Netizens Support Hannah Quinlivan and Hilary Tsui: “Perfect Wife”

Putting Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) and Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) in one sentence may seem strange, but they do share one thing in common—both married the “heavenly kings” of the Chinese pop industry. It really isn’t easy to be the wife of Jay Chou (周杰倫) or Eason Chan (陳奕迅), who are idols to millions of fans. But with time and patience, Hannah and Hilary have shown that they are more than just two lucky fangirls who have married their idols: they are actually the perfect wife.

Hannah Quinlivan Has High EQ

Hannah, who came to the publics’ eye after being a regular in the Taiwanese variety show Blackie’s Teenage Club <黑澀會美眉>, rounded up a lot of haters when her relationship with Jay Chou was revealed. Hannah, born in 1993, was thought to be too immature and young for the Taiwanese singer-songwriter. In August of this year, Hannah gave birth to their daughter Hathaway at only 22 years old.

But netizens’ opinion on her completely changed when she went on an episode of Chinese variety show Day Day Up <天天向上>, her first official TV appearance after having baby Hathaway. Polite, sophisticated, and cheerful, Hathaway did not show any diva behavior while recording the show. She stayed smiling throughout the entire recording, and laughed earnestly at the MCs’ jokes, even if she didn’t understand them. Netizens expressed that they now understand why Jay said “No one cannot not like her” when he was asked to talk about Hannah.

On the show, Hannah said that she never stopped working even when she was pregnant. She was asked on the show to reveal some tidbits of her and Jay’s sweet honeymoon, but Hannah said instead, “Jay is actually the princess in this family!” She also shared, “He is most romantic when he does simple things.”

Hilary Tsui: Action More Than Words

Hilary Tsui and Eason Chan began dating in 1996 and had their daughter, Constance, in 2004. They were together for over ten years before tying the knot in 2006. At first, not many fans were very happy with Hilary, calling her a gold-digger and describing her as someone who was “always wasting” Eason’s money. But the bold Hilary did not mind the negative reactions at all, and said, “Eason really spoils me. What’s wrong with spending my husband’s money?”

But Hilary and Eason’s relationship is much more than meets the eye. In 2002, while performing in front of a crowd of students in Taipei, Eason fell off the stage and suffered a very serious injury in his groin area. Upon hearing his injury, Hilary immediately dropped whatever she was doing in Hong Kong and rushed to Taiwan in the fastest way possible via cargo aircraft to see him. Hilary was also Eason’s number one support when he came across economic problems, using her own money to help him get through it all.


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  1. if this is it, it is not so difficult to be called a perfect wife. what happened to the old virtues of a wife who would be give up her life, career and dreams for her husband and family. giving everything and never ask for anything in return? able to live through the most difficult times and also the most rich “tempting” times

    1. @m0m0 thank god women are not like that now. What you’re talking about is not a wife, but a slave. Ppl like andy lau’s wife is what you’re envisioning, or maybe JC’s wife?i cannot muster the respect for these women. Sympathy and understanding, maybe, but no respect. These ladies sacrifice their everything to be that perfect wife..not worth it if they have to live subpar like a figurehead

      1. @coralie I agree, and I would not want a wife who has no backbone, freedom or independence.. A wife like that is a modern day slave indeed. However, women around the world chose to live like that so all we can do hope their see the light someday, soon……

    2. do you guys mean stay-home moms are slaves and that couples should separate upon difficult times?
      not referring to the old society where women were forbidden to leave the house and were raised to bear as many children in their productive lives.
      the stuff described in the article that these women do for their husbands is pretty mundane. to an ordinary couple, it’s pretty typical of what one would do for the other, the fact that they are celebrities doesn’t make them the perfect wife.

      1. @m0m0

        “A wife who would be give up her life, career and dreams for her husband and family. giving everything and never ask for anything in return.”


        A ‘stay at home mom’.

        I’m all for being a housewife/stay at home mom if that’s what the woman want but sacrificing your whole identity (LIFE, CAREER AND DREAMS) for someone else just sounds textbook unhealthy to me.

        A relationship includes two persons. Ideally, any ‘sacrifices’ or compromises made for the family or relationship should be 50/50.

        This article is pretty unnecessary. There is no such thing as perfect. A couple has to be compatible, that’s all. But the so called ‘virtues’ in order to be a ‘perfect wife’ you listed are disgusting. Not loving or romantic. It’s problematic and unhealthy.

  2. I think Hannah, and Hilary and okay, but there are no perfect wives out there, or husbands either. It there were, there would not be any divorces. There are compatible mates or a good fit but not perfect. Hannah and Jay seem to be doing wonderful in their marriage and I wish them and Hilary and Eason continued blessings in their marriages.

  3. “Hilary was also Eason’s number one support when he came across economic problems, using her own money to help him get through it all.”

    THIS. So much.

    How anyone can call Hilary a ‘gold digger’ is beyond me. She was more famous when they started dating (already starred in a music video with Andy Lau, various movies and modeling jobs when Eason was virtually a nobody who just won a singing contest). She never left Eason when he was frozen by EEG and thus didn’t have an income. On top of that she was even helping him to pay off his father’s debt at the time. She also actually works and makes money (despite not having to) and has quite a succesful business, her third fashion store opened in 2013.

    Whether you like Hilary Tsui or not I think it’s pretty indisputable that she loves her husband and vice versa. They’ve been together for 20 YEARS. And I wish them many more.

  4. This article is stupid. Who, what and how defined “perfect wife”? Who are we to say a person is perfect for another person? Marriage is 2 persons thing. Third, forlurth, public wheel needs to butt out. If these women are halpy in ther marriage then let them be.

    Side note: how can you laugh “genuinely ” at a joke when you don’t even understand the joke? Lol, that sounds pretentious to me. Oxymoron xD

  5. If you’re going to get married, of course you have to find the “perfect” one. Why would you marry an imperfect one in your eyes?

    1. @abcdefghi
      How do you define perfect? Perfect to one will be heavily flawed to another. Also, not everyone is fortunate enough to marry the one that is “perfect” to them. Just like the one you marry is not necessarily the one that you love the most.

    1. @looooooooooo how else do you suggest they call the single most popular Chinese singer in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese speaking countries at the moment? D you have any idea how popular he is?

      Eason sings better than Aaron, Andy and Leons together so he sure is not beneath the title ‘heavenly king’ thank you very much.

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