Myolie Wu’s Husband Wins Over Haters With Kindness

Since Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) married Philip Lee (李乘德) in 2015, they have added three sons to their beautiful family. Myolie has been busy developing her career in China, while Philip is the owner of a recruitment agency and a restaurant/ bar as well.   He has always openly supported Myolie in pursuit of her dreams, and steps up to take care of their children when she is filming in China.

Recently, Philip shared a cute photo of his sons in yellow raincoats enjoying a walk in the rain. However, a jealous netizen blamed Philip for always have fun and not working hard enough.

“You really are a soft rice king, even worse than Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪). All you do is play with your sons every day. Your wife has to work hard and film in China even as she was about to give birth. I pity her–it’s even worse than being a baby machine. She has to give birth and work hard to support the family. Where did your bar go?” the angry netizen asked.

Philip stood his ground and did not get angry. “Thank you for your concern. Maybe you’re not aware, but I’ve been hard at work for the last 20 years. I now have a few companies. Our team isn’t very big, about 10 people. Luckily, business has been pretty good this year which has allowed me a bit of free time to spend with my children. Family and my children are the most important to me–I hope you will understand. My bar is still here, thank you for your concern. Come by for a drink if you’re free, my treat. I wish you happiness and good health.”

Philip’s reply won over netizens, who praised his friendly response and high EQ!

Source: HK01

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  1. For everyone wondering, he actually was business owner and met Myolie after she won TV Queen but before she started making the big bucks. Myolie uploaded a picture of her sending pizzas to her husband’s own office. Asian culture is toxic when it comes to a working and ambitious woman versus a man who chooses (key words chooses) to take care of his kids. Of course he has the choice, because he is a multiple business owner. She has a choice too but she signed a contract that has her fulfilling appearances or else she pays millions. She chose this career out of choice too and only gets better with time winning all sort of acting awards in China. Be kind people. Be objective.

    1. I agree. however I think they met whilst she was making big bucks, but why does it matter. She found happiness with someone who seems to adore her and vice versa, rather than someone who found her to fit in with their public image which is I am sure some actors and actresses do this, then find they are cheating with others behind each others backs. Good luck to them I say and after three kids people still think he is there to live off her it purely just makes life boring to keep tarnishing someone with that stereotyping right?

  2. Personally, who cares even if he is a soft rice king? Let alone that he’s not. I am not a fan of Myolie, but if she is making the big bucks and her husband is willing to look after the kids, and she is willing to support the family financially, what’s the problem?

    1. Not a fan of hers as well but if the couple is happy with the arrangement, even if he chooses to be a stay-at-home dad, why should the rest get upset.

  3. Asian culture is so toxic to successful women. Who cares if the wife is the primary earner. Isn’t that also a sense of pride that the wife has a successful career? Hopefully this old way of thinking dies with the older generation.

  4. Definitely not a fan of Myolie at all!! I guess this is part of Asian society, oh wells… and For the haters out there, negative news is still news, she and her husband just made head lines.

  5. Great response from him – way more endearing than Benjamin’s reaction.
    He doesn’t have anything to prove. Myolie chose him and as far as we can see, they are happy and have 3 cute kids. If Myolie had waited for someone who haters deemed worthy of her, she would most likely be single to this day.
    I’m not a fan of hers and have disliked her acting for many years but I have nothing but respect for her for daring to choose happiness for herself.

  6. Such stereotype views. His wife is clever and he has worked his way through the 20 odd years he moved to Hong Kong from North London, England, so what is the problem? Its always the case when the wife earns more than the husband then he is living off her. Also the fact that his mother is the carer of the children whilst both her son and daughter in law work, says a lot about their arrangements. Just because someone is sharing photos of some happy times with their children doesnt mean they are doing nothing and playing about whilst his wife is working hard overseas. If there were only pictures of him partying then it would raise a few eye brows, but spending time with your children doing normal activities is just no big deal. I think people just need to let it be and let people live the lives of how they want to. Its basically none of our business.

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