Netizens Criticize Niki Chow Amid Closing of Her Beauty Salon

Niki Chow (周勵淇) had invested millions of Hong Kong dollars in a beauty salon, which has reportedly closed after experiencing financial problems. Since last month, the beauty salon has been delaying paying salaries and yesterday, employees received notice that the salon is closing and they are not needed.

Salon Severing Ties with Niki

Posting on its Facebook page, the salon appeared to be severing ties with Niki with the following message, “Thank you Niki for her continued support for La Môd Salon. La Môd Salon officially announces that Ms. Chow no longer has any relationship to the salon. We wish Ms. Chow a happy future and all the best in her career. Any business-related questions will be the handled by management.  Thank you.”

La Môd Salon reportedly opened in 2015 and Niki’s manager shared that the actress ended her partnership a long time ago.

Homewrecker Image

While Niki has nothing to do with the salon’s closing, many Mainland netizens used it as an opportunity to criticize her marriage to Chinese actor Fu Yiming (傅浤鳴). Many netizens believe that Niki was a homewrecker who intervened in Fu Yiming’s 20-year-marriage with ex-wife Cheng Hao (程愫), and commented that Niki’s misfortune is the result of being a homewrecker.

Although Niki denied multiple times of being a homewrecker, she was unable to stop the gossip and her image plummeted. Since her marriage last year, Niki’s workload decreased and she only filmed the historical drama Everlasting Serenity <歲歲青蓮>. During filming, Niki also suffered from a heat stroke and thus the drama will likely be Niki’s last historical drama.

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Niki Chow Announces Marriage to Actor, Fu Yiming

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