Nicholas Tse Appears in “America’s Next Top Model”

Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) international popularity continued to increase each day, following the trend of more Asian stars appearing in Hollywood productions. Nicholas guest starred in reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model, which was broadcast on May 9th! He was introduced by runaway coach, J. Alexander, as “the hotness” upon which he impressed the ladies with his martial arts moves!

In Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion, Episode 10, the model contestants arrived in Hong Kong for a photo shoot. The five models were asked to replicate a martial arts sequence that Nicholas Tse demonstrated, upon which he selected the model who best duplicated the routine. The winner will have a chance to star in Nicholas’ new music video!

Nicholas left a deep impression with the models. When he made his appearance on America’s Next Top Model, he was introduced as the sexiest Best Actor, film star, and singer. J. Alexander also asked the models whether anyone felt dizzy due to Nicholas’ handsomeness!

Loving Father

While Nicholas impressed the beautiful models of America’s Next Top Model, his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) may not be wooed as easily. Cecilia recently stated that she was not interested in reconciling their former relationship, wishing only to remain friends!

With their son, Quintus‘ 2nd birthday occurring on May 12th, Cecilia has invited Nicholas to the celebration party at home. Despite the frequency of their recent family gatherings, Cecilia and Nicholas have learned how to get along well with each other after filing for divorce. It was understood that the Hong Kong court will officially approve their divorce filing in two weeks.

Source: Ming Pao 

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Jayne: Maybe Nicholas Tse took a 6-month vacation from acting in Chinese films, while waiting to catch bigger fish? Maybe he is planning for a Hollywood invasion? With his English skills, it will be easier to transition. It is a matter of time before he appears in a prominent Hollywood movie.

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  1. Anyone know where I can stream that episode? lol

      1. can you pass on the link for the stream Addy? I’m having trouble finding it. Not American so can’t stream from The CW site.

  2. Ceci’s career going to doom while Nic’s going to Hollywood LOL

    1. Ceci: new box office poison Queen
      Nic: New HK actor to made it international

      1. I don’t appreciate how much fame this potato is going to achieve. All I know is that he’d be ended up like how his dad ended up at old age. Have you ever thought of how successful Patrick was 30-40 years ago but unimaginably ended up currently living like a half dead half senile lust sucking zombie everyday crazy to have sex and non-stop self-praising how popular he was during those days?

      2. The reason is becoz i believe in reality, karma actually works!!! Cecelia is so lovely & so sweet but how could she be treated like a bouncing sand bag for anger release by this heartless nicholas just becoz she doesn’t have a decent dating record (with Edison Chen etc)?

      3. I don’t think Nick is heartless. Or else he would have dumped Ceci the moment the nude photos were leaked out. Ceci can be viewed as a victim, but she chose to be nvolved with bad boy Edison in the first place. Nick is nice enough to suck it up and stay with her for several more years.

      4. That nicholas only found that he was being “dai lok mou” after his marriage. I do believe that he did try very hard to swallow the “agony of wife having pervert sex with good frend” behind his back but how long could that tolerance lasted?

        In fact, I suspect nicholas would have any peaceful living ever since the sex scandal news broke out and thus he had to wear fake masks in treating his wife as sex toys everyday until he lost patience and divorced with her……

        From what I can see now, Nicholas does actually try to reconcile with cecelia in.1 way or another not becoz he still have any unsettled love or sympathy feeling (I don’t think this heartless guy would admit it) with her or his sons but because of his obedience to his mum (yes, he’s very filial piety) and her mum told her to do so even if that is not his genuine intention.

    2. I don’t Nic’s cameo on ANTM made much of an impact. It’s not like he’s gonna go into Hollywood now. They invited him as a guest judge because they happened to be in HK and he knew English.

    3. im not a nic fan or anything…. but tony, you honestly need to find another hobby other than monitoring this page to bash nic and any of his fans. everyone has their opinions… its very rude of you to call his fans low-class…. in fact, that’s not a very classy thing to do…. and you talk as if you’ve been hiding under their (cecilia and nic’s) bed and listening to their conversations ever since they were married.. nobody knew what happened to cause the break up.. so you should just take a deep breath and a chill pill

  3. Wow it’s cool that nic is on a popular show like ANTM but showing up to the show to do martial arts moves..really???? Can they become more stereotypical -_-

    1. Hollywood stereotypes every Asian to know martial arts.

      So scripted though. The girl who won the challenged shouldn’t have won.

      So funny the girls squealing for Nic Tse. One even said “I would so have sex with him.” A bit inappropriate. haha but Nic, poor asian men overshadowed by tall African-American and White chicks.

      1. It’s very true that Nicholas is very masculine n handsome in the mind of his low-taste asian female fans.

        However in those American models’ eyes, nicholas is just like a “stinking peanut” or “rotten banana” to them if you measure the handsomeness from the western’s perspective. Nicholas’ face is so fierce & his eyes are filled with extreme hatred and his heart is full of males’ egoism& utmost jealousy (if you know face reading). He maybe able to cheat her naive fans with his superb acting skills but not from the eyes of a skillful fortune teller. With this person’s complex personality just like those of his ex-wife, it’s very difficult for him to sustain a long-term smooth&happy&trustful relationship with anybody.

        The reason why those American models were motivated very much to lick his stinking toes is because of the temptation of being a winner. They have to pretend to to idolise this short smurf as if he’s tom cruise. Otherwise, who would give them a multi-million dollars worth of modelling contract?

      2. @Tony, Do you prefer Edison’s feminine face? hehe…just curious. You know the saying, “Just because she/he looks innocent, doesn’t mean she/he is innocent.” The most scary type of people are ones who look gentle, but have horns behind their ears.

      3. Yes, your statement does have some truth! But I believe history does actually speak itself……very clear!

        If this shameless nicholas could endup so bitterly with this so sweet & so soft cecelia, what make you to think that he could have any reason to end up smoothly/happily with his future wife or any lovers???


      4. Tony: How do you know Ceci is so sweet and soft? I thought I read some where that she has a tough personality and very rough. Lots of bad words swinging around :)a

      5. You ask a very good question, Tammy. Cecel is like a very prestigious princess to everyone b4 the sex scandal news broke out. But right after this stupid nicholas became her husband, she’d been constinuosly struck with non-stop bad luck after one another especially with the outbreak of such scandal. This donkey no good lar – he caused her lost her true innocent self and always ended her up with lots of worries and erratic swings in behaviour!

        So, this is how bad news travel against her after (not before) she married to nicholas. If she became Albert Yeung mistress instead of becoming nicholas’ wife, this shameful news could have completely avoided!

        You stupid ass nicolas! Wife also couldn’t properly look after/protect!! What makes other sane people to think that he could be reliably count on as good husband???

      6. Ceci has a sweet and soft image? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. The only time she has a sweet soft image might be when she first step into showbiz. It’s precise because Ceci has a wild image that she gets lesser condemnation than Gillian. And how was it Nic’s fault that her photos with Edison was leak out?

    2. It was funny watching the 5 models duplicate the punching moves. They all did a decent job.

      While Nicholas looked cool, I would have preferred him to not do martial arts on the show.

      1. Sadly, Hollywood is THAT stereotypical. Sadder that he went along with it. Though Nic is an action star, but he was not formally trained in martial arts, if I’m not mistaken.

    3. Yes. Indeed it’s cool to see a HK star in ANTM but to be sterotyped again is not cool.

      1. Agree. Hopefully Nic won’t fall into Hollywood’s trap again. I know he’s smarter than that. Hollywood will never fail to typecast ethnic groups.

  4. He must look tiny next to all these wannabe models. Anyway I am surprised he is chosen as HK’s rep of style or his PR may be doing a great job.

    But was he ever famous for martial arts?!

    1. To my knowledge, he wasn’t formally trained in martial arts. In fact, the guys that were fighting alongside him were actually ‘borrowed’ by him (they belong to Jackie Chan’s team of stuntmen / martial artists)…obviously it was all for show…

      Anyway, as much as I thought it was ‘cool’ to see HK celebrities on Hollywood shows, it’s definitely NOT cool for Chinese artists to be stereotyped once again (which is why I haven’t really been able to stomach any of the Chinese artists transitioning to Hollywood…well, except for maybe Chow Yun Fat…lol).

  5. I’m watching it right now. He looks rather tiny relative to the Alexander and the white/black girls….

    1. They could have pick Donnie Yen, who is really small.

      1. At least Donnie Yen is a real martial artist. Although he’s short, he has presence and he’s got a bigger, buffer body than the short & skinny Tse. Guess Donnie’s too busy to appear in these kinda clown shows, so they invited a lesser known “pretend” martial artist instead.

      2. I’m a guy and just downloaded this episode of ANTM just to see how Nic is on the show. Although Donnie is up there in years. Maybe Wu Jing could also of been a better choice than Nic. But not too sure of his English proficiency though.

        I just checked their IMDB profile and all 3 Nic, Wu and Donnie are listed as 5 feet 9.

  6. he is hot.. though I agree wth the comments abve.. hollywood stereotyping…

  7. The evil gweilos in Hollywood want to hold the Asian man down, but we will never back down. Go nic !!!

    1. They should’ve asked him to showcase himself as a chef and prepare some LO MEIN OR PORK FRIED RICE. If those models have skills, they can be in his “Nicholas can cook” Video.

  8. Jayne: That is NOT appropriate for you to call them “beautiful American models” and American models are not beautiful on America’s Next Top Model, and I am right about that. White men and women make mean and nasty and insults against beautiful and slimmer Chinese Asian women (on yahoo u.k. and US) even before I posted this. Please stop promoting caucasian women models on Chinese website. It is NOT relevant for you to talk about caucasian women models, to praise them with false compliments and this on a website is intended for Asian celebrities. This website should be for Asian celebrities and if you want to be rude and to promote American models from “America’s Next To Model, you could not that separately on their own website. Many caucasian women models are jealous and racist that Chinese Asian women are more beautiful, have prettier figures and faces. There are many Chinese women who are average height (5 ft.3″, 5 ft.4”) that are more beautiful and have more attractive figures and faces than American women models, whether they are taller or shorter, it does not matter, and it depends on the woman.

    Caucasian women models only want to promote themselves, and they are not necessarily the “next top model” in that way. You should not let them brainwash you with bribes to promote caucasian people, and white women are not superior to beautiful Asian Chinese women.

    You are invading our Chinese Asian culture with an influx of aggressive and rude American models, you should stop doing that on Mingpao. Models in US “next top model” may not be attractive and can be photogenic which are two different things. That is NOT appropriate for you to call them “beautiful American models” and post that on Jaynestarts for Netizens. You should not be promoting caucasian women models and they are not as beautiful as Chinese Asian women and Asian models. (i) Chinese Asian women wear less makeup than caucasian women models and use less plastic surgery. Those American models are not beautiful and use digital alteration and digital enhancement in pictures and videos (that you inappropriate promote on our Chinese website)(ii) Chinese Asian women and models are slimmer than caucasian women models and that is not just my opinion. Chinese women are more conservative and wear no high heels or 2 inch high heels. Chinese women have smaller body frames whether they are average height or taller than that, and Asian Chinese women can be skinny without appearing anorexic like them.

    1. This is silly. There is NOTHING inappropriate about Jayne calling the models beautiful if she thinks so.

      You are the one with a huge chip on the shoulder and being racist.

      This is a HK celebrity news site, not Chinese patriotism site or Chinese supremacist site.

      Lastly, how funny that you see it as appropriate to dictate what is the appropriate content for this site and what this site stand for when this site belongs to Jayne. I thought the site owner should not better than you what the site stand for.

    2. this is jayne’s site.. she can say whatever she wants.

      and it sounds as if the one who is truly racist is yourself. nobody said that asian models aren’t pretty just because american models are. different cultures have different standards of beauty. what you think is beautiful (ie. short, no make up, blah blah) doesn’t mean its the international standard (and i don’t think asians really put on less makeup- they put on lighter makeup, which just means its a different style. and they DEFINITELY touch up their shots). also in modeling, face is only secondary. it is the body that counts most because you are trying to advertise the clothes/products that you’re selling. and if you think white people are so worthless, then why is milan the fashion capital of the world? and i don’t know if you’ve actually watched america’s next top model, but fyi.. there are just as many black contestants as there are whites.

    3. hi jacintha, you must be an old auntie living in a remote any of china who happens to just lost a loved one. Oh I’m sorry to hear that but don’t worry. You come to me and I’ll look after you….. It’s my pleasure 🙂

    4. To me, it doesn’t matter much whether these models are asians or caucasians because they are normally end up like prostitutes at the end of the days……. It’s very very very difficult to be successful without sleeping around with directors, producers, or rich bosses…

    5. Yes we asians must destroy the gweilos together, hahaha…just kidding 🙂

      Seriously im amazed that you actually were able to make a case of nationalism out of this. Fyi alot of chinese women wear alot of makeup and 7 inch heels e.g Myolie Wu aka Gwing face, LOL.

      All women are beautiful in their own right regardless of nationality whatsoever. Yeah im sure you are beautiful too…

    6. Sigh. I smell troll, but going to answer anyway.

      Jacintha, first of all, you have misunderstood the whole premise of this website. Many of the articles posted here are ones that Jayne very kindly translates for us from Chinese news sources. In other words, this article you are so unhappy about was not written by Jayne for MingPao. Instead, she used the original MingPao story and translated it into English (while adding a few of her thoughts in green text). Jayne, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

      Secondly, you must not really read a lot of Asian entertainment news if you truly believe that Asian models are more conservative and less… enhanced than Caucasian ones. Do a quick search on this very site, and you can find articles that speak to the high amount of plastic surgery that pervades the entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, from a recent report released by the Economist, South Korea now ranks as the #1 country in the world for plastic surgery procedures, beating out previous powerhouses like Brazil. Japan and Taiwan also make the Top 10.

      Finally, as some other posters have noted below, this is Jayne’s website. Many of us are very grateful to her for translating news that we are interested in, but may not have the ability to read. What she chooses to post is her decision. If this is not something you agree with, then you can stop reading.

    7. Jayne’s site, Jayne can post anything she wants and great thanks to her to spend all this time translating for us.

      The title clearly states Hong Kong Celebrity News in English. I don’t understand your antagonism towards American and UK models. All women have potential to be “beautiful”, so please don’t bash anybody.

    8. Jacintha :
      What you wrote is a total joke. Utter rubbish if I may add. Looks like a poor command of the English language as you do not seem to understand the content of the translated article. What you write is a reflection of yourself and it certainly showed a narrow and uninformed view.

      Your comment is totally irrelevant. Its not about beautiful American models. Its about Nicholas Tse appearing on the program.

      And this is not a Chinese site.

    9. @Jacintha:
      ” You should not let them brainwash you with bribes to promote caucasian people, and white women are not superior to beautiful Asian Chinese women.”

      You’re jumping to fast conclusions. Where did you get the idea that I received bribes to promote caucasian people? Does calling the models in ANTM beautiful necessarily equate that I do not find Chinese women to be beautiful? If you follow this site closely, you should see that I find Asian women and men to be beautiful. Gee, this entire site celebrates Asian (primarily Chinese celebrities)!


  10. martial art and Nicholas? Does these 2 have anything in common? or does Nic knows any martial art?? Why is hollywood always like to link martial art with the chinese actors?? Does all they think all chinese can do flying punching or air kicking?? So Nic has to do “monkey” show at the show?

    1. Well most asian artists doesn’t care playing a monkey as long as they can be exposed to Hollywood la.

      Still remember Jet Li playing a villain in DW 4 with a piggytail from the Ching Dynasty! Made my puke so badly, LOL.

  11. so random that he appeared on this show, but yeah he’s famous for his singing/acting and not his martial arts its funny that the got him.

    when i read this i was so astonished. im hoping for the day asians become mainstream on american tv or american reality tv even. we’re such a minority it seems like we’re always forgotten, and hollywood movies seem to recast asian characters with white actors (ie. dragon ball z) now. so sad.

    1. Hollywood destroyed my childhood anime namely Dragonball. Thanks to Hollywood, my imagination of Live Goku is tarnished and ruined.

      1. Hahaha, you should sue Hollywood for destroying your childhood…

      2. haha too costly to sue Hollywood, I’ll still watch hollywood movies, etc eventhough they destroyed Dragonball lol cuz there aren’t many movies that can surpass hollywood’s effects so far.

  12. What an * to appear in a reality TV sham. But then, he plays the “court jester” on his own volition.

    So, now he will stand amongst a bunch of women who will be towering over his 5’6″, making him look like a eunich, a stereotypical image of Asian male in Western eyes.

  13. Lol Jacintha what you’re saying in so irrelevant. Jayne has her right to voice her opinion, what more to say on HER website. Whats bugging you, beautiful American models? And yes, I did not deny Chinese models are pretty too. IMHO, what you had directed to Jayne is totally unfair and ridiculous.

  14. Agree with those who thought it’s weird to see Nicholas Tse doing martial arts. ANTM always show local models on the show when they’re overseas. They even showed a Chinese model when they were in Shanghai a few years ago. She was only shown for a few minutes but that makes more sense than Nicholas Tse. Why didn’t they ask a HK model to be on the show? It would have made more sense if they even introduced Nicholas Tse as an actor/singer and had him be a guest judge. This martial arts bit is so random.

  15. ANTM why put him on. Just doesn’t make sense. I skip his part

  16. His English is terrible. Thought he grew up in hongcouve Canada

  17. What you wrote is a total joke. Utter trash if I may add. Looks like a poor command of the English language as you do not seem to comprehend the content of the translated article. What you write is a reflection of yourself and it definitely showed a narrow and uninformed view.

  18. Some of you so-called “fans” are laughable! Nic isn’t known for doing martial arts??? Most of his best-known films has him doing martial arts! From “Gen-X Cops” early in his career to “New Police Story” and “Dragon Tiger Gate”, Nicholas incorporates martial arts in most of his action movies! Yes, he is “formally trained”. No he’s not Jet Li, but to say he has no martial arts experience is total ignorance.

    Born, raised and living in Hong Kong, I can tell you people here don’t feel a stigma with being associated with martial arts. It’s rightfully part of Chinese culture and it’s a large part of the entertainment industry here as well. Yes, martial arts were and still is a big part of the action films produced here today. We love it! No, most people on the street aren’t martial arts experts, but we love watching it on the big-screen.

    I do feel sorry for “Asian-Americans” that have such low self-esteem and obvious self-hate to feel embarrassed or ashamed that Nic was teaching the girls martial arts on ANTM. That’s just pathetic to try to distance yourself from such a huge part of your culture, if you even consider yourself Chinese or Asian culturally.

    Do you see black people distancing themselves from hip-hop? No, not all black people can rap, but would any African-American take offense that a black celebrity raps on TV?

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to be an Asian living in America and feeling so small and needlessly sensitive about what other non-Asian people think about them that it would make them feel embarrassed to see a Chinese person doing Chinese things.

    What should Nic have taught the girls…how to play basketball? Rap? Dance?

    Personally, I LOVED that Nic was part of this American show and came off so good. I think he represented himself and Hong Kong well. Who wasn’t happy to see the girls, judges and Tyra swooning over him? The newspapers here and in China made a big deal over the fact that one of the girls wanted to have sex with him. In fact that was the headline on many of these stories. To me that’s a bit over-the-top and takes away from Nic’s great appearance as himself and as the guest judge by overly sexualizing it, but I guess the media behaves like the media here just like anywhere else.

    Maybe this might raise Nic’s profile in the States where he does more “Hollywood” type projects. As fans of the Asian entertainment industry in general, we should be happy for and rooting for Nic. Do we really want to see more non-Asians take up the roles of Asian characters in Hollywood productions, particularly in material originated from Asia? There is so much talent here in Asia, not just Nicholas but guys like Daniel Wu (yes, he also does martial arts and was trained from a young age, so what?) and Andy On (also a martial artist, but like Nic took it up when he got into the industry, again so what?), and of course so many talented and beautiful actresses.

    Then again, none of this really matters when the entertainment industry is booming here in Asia. While doing Hollywood projects occasionally is cool for our favorite Asian artists, true fans know the bread and butter is what they are doing here at home. Hollywood didn’t make our favorite stars, and they certainly won’t break them either if they never get cast in a Hollywood production. That’s why I LOVE it when a guy like Nicholas Tse does something like ANTM. It’s refreshing and entertaining in a two-worlds-colliding sort of way, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t lead to anything more in Hollywood since Nic already has such a huge career in China and throughout Asia.

  19. I know and met Ceci at the Shopaholic movie and we’ve been chatting and talking almost everyday during the shoot. As what I can see, Ceci is a very humble, hard working, friendly, know how to respect ppl around her and many more positive attitude. So please DO NOT judge her just by third party.
    She is not a hipocrypt person.

    1. Well, you only met her once so I don’t think that is enough to judge how she really is. She only gave you a good first impression which is not enough to judge how a person truly is. I had a former friend that easily gives you a great first impression. However, after I got to know her for awhile, she was nothing like I originally thought… I was very disapppointed since she was a liar, was fake, a major braggart,and so many other bad things that you would not know at first. Basically, the bottom line is, don’t be so quick to judge a person because you can usually be wrong.

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