Nicholas Tse Suffers Asthma Attack And Rushed To Hospital

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According to Hong Kong media reports, since the stipulated change in Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) marriage was irreversible, Nicholas  and Cecilia chose to resume work on their individual filming  jobs and let their respective lawyers settle their divorce proceedings. Still affected by their troubled marriage and in a bid to forget, Nicholas totally immersed himself into his work and finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Yesterday, on August 8th, while he was filming in Beijing for a mainland tv drama, Nicholas suddenly had an asthma attack due to the contraction of his breathing pipes, thus making it difficult to breathe and required a breath inhaling machine urgently. Although Nicholas escaped death, he still insisted in risking his life and continued filming.

The Nicholas-Cecilia saga has gone on for more than two months now but recently, the situation has finally began to brighten up. Nicholas’ good friend, Eric Kwok (郭伟亮), revealed that Nicholas and Cecilia have entered a peaceful stage in their divorce. After celebrating Lucas’ 4th birthday last Tuesday, Nicholas who was still severely hit by their divorce, temporarily abandoned all his troubled domestic affairs and focused on his work at hand.

On Wednesday, Nicholas flew to Shanghai to shoot a commercial and sat in a boat to Yancheng Jiangsu and Qinhuangdao Hebei for a commercial performance. Without pausing for a rest, Nicholas immediately flew to Beijing to shoot Mainland drama, The Next Miracle <下一个奇迹>。

Had A Fever; Secretly Went For A Drip

With such a closely packed work agenda, even an iron man would also collapse, needless to say for Nicholas Tse who already have asthma. In actual fact, Nicholas’ body has been showing signs of a losing battle. Now that he caught a cold and had a fever, he was forced to cancel the commercial performance in Dalian. Although Nicholas showed signs of recovery after a good rest, his health was still in a poor state. It was known that before flying off to Shanghai to shoot an advertisement, Nicholas discreetly went to his family doctor and asked to be on a drip, which eventually subsided his fever.

After Nicholas flew to Shanghai,  he unfortunately found signs of a relapse of an asthma attack but luckily for him, he had brought along some medication with him to administer and was thus out of danger. Although Nicholas had a hard time due to his sickness, he insisted on completing his jobs, shooting an advert first and then performing for two commercial performances. Last Saturday, Nicholas was at Qinhuangdao for the Qi Xi Festival concert. He persisted in singing two songs despite his health and thanked the audience before leaving the venue.


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15 comments to Nicholas Tse Suffers Asthma Attack And Rushed To Hospital

  1. LeilaFan says:

    That is Nic pic laying on the ground? He is bald now? Well hair almost bald.

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    • Veejay replied:

      The pic looks like it was taken from his previous movie xD (forgot the name) Nic has grow some hair now i mean Hair at the head!! lmao

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      • LeilaFan replied:

        Ah thank you Veejay, make more sense now. I can’t really recognize it was Nic in that Pic, now I see it from a movie. Haha, magazine tends to put in pictures of anything as long as they see fit with the tittle “Nic Suffer Astma Attack” Lol!
        Veejay, may I ask are you from USA too? I am in California, USA. And you Chinese too right? I like to make friends with you, so I can get some baby advice since you daughter is older than my son, so you have more experience in taking cares of baby, hehe.

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      • Veejay replied:

        hi Leilafan,

        Unfortunetey I’m not from Cali lol, I’m from asia – malaysia and yeah I’m a chinese/cantonse.

        and yeah I know what you mean, sharing baby photos and chatting about baby’s stuff are really interesting, I does that with my friends always who had just give birth recently, we can talk about babies for hours! No need to ask for permission to become a friend when I already consider you as one ^_^. Too bad, I dont have access to msn in the office now or else we can exchange msn etc. and sorry I dont have an account in QQ so i guess the only place we can share about our baby’s topic is here LoL.

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      • Ah K replied:

        @Veejay @LeilaFan:

        Lol, you girls are funny! (:

        Haha don’t worry and go ahead, we will just turn a blind eye ;D

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    • Miss China replied:

      That’s Nic, it is a promotional still from the movie “The Stool Pigeon” (綫人) and he had to go bald for the movie

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  2. bloom says:

    The divorce might not take place after all so it’s good for them and the 2 boys.

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  3. Cloud says:

    Poor guy. And everyone thinks he’s one cold-blooded dude who just wants to dump his soon-to-be-ex-wife just for the sake of it. I’m sure Nic has been having a very difficult time with the marriage crisis, and now the divorce settlement, but chose to remain strong in the public’s eye to show that he’s a toughy. He really should get some rest.

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    • Veejay replied:


      Can’t really say Nic is cold blooded when it was Cecilia who betrayed his trust first by asking her seat to be changed so she can sit next to Edison, any normal husband who found out about their wives meeting their ex or etc secretly are normal to be mad/angry. Just imagine if your bf/husband lied to you one day and he keeps deny about his meeting iwth his ex for no reason. I bet you go banana about it if you find out about their secret meeting later.

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    • Jenni replied:

      I disagreed to say Nic is cold-blood dude. Nic does not expressed his feeling well. Nic tried to prove that he is tough.

      He has been under a lot of stress: wife’s bad attitude, divorced, rumors, sickness and work too much. He is just a human like us.

      Nic needs to rest. I hope he will get some rest.

      Nic, get well soon. Think about your kids.

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    • Cloud replied:

      I didn’t mean to say that Nic was cold-blooded. I was referring to the people who have been commenting that he’s one cold-blooded dude, and that they’re obviously wrong. I guess I didn’t word my sentences clearly.

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  4. Mika says:

    Hope Nicholas recovers soon!

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  5. Summer says:

    I was surprised to find out he has asthma. He should take better care of his health since he does a lot of difficult stunts/actions for his movies. I think he is working himself too hard. I guess it is to get his mind off the divorce.

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  6. Pineapple says:

    Well, that’s the first I heard about Nic’s asthma. My husband has it and I know that its a very series illness. He should take it easy now after that attack. He ought to go swimming and relax a bit more to help himself get better.

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  7. Nelly says:

    Nic really need to stop smoking also. I never liked the fact that he smokes but now after reading reports about his asthma attack make things even more scary. He should take better care of himself while he still young.

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