Natalie Tong Knew Amigo Chui Had Cheated on Her

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In a radio interview, Natalie Tong Sze Wing noted that she was happy filming one TVB series after another. “I want to earn more Yuan just like Charmaine Sheh Si Man! I see many artists purchasing homes after they film in China !”

Regarding her love life, Natalie noted that work was her current priority and she will allow love to take its natural course. Did she have a bad experience [dating ex-boyfriend, Amigo Chui]? Natalie stated, “No, I am not scared. You forget the past quickly.”

Acknowledging that she maintained telephone contact with Amigo, Natalie sensed that he was worried about the future and did not want to see anyone. She wanted to give him some positive energy. Asked whether Natalie knew that Amigo was involved with another woman while dating, she replied, “Yes, within a short time, we decided to separate. I did yell at him, but was not upset at him. In love, there is no right or wrong, only whether there is love or not.”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Amigo Chui allegedly has a very bleak career outlook at TVB now. Since tabloids claimed he drove after his driving license was suspended, TVB has frozen him and banned him from onscreen appearances. Allegedly, Virginia Lok even ordered him to work as a production assistant now.


20 comments to Natalie Tong Knew Amigo Chui Had Cheated on Her

  1. Judy says:

    Can’t believe Natalie Tong is already 29, she looks really great! I hope she will start to get more substantial roles in the future!

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    • Pvt. Joker replied:

      Us asians just have a better shelf life…

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  2. iampheng says:

    I’d love to see Natalie Tong in more productions in the future. I don’t find her beauty flashy, but the natural attractiveness is there. Is that her natural style we’re seeing? It looks very casual, not bad, but I haven’t seen any of the leading ladies of TVB with such a casual image haha except for Linda but she’s still quite feminine.

    I’ve only seen Natalie in A Fistful of Stances and I thought she was very natural and likable. Hope to see more of her 🙂

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    • Jayne replied:

      @Iampheng, Natalie a certain elegant natural beauty that just eats up the camera. She looks good in close-up shots because of her flawless skin.

      She’s been playing characters that seem younger than her real age. An awkward time for Natalie, but aside from A Fistful of Stances, I don’t think she will be taking a lot of prominent lead roles yet. Simply because TVB will give the juicier leads to actresses who are in the same age range: Fala, Linda, Kate, Myolie, and Tavia. So Natalie is forced to player younger roles, someone’s sister, and supporting roles…

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  3. Yee says:

    Natalie is actually a rreally good actress, I though she would get bigger after she got her first lead role in 2008 in the Seventh day, but two years later and she is still playing supporting roles in relatively small dramas. I hope she get more opportunites in the future, she really deserves it.

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    • star replied:

      I reallly liked her in that series. i wish she get more leading roles.

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      • Ad replied:

        i hope not, i wont be watching.

        TVB have more than enough lead actresses in lined already. Selena, Nancy, are beginning to get a chance, if Natalie takes a cut, when will it be their turn? they have more acting experience in second lead roles. its more right TVB let them move up before Natalie does.

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  4. rei says:

    No matter what the excuses are cheating is the worse thing you can ever do to anyone. I like Natalie because she is always so skinny! Naw I like her cause she’s natural…Amigo is a scum! He acted so good, hard working and intelligent on shows, but really what a piece of trash.

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    • j00ky replied:

      ‘I like Natalie because she always so skinny!’

      ummm, hope you weren’t serious about that? Natalie has/had an eating disorder…

      but I do agree with you that Amigo is a scum, Natalie seems so down to earth and does not suit for such a kind as him. Not to mention that she is a natural beauty ;D

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  5. fan says:

    its probably just me but does she look like michelle ye from the pic. i have always enjoyed watching her and hope to see her in bigger roles!

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  6. Kidd says:

    I can see that Natalie has a very kind-heart to still be supporting Amigo after all these while.

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    • pandamao replied:

      makes me think she won’t ever survive the entertainment business.

      this business is not made for everyone.

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      • Ad replied:

        i doubt it. she was pretty vicious to the mixed girl that dated Amigo. didnt you read the newspapers? only thing interesting about her, is the cattiness.

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      • pandamao replied:

        i actually didn’t pay attention. always viewed her as a loyal friend, like Kidd. she’s always had a positive image except fell in love with the wrong guy.

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      • Fox replied:

        Since she can survive in this industry, I think she is not innocent at all.

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  7. Chriselle says:

    I’ve never liked watching Natalie until A Fistful of Stances, which she did an amazing job as the little, graceful and caring sister. In the past, the characters she played were usually rebellious and spoiled, and was therefore, unlikable. Thus, it was refreshing to see her as someone else in FOS.

    Also, I believe that her character in FOS was more like her real life self, sweet, caring, gentle, and simple. While she is hardworking and cares to expand her career, she is less ambitious like Fala.

    I do hope that she gets promoted, but I don’t think she has the #1 fadan look. She is too petite. Also, I can’t imagine her in certain roles such as “lui keung yan” for she is too short. To be considered top fadan or even a lead actress, the artist should be well-rounded and be able to pull off any role. I can’t imagine her in comedy either.

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  8. Fox says:

    Isn’t she the one who said Amigo hadn’t cheat her for times? Now after a long while she came out and said he had cheated? Interesting. When they were date, Amigo’s status is higher than Natalie but now Amigo is nobody.

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  9. Ad says:

    i also wonder why Natalie changed her tune so fast? probably cause she doesnt care now that Amigo has no impact.

    i never really noticed Natalie until i realize up to now, i still don’t like her. she seems clumsy in acting, but TVB does look like they are promoting her, better than what she got in the past but really, i like Linda, Fala, Kate all better than her. she is overrated in AFOS, i just thought she looked annoying in every frame just quivering and hanging to get involved with other’s presence. she didn’t have much chemistry with them. the rape scene was more a pity scene but she just doesn’t have a distinct aura about her. i feel she cannot act wide range of characters yet, just little girl ones. i remember the high pitchy sound of her voice when she bawls, not good, she’s an amateur and doesnt know how to act with it.

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    Can we move on? She is still talking about him?

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  11. Bridget says:

    While questionably talented acting-wise, I’ve always thought that Natalie was very gracious whenever talking about Amigo when all his problems came to light. Never thought she was too bright but I get the impression that she’s a girl who knows what she wants and definitely behaved with class re: her relationship with Amigo regardless of what the latter had done. Amigo’s loss in this case.

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