty much admitting them. Moses did not flat out deny the rumors by saying, “We’re colleagues only.”

Moses seemed in a very jovial mood and even joked about “checking out the property” because it was near water. I was right, how much of a coincidence would it be for Moses to be spotted leaving Aimee’s apartment building? There are so many nice apartment choices in Hong Kong , given the level of real estate development there. And he had to wear a mask and take a taxi? Sounds inconvenient to take a taxi to see a property!

Moses also seems to hint that the paparazzi is following him too closely and should back off…. Perhaps he is in the early stages of the relationship with Aimee? They look physically compatible…I wish them the best!


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  1. Not a huge fan of Aimee Chan but I wasn’t a fan of Moses either .. glad to know everyone has moved on

    (on a side note – wow – look at the change in commentators these past few days .. crazy)

  2. Was the reporter that bold to ask if he likes big breasted women?

    1. @Funn, when Sunday Magazine published the initial article reporting that Moses visited Aimee’s house, one of the headlines was that he loved big-breasted women. At the LG event (above article), reporters present simply reieterated that thought. So yes they did ask Moses whether he liked big-breasted women. Maybe that was why he laughed so hard in the photo. His expression said it all….

  3. I don’t think he was hinting they were close. He was telling them outright they were close.

  4. He seem to also be hinting ‘You guys are following he so closely, how can I ask her out?’


    1. Yes, the other news article of the event today indicate that Moses is happy and did not outright deny being romantically linked with Aimee.

      If Moses is happy, then I’ll feel happy for him too. Back off, paparazzi!

  5. I believe Jayne’s analysis that when an celebrity says they don’t know to these matters, they are actually admitting it in a certain way. Moses made sure that there was still further development with Aimee.

    However, reading from some of the comments on the previous news article about the pair, I do wonder if Moses is truly over Bernice or is Aimee a replacement of Bernice as there is resemblance in the two woman’s personality. I hope Moses isn’t with Aimee because she reminds him of Bernice. That would be awful.

    The fact that it’s only been three months since his incident with Bernice makes me question this. Is he moving on just to forget Bernice? If he was deeply in love with her, I thought it would take longer for him to recuperate. Of course, I’m not hoping that he’ll dwell on the sad memories of the past… just being realistic. After all, they were together for 6 years.

    1. With all of these “rumours”, I believe that time will tell if they are true or not. The truth will come out sooner or later. In terms of dating time, it really varies because some people can be together for years and years and then just end it right there and then move on in a really short period of time. There are some that just date very briefly and then just get married in the blink of an eye as well. Therefore, I wonder if the dating time is always a big factor on whether a couple will end up together in the long term or not??

  6. Was reading this;

    Fun Facts:
    1. Chose the name Moses before moving to Australia. Chose the name because he liked the religious figure, Moses.
    2. The nickname Mo was first said by Ada Choi during Where the Legend Begins days. She thought the “-ses” was difficult to pronounce.
    3. Favorite Beverage: Coffee
    4. Taught himself to play the piano and guitar.
    5. Can rotate his tongue 360 degrees and can wiggle his ears.
    6. Father was an anesthesiologist. Mother was a nurse who later practiced traditional Chinese medicine (中醫).
    7. First kiss was on a bus.
    8. In his younger years, his favorite pastimes was surfing.
    9. Favorite Sport: Tennis


    About 100% of the things I never knew of Moses. Tennis, surfing – he seems very athletic before he became an actor! And when can I see him play piano and guitar? Already he is like hot property amongst the single ladies, so imagine he does all that? He will be bachelor no. 1 in TVB if he isn’t already.

    As for the tongue action, that is too much information but much appreciated. I am intrigued about his family. Anyone has any links to pictures of his childhood or family? Wikipedia stopped at the age he was born and nothing on his past.

    1. And Michael Tse can learn a little from Moses; a bit of smile won’t kill you. He is smiling in all promo pictures. So when the article above shows him rather terse, I think his tone was more avoiding than terse. he is a very soft spoken man. Some says effiminate but then gentleman may always be interpreted as effiminate. Since we know his taste in women, he is anything but the other type.

      1. Every actor’s personality and style and the image they or the company want them to portray is different, why bring Michael Tse into this discussion anyway?

    2. I also like Moses (other one part I don’t want to elaborate). He’s a very human character in the Bible.

      1. @ Funn

        Yes, I mean Moses in the Bible (other than one part I don’t want to elaborate). I find him very human. He’s not the typical larger than life brave hero. He has his doubtful and unconfident moment and I find that very relatable. But, my all time fave Bible character is Joseph. 🙂

      2. When I first read his story, I like him for his forgiving heart. His brothers sold him into slavery and at the end, he still forgave them. But, later, when I reread the story, I also admired his unwavering faith in God. And he’s a really decent guy compared to many other Biblical figures. He’s honest and did not succumb to temptation. He’s also not flawless, especially when he’s younger. He’s kinda a tale-taller. Told on his brothers to his father. That’s also one of the reason’s his brothers hate him beside the fact that he’s the fave of their father. His father is really really ‘pin sam’ when it comes to Joseph.

        But, mainly, it’s still his act of forgiving his brothers.

      3. Kidd, I never knew you read the bible so thoroughly. But you’re not a Christian am I correct to say?

      4. No, I’m not a Christian. I was just curious of what actually written in the Bible.

        I was exposed to Bible stories way earlier before I actually read the Holy Book. I read children’s book with Bible stories in it. 3 years ago, I took a Bible from my aunt’s house and started reading Genesis. But, I stop some chapters after the Cain and Abel story. Only end of 2009 I pick up the Bible again. But, I didn’t read diligently. I’m only up to Leviticus. Still a long way to go.

      5. I can’t go beyond soddom and gomorah (can’t remember how to spell). Very exciting times.

  7. Kind of happy to hear that Moses has moved on. I think he was too good for Bernice in the first place. She always seemed to be a money-hungry-gold-digger so it wasn’t surprising to hear she chose money over looks. As an actress, she isn’t that talented either and doubt she has the star-power to move to hollywood so her obvious route must have been to find some rich boy. Good for you Moses! Move on with decent girl……….leave Bernice with her pile of cash…….

    1. Before the news of Bernice breaking up with Moses, I’ve always thought she was a down-to-earth, easygoing, and optimistic girl. Although I never liked her acting, I did like her westernized personality and never thought she possessed the superficial personality that HK girls had. However, with her affair with Alastair, her image was ruined. I cannot help but feel that Moses is the victim here. Still, I cannot accept that she is a gold-digger. Is it undeniable that she cheated on Moses with other men in the past when they were already in a relationship?

  8. Could be another one of TVB’s tactic to promote the new series…

    1. If it is TVB’s way of promoting a new series, what a bad way of doing it… Can’t they find other ways of promoting a series? I don’t think you need to link artists together to do that… I think that would affect the artists themselves and their personal life.

  9. I think they’re a good match. Aimee seems to be a sweet girl and Moses is a gentleman.

  10. Moses = what you see, is what you get.

    So, Bernice don’t deserve him at all. Only talent that she have is a ‘nice’ figure. That’s it. So, she is good for standing there and ‘smile’. How bigger the smile, how more money she can earn. Acting at the level as the ‘fa dans’? No way, never!

    I totally agree with funn: Moses smile all the time. I think his smile is pure. 100% from his heart.

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