Myolie Wu Announces Engagement

After dating for a year, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and entrepreneur Philip Lee decided it is time to get married. On Myolie’s 36th birthday, Philip invited their friends and planned a combined birthday and engagement party celebration. At the party, Myolie displayed her sparkling new engagement ring. Although she did not make any direct comments in front of reporters, Myolie later officially announced her engagement on Weibo.

Sharing a wedding photo, Myolie composed a heartfelt love declaration to her fiancé. “Thank you. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every day. Thank you for always standing on the side of the road with oncoming traffic when we’re crossing the street. Thank you for lecturing me, yet simultaneously helping me blow dry my hair before bed when I refuse to. Thank you for letting me know that I can also be a little woman. And thank you for inviting me to be your life partner, making me feel hopeful and confident about the future. Thank you and I love you.”

Several months ago, Myolie and Philip traveled to Belgium to shoot a pictorial for a Mainland Chinese bridal magazine.

Although the couple did not announce an official wedding date, it is speculated that the wedding celebration will be hosted in Hong Kong sometime in December.

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  1. awwww i’m so happy for Myolie! she’s at a good stage in her life, started her own business, getting engaged, and really enjoying life. wish her the best!

  2. Congratulations to Myolie! No wonder she quit TVB. She got bigger plans in the horizon. Not only start up her own business but to become Mrs Lee! How exciting! It will be sooo obvious who her Bridesmaid would be!
    Does everyone think that she will chose a gown from her own business – KEVOLIE? Would be a pretty good marketing strategy!

    I think Philip is VERY VERY lucky to have Myolie as his wife. He is a well educated man whose spent time studying and living abroad. So he is very worldly and has great values.
    I think they make a fabulous match!!

    Am very excited and happy for them.

  3. congratz but i isnt it too early to tie the knot? she only dating him for a year,does she really knows this guy well? i mean if she needs 7 years to know bosco isnt her true love. i still hoping for a boscoly reunion. btw the boscoly engagement in war in laws have more chemistry than this one in my opinion.

    1. @kolo
      I would not say it is too early at all. I have noticed that the length of time that you date does imply that you will end up with any particular person. You can date for years and years but end up breaking up, but can know someone else for just a few weeks( like in Big S’s case) or just months( like in the recent case of Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao) and end up together.

      Honestly, you never know if there will be one day when Bosco and Myolie may be together again. I still remember once seeing a show where many couples who once dated in life ended up together again after being apart for years. There was one couple who dated for years and broke up,then both married other people,had a family and all. However, they both divorced then one day, met again and gave each other another chance. Not to say it will happen here. But just want to say that life is truly unpredictable and anything can happen…

      Anyways, congrats to them! Is it me or Phillip looks very very different from that one photo posted before. In the photo from before, he looked young but looks so much older in these photos. Strange… But as long as they are happy then that is the most important.

      1. @hetieshou The story of couples separating, starting their own families, but eventually reuniting… That reminds me of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong.

      2. @jennyxieus
        Oh yes,very good point and thanks for reminding me. As we can all see,anything can happen in life. Bosco and Myolie did not seem to end on bad terms so who knows what can happen in the future.

      3. @kolo
        Yes and I must say that just because Myolie and Bosco did not end up together does not mean he was not her true love. Often in many cases, you do not end up marrying the one you love most. People also do not marry just for love only.

      4. @hetieshou Actually I was thinking of Sammi and Andy… how they broke up when they were younger and now after 10 yrs plus, back together and married. so happy for them.

      5. @happybi
        Oh yes,they are the other couple I was thinking of. However, in their case,neither of them got married before so they had a better chance of reuniting which they did. I am also really happy for them and they are another example of how old loves can reunite later on in life.

    2. @kolo I think Myolie is at the stage of her life where she wants to and is ready to be married now that she has seen some success in her acting career. It was unlucky that during the 7 years she dated Bosco, she also placed more priority in her career.

  4. she looks amazing in those photos! congrats to her! (but im still not over her and bosco’s split haha i’ll always ship them :P)

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