Myolie Wu to Sign with Johnnie To?

It has been reported that Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is looking into signing a management contract with Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) agency, Milkyway Hairun, which is based in Mainland China.

Since Myolie’s current management contract with TVB will be ending early next year, she has been approached by a number of agencies from Mainland China, including Johnnie To’s Hairun. An insider revealed that TVB has also been working hard to convince Myolie to renew her contract by offering her a lucrative three-year deal for $10 million HKD, more freedom in choosing projects, and additional opportunities to film in Mainland. However, the 35-year-old hinted earlier that she is uncertain in renewing her TVB contract, since she wants to think carefully about the next stage of her career.

New developments allege that Myolie is locked in to sign with Hairun due to her interest in expanding Mainland opportunities. One of the main producers of Johnnie To’s films, Hairun also has a strong hold in the television market in Mainland China and has produced many successful Chinese dramas.

Johnnie To and Myolie became acquainted after filming 2011’s Life Without Principle <奪命金>. An insider revealed that Johnnie was impressed with Myolie’s hard-working attitude and has been keeping in touch with her for future work opportunities. On November 3, Johnnie personally invited Myolie to attend a charity ball for the Asian Film Awards and the two greeted each other like close colleagues. Reports say that Johnnie had a hand in convincing Hairun to sign Myolie.

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  1. Omg congrats to Myolie! Signing with Johnnit To means becoming a movie star! Not even Charmaine has this chance! I can’t believe Wayne still has the gut to ask Myolie to stay in TVB! Is he jealous because nobody wants to sign him?

    1. agree yep wayne, nobody wants to sign wayne but his got a stable income and has lots of freedom and tvb treats him like treasure his lucky, but he is jealous thats for sure totally agree,

      1. Only TVB likes Wayne. As a senior he should’ve encouraged Myolie to sign with Johnnit To but no instead he openly said he wishes she would stay in rotting TVB and indirectly hinting her acting needs to improve in front of reporters. Is Wayne thinking too highly of himself?

      2. Wayne’s market is limited in TVB. Omg is anyone watching OA now? I think he overacts and shouted too much.

      3. Wayne’s acting has become very formulaic, same old style, very OTT. He does not deserve 3 times TV King, much less 4.

      4. I totally agree about Wayne. I think he is applying the same formula across all his series, the same “chai kou” formula. Very tiring to watch him now.

    2. @Toby
      I think you are jealous.Although mainland is a faster way of earning more profits/money, but their scripts sucks. Charmaine explored in mainland china, what have she accomplished. She is back with TVB. I definitely do not want to sign you.

      1. LOL jealous at what? I’m not an artiste and you’re mistaken, Johnnie To is a movie director which means Myolie will be the star in his movies based on the nature of his keen invotation not only in mainland. I like Charmaine especially after LW, I think she’s the best actress in TVB this year but no one can deny that Charmaine wasn’t successful in mainland. What she got were mostly vase characters.

      2. Mainland has many good series and scripts. I think it is Tvb that is sinking deeply in bad scripts and other areas,not China. There is good and bad of going to China. The good things are better pay,better hours,more opportunities to explore, and other perks. The bad things are of course more competition due to high number of artists who are more skilled and have been trained,language barrier, being away from home,etc… I personally feel Charmaine’s acting was never really good so how can she compare to the artists that are not only younger, are properly trained and are in their home territory? Artists who are foreign have a lot more to deal with.

      3. Life is not fair among genders especially
        If you are in entertainment industry , male artist tends to be more demand after the age of 35 while for female artist their golden year are from 20-35 years

    3. I disagree comment about Wayne – he asked did not mean he was jealous. There are many possible reasons: (1) He thought that Myolie was a good partner that he would want to collaborate (2) When the reporter asked, sometimes he did not have choice (3)It was just a simple social conversation.

      1. or (4) he is afraid that there are not many fadan left of his age and have to pair up with grace or eliza who is more than 20+ years younger than him,lol.

    4. Happy for Myolie if this comes true. I don’t think Wayne is jealous, but it does baffle me why he would say something like. Even though Charmaine’s mainland career did not take off, at least, she tried. If you have an opportunity, I don’t think they should pass it off. TVB is small, she has been with them for 15 years already, and if you maintain good relations, you can always come back home.

  2. She’s looking classier by the days. I hope she will be following Maggie Cheung’s footsteps in becoming an A-list movie stars! I think she has what it takes to become one! She has the elegance and charismatic nature.

    1. I have neutral feeling toward her and I believe she will not become something big in movie. I watched her in Life Without Principle and Temporary Family, nothing special. I might be wrong, time will let us know.

    1. Google/Wikipedia – there are many considerable good movies that he has directed.

    2. >Who is johnnie to?

      if u ask -you’re on the wrong site

    3. I can’t believe you don’t know Johnnie To. All his movies are great movies. Myolie struck a gold mine.

  3. I’m very fond of Myolie and I hope she makes the right choice in furthering her career.

  4. An insider revealed that TVB has also been working hard to convince Myolie to renew her contract by offering her a lucrative three-year deal for $10 million HKD

    Seeing that amount and compare to LF’s EEG contract with rumoured 100 million HKD, I understand why TVB is losing their top stars. And I support Myolie to leave. Johnnie To’s invitation is indeed good. 🙂 Hope to see Myolie in some good movies soon.

      1. Haha and Raymond Lam’s talent is not up to half of Myolie. Mostly because his dad has connection with EEG big boss.

      2. I’m a fan of neither but Toby’s retort had me in stitches.

      3. @Toby: You are saying like you are smarter than EEG big boss. If paying that much just because of a connection who play in the same golf club with him, Albert Yeung is indeed crazy. You may think LF is talentless, it is your opinion, but you cant ignore the fact that he is marketable than most of his TVB colleagues. For example, who can make 4 full house concerts (12-16k seats) in HKC like him in TVB? The other TVB artists turn singers only can do mini-concert (4-8k seats), who reached to double platinums with albums to get 1 million copies sold for 10 albums? And honestly, he is the only one in the young generation of TVB can have leading roles in movies (not Shaw Brother’s) (yes, he hasnt had any hit in movie path – count out the White Snake, but comparing to other TVB artists who only have small roles in movies, it is still better). Additionally, he is also one of few can have leading roles in Chinese series while some BA winners only have supporting roles. EEG isnt stupid to pay big bucks to have him. His dad cant do much to support his career. Even if his dad has connections, it only can contribute his start. After 16 years, his successful career depends on himself.

      4. @Fox: Hey I don’t have anything against Lam Fung but just want to correct something. Lam Fung isn’t the only TVB young actor who lead in films not produced by TVB. By films means including small and big films.

        Bosco Wong: Love in Time and Golden Brother. Both are not Shaw Brothers.

        Wong Cho Lam: Short of Love, La Comedie Humane. Both not Shaw Brothers.

      5. @Adrian: Yes, I was awareness of Bosco and WCL, mostly because I always think of Bosco as the next to leave (and who has been treated quite poorly by TVB) and WCL as EEG artist.

      6. @Fox: I also think Toby exaggerates in her comment but while Lam Fung is indeed the most successful, it’s also unfair to deny his colleagues work to exaggerate his achievement, even if they’re not in big movies like Lam Fung, isn’t it. Just my 2 cents.

      7. @Adrian: I dont deny their achievements, sorry if I make you think that way. I agree that LF didnt have a successful movie career at all, and I really forget about Bosco. Apparently, I put Bosco out of my list when I said about the colleagues. The reason is like what I said: I always think of Bosco as someone going to leave soon and not under TVB. As you can see, Bosco isnt in the Sale presentation this year. I think he is out :).

        To bonus, I also forget Ron who has leading role in few movies as well. Ron, LF, Bosco, WCL are/were under 620’s side, therefore I put them all in one group – the group of TVB’s unfavoured artists.

        So it was a hole in my post that I admit.

      8. @Adrian: I dont deny their achievements, sorry if I make you think that way. I agree that LF didnt have a successful movie career at all, and I really forget about Bosco. Apparently, I put Bosco out of my list when I said about the colleagues. The reason is like what I said: I always think of Bosco as someone going to leave soon and not under TVB. As you can see, Bosco isnt in the Sale presentation this year. I think he is out :).

        To bonus, I also forget Ron who has leading role in few movies as well. Ron, LF, Bosco, WCL are/were under 620’s side, therefore I put them all in one group – the group of TVB’s unfav-oured artists.

        So it was a mistake in my post that I admit.

      9. Bosco seems to have more success in Mainland series than films and he has one series lined up to air next year so far. If I remember correctly I think he mentioned he will not drop his career in HK to anything else so he considers his Mainland series and films as side projects. I don’t think he’ll leave but then again he never really cared for the favorism at all.

        Wow I don’t think Ron has done a movie in quite a while, I think he has the worst situation out of the others. It’s pretty obvious to see where his status stands now compared to him 10 yrs ago.

      10. @jstorch: Ron has been lead in a thrilling movie few years ago, 2011 or 2012 something. He was lead in a movie long time ago, in 2006 or 2007. Evidently, he is demoted by TVB but heard that in China, he is pretty welcomed (having lead in two series in 2012-2013). One of his series has just been aired on China.

        As for Bosco, I think he wont leave HK but maybe TVB to be a freelancer. If TVB continues to ignore him, he will and should go for a better career. Actually I think the artists under 620 are the ones who have more potential to leave than the artists under Sandy Yu or Catherine Tsang.

      11. Yah I remember that horror movie and that other movie he did in 2005 but he rarely does films its just series now. I have heard he’s doing better in Mainland but as for TVB his situation is just weird. I remember hearing him saying he hope to expand further in TVB as well.

        I personally think Bosco has the most potential out of the others. He seems to be one of the few who actually has a passion for acting but his roles in recent series hasn’t been much of a hit even though he performed well. He probably is better off but I don’t think he cares much about his status given how successful he is outside of the company. Since it seems like he’s only filming one series for them per year as he has multiple series from Mainland that is currently waiting to air or is filming.

      12. Yes, Bosco’s current situation is very similar to LF’s during his last year with TVB. That’s why I predict Bosco will leave after his contract is ended. Or he might change to TVBC like Charmaine to film more in China and more freedom. Although I have bad encounter with Bosco which make me go away whenever I see him, I think as an actor, he has talent. He is still lacking a hit in China to move. But I still think he wont be with TVB that long. His heart is off.

      13. As for Ron, I also think that he will leave after the contract is ended. TVB gave up on him. But out of three, Ron is least marketable to support his career out of TVB. Unless he is willing to restart or a sudden hit boost his name up. So far, I dont see Ron has any potential hit.

      14. That’s what I heard but still works best in any profession. I was just retorting to Souluckee.

      15. @Toby: You said of what you heard like you witnessed it. Btw, I would like to admend that Albert isnt EEG big boss but EEG owner. The big boss of EEG has the connection with LF himself and his name is Ng Yu, the CEO of EEG.

    1. Myolie is smart to accept Mr To’s invitation. It means we will be seeing her in big movies soon as opposed to only act in cheap TVB productions. TVB is cheap and rotten anyways. Tired of watching Wayne, Moses, Tavia is too many dramas and watching MHK promoted at supersonic speed.

      1. You mean “gwing” look Myolie? Please, after all these years you still havent seen any “representative” works from her. It is a huge mistake for her to enter film or mainland territory. She wont succeed. Like Charmaine who hasnt made any lofty mainland dramas since that series about Mongolia. Not to mention myolie isnt getting any younger – she has stated pretty firmly that she’s looking forward to meeting her other half, so she wants to get settled. I have no faith in her potential unlile what i saw in fala.

  5. Hmm this is just rumors so far and honestly I don’t really see Myolie up there on the big screen. She doesn’t have that aura as a film actress and honestly sticking with TVB may be the furthest she’ll ever get with her career. She’s in the same boat as Tavia. Kate is probably the only leading actress in TVB that can go into films. Linda has her singing career. Myolie and Tavia are only known for their work in TVB and nothing else. It’ll be hard for them to get there and make a name for themselves other than being associated with the station…and they’re not getting any younger either.

    1. I dont see what’s so great about Linda’s singing career. Current artists need not be good compare to those days. It’s being at the right time, right place and having luck. People like her innocent looks, talking about talent in singing, Linda Chung doesnt have it at all.

      1. I never said anything about her being a talented singer but look at her fanbase and album sales there is absolutely no way she will be dropped from a record label at least not for now which is why without TVB she’ll be fine. Can’t say the same for Myolie though, her singing career was a flop.

      2. Though Linda’s not a good singer, Myolie is worse with her cutesy voice. Used to like Myolie but lately her mannerism and way of speaking grates on my nerves.

      3. @Jstorch: If I remember right, Linda isnt under any music label now, right? She was under Herman Ho’s Star something until he turned into chairman of TVB’s Sing Mung. Im not sure if Linda is under Sing Mung. Saying about album sale, Linda’s albums has not sold that too good. Love love love only reached Gold (15k discs).

        On the other hand, I think I havent read about the termination of contract between Myolie and Neway.

      4. @Fox Linda is under the new record label by TVB who also signed artistes like Fred Cheng and Grace Wong. Linda did better than Myolie in terms of album sales but it just proves she has a much larger fan base. She is recognized for her music career and acting.

        Not sure if Myolie terminated her contract but her singing career wasn’t much of a success.

      5. @jstorch: So it is Sing Mung aka The Voice entertainment. Because I dont see her album for a very long while (likely 2-3 years?), I thought she dropped her music label.

        Myolie hasnt sucessed or failed with her music career. It was so-so but if she wants to re-start, she still can.

      6. It’s been almost 2 yrs since her last album but she is still composing and singing as of right now so therefore she’s still active.

        Maybe it’s just me but I honestly don’t remember a single song from Myolie’s album. If she were to restart, I don’t think she’ll get very far. Just like Ron, hasn’t released an album for almost 10 yrs. they’re more valued for their acting careers.

      7. I believe Myolie has more successful career than Ron. At least her album sold much better than Ron’s.

      8. Sorry to interrupt but why does Alluka adressed as Fox by many people? I’m curious haha

      9. I changed username here months ago for some private reasons but some users still remember my previous username. I would love to be quoted with new username Alluka, however for some certain people, it isnt a problem to call me by old username. For some else who I dont know much, Im not that pleasure to be quoted by the old username. So I may request them to quote me as Alluka, or not, up to my sole decision. That’s it.

      10. Haha ^^ sorry about that I didn’t read your name but recognize your avatar which is why I called you Fox but I’ll keep that in mind!

        Ron had a hit sing that everyone remembers though as for Myolie not so much. I just don’t think she’s suitable for the music industry.

      11. It is ok, jstorch. I only feel unpleasant to some people.

        Ha ha, I guess Ron’s hit you are saying is Dont blame her. Actually it wasnt in his album (EP) But in All about men album. Myolie has Fortune aka Hang Yee and the duet with Bosco and one with Vincent Wong.

    2. I agree with you that Kate seems to be the only one can break into movie field although she should appear in more movies.

    3. the production company produces mainland series and movies. myolie might not end up a leading actress in films, but it’s always good to be exposed to different experiences, which will aid her even if she decides to return to tvb in the future.

  6. Eventually, everybody will leave TVB to go to mainland China to work after they got famous. TVB is just a first step in their career.

    I think it’s a good choice to sign up with Johnnie To agency. There are not many talented actors/actresses left to work with in TVB.

  7. Maybe it’s me, but I feel Myolie has lost her passion for acting. It seems more about quantity over quality as seen in her latest projects. She seems to want a more relaxed lifestyle and find her Mr. Right. I do believe she has passed her prime and isn’t as ambitious.

    1. i agree. ever since winning best actress, she has mentioned several times in interviews that she wants to focus on finding a mate now. i think she is more inclined to leave tvb because there’s bosco around, which is embarassing. also, she likely thinks she has a better chance of meeting a potential bf in the mainland market.

  8. It is very great opportunity for Myolie Wu. She should consider that offered. Hope she will move on for her next stage.

  9. I wish her luck if she decides to go outside of TVB, but she is DEFINTELY NOT up to the acting ability of any Johnnie To movie.
    I hope he sticks with his regulars, as they seem to work best together.

    Last thing his movies need is a 30-something, whiny, beauty queen thrown in for a demographic pull.
    At the very least keep her in the romcoms and out of the proper dramas.

    1. I agree. She is not movie type actress. Watching Life without Principle, I did realize she was in the movie but that was it.

  10. Great to have your own opinions and thoughts on her, but stating a firm statement saying ‘she definitely not up of any acting ability of Jonny To, ” which I find you are absurd or might possibly have reading redundancy as she was pursued by Jonny To in joining his company or movies. Will she become a major movie star – I don’t know and personally hope what ever effort she puts out there will bring brighter futures and greater possibilities for her. Whenever someone take risk for better or worst, at least she is stepping out of her comfort zone where we see most successful entrepreneurs are risk takers and ‘the right now’ moment seeker. To be honest, I dun read Chinese characters, but could understand Cantonese. I couldn’t get myself to comprehend on why the ‘gwing’ acting was a big fuss? I totally did not notice that on her until it was widely discussed in forums. I don’t really get what is a big deal – maybe that’s her own acting style?Sometimes ‘the danger of a single story’ shows some of us in this world are shallow and uncultured.

    1. I actually think Myolie has gwing face only in Taichi. There are a lot of TVB actors with gwing face when crying but anti Myolie uses it to attack her. Well, not a big deal.

      1. Unfortunately I do feel Myolie has a gwing face when she cries or smiles sometimes. I also agree that many actresses have gwing faces when they cry or even smile. It should be a happy face when someone smiles, but the face does not seem to be happy at all, it looks bitter to me.

  11. I keep reading about Myolie described as having “gwing” face or acting. Can someone pls enlighten me on what this word means.

      1. Ah, I see, thx. So it means that she has a crying face. All along I thought that this was a “made-up” word. I didn’t know that it has an actual Chinese writing. Is “gwing” Mandarin or Cantonese?

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