Cecilia Cheung And Nicholas Tse Announce Divorce Decision and Joint Custody Over Children

Since the onset of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) divorce crisis in May 2011, the ordeal lasted for a record 104 days, with the pair’s 4-year marriage finally ending recently! As revealed earlier by Oriental Daily, Cecilia and Nicholas reached a mutual agreement and released a joint public statement to the media announcing their divorce due to incompatible personality differences. On Friday, August 19th, after a 16-hour negotiation that lasted through dawn, Cecilia and Nicholas mutually agreed on the divorce terms, including the joint custody of their sons, the splitting of their financial assets and other issues.

In their joint public statement, Cecilia and Nicholas stated that they will be sharing custody over their sons and will place foremost priority over the boys’ happiness and development. Cecilia and Nicholas hoped that the public will allow their children some quiet space to allow them to grow up happily. The statement mentioned the children several times, indicating that Cecilia and Nicholas cared about them very much. They hoped that they will grow up happily in the future.

Returning to Work

After issuing their divorce statement, Cecilia and Nicholas resumed their work in Ningbo and Beijing respectively. Allegedly, Nicholas’ heart was peaceful on the set of mainland series The Next Miracle <下一個奇迹>. His family affairs did not impact his work. Filming The Lion Roars Again <河東獅吼Ⅱ>, Cecilia also immersed fully in her work. Yesterday, Cecilia had to film numerous action sequences and fortunately she was in good condition and finished her scenes quickly.

As for Cecilia and Nicholas’ divorce, how will their young children react and face the news? Obviously, it will be a difficult matter. Asked whether Lucas and Quintus knew about their parents’ divorce, Cecilia’s good friend, Rick Chin, noted, “I believe that Cecilia will have a way to explain to her children about the situation in the future. As to how she will tell the children, Cecilia has her own ideas and outsiders will not add their opinions. All the friends will love the children dearly! Lucas continues to be very happy. I don’t think he realizes that his parents have separated!”

Asked about Cecilia’s spirits, Rick Chin said, “She is feeling okay. Cecilia has always been very strong. For the sake of the children, she will continue to put in her best efforts at home and in her career!” Rick added that Cecilia and Nicholas loved their sons dearly. The pair thoroughly contemplated divorce matters before making their decision. Due to their filming schedule and need to take care of the children simultaneously, it is quite difficult. Fortunately, due to their financial abilities, Cecilia and Nicholas will be able to make the best possible arrangements!”

Below is the public statement released jointly by Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse:

We, Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, officially announce our joint decision to obtain a divorce due to our personality clashes. As for matters relating to the divorce, we have arrived at a peaceful agreement.

We will be holding joint custody of our two children. Everything will be done with the happiness of the two children growing up happily as the main consideration.

In recent months, the media’s coverage about our divorce matters did not reflect the truth. We reserve the right to pursue legal action. We ask that everyone refrain from making additional unfounded speculations.

At this time, both of us would like to express heartfelt gratitude to everyone and our families. We hope that everyone will give us, our families and in particular, our two children some quiet living space, allowing them to grow up happily.

After this statement, we will no longer respond to questions regarding our divorce.

Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse

August 19, 2011

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse finally divorced. It feels very unreal…. The image of them as a loving couple and beautiful kids are just too picture-perfect. Although they decide they can no longer remained married, hopefully they remain on good terms to raise their sons together well. If their current film schedule continues, they have no time for Lucas and Quintus!

Your thoughts on how Cecilia and Nicholas’ marriage ended. Do you think it was never meant to be or was their divorce a result of a series of poorly timed events, one after the other, beginning with Cecila’s photo collaboration with Edison and Eileen Cha’s radio program airing the dirty laundry in Cecilia and Nic’s marriage?

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  1. Very sad to hear about this. But I believe they will eventually divorce.
    Too much dramas going on to both of them, and I don’t think simply it will just work out and acts like nothing happened.
    Wish them and their 2 sons the best on the new chapter of their life.

  2. Their marriage failed for multiple reasons. One: both have demanding work schedules. Two: Cecilia’s sex photos. Three: Both are stubborn people. Four: Cecilia’s run-in with Edison, and the fact that she lied about it. Five: Broken trust. Cecilia believed that Nic broke the news to Cha Siu Yan to ruin her reputation, although there isn’t any concrete evidence. Six: Betrayal. Cecilia backstabbed Nic and made him lose face. Seven: Selfishness. Both aren’t willing to sacrifice a bit of their career for the sake of the family. Eight: Both have different parental styles. Cecilia never lays her finger on the boys. Nic lays his finger on the boys–even a light slap on the head heats up Cecilia.

    Their marriage would’ve never worked out with 2 stubborn and selfish people.

  3. BTW, judging from that pix, Lucas is growing up to look so much like Nic–they’re like identical.

  4. I personally believe that Nic wanted a divorce during the sex photo scandal but did not do it because he didn’t want to be labeled as the bad husband for abandoning cecilia. he waited for her to make a mistake which was taking a photo with edison on the plane. Now he could say that it was her fault for ruining the marriage.

    1. I read that Nic filed for divorce right after Ceci blasted him. I believe betrayal and broken trust were the biggest factors to the divorce.

    2. I also felt the same way. I mean when the sex photo scandal happened, I honestly questioned whether Nic would be able to tolerate that as it was quite humiliating and would he stand by her woman or not? I also thought he would leave her, but then he proved me wrong and stayed back. I’m sure a lot of women would be thinking very highly of him being very nice. But, I’m not going to analyze their reasons for their divorce, I mean as an outsider we won’t know much unless we are them.

    3. sounds plausible but why did he father another child with her then?

  5. What a great couple! They should get an award of some kind. <_<

    (sarcasm alert)

  6. It’s good that they reached a mutual agreement about everything. I’m happy that this drama dies down and that it is not as chaotic as before. Hope the kids grow up happily. Both Ceci and Nic should rearrange their future works to leave more time in-between to spend with their kids. The kids growing up happily require both as parents to be there in their lives as much as possible.

  7. I think from the first day they secretly got married, there was already a scar between them and their respective parents and in-laws. So it was not a good start to begin with. I think the public was already skeptical with their flash marriage and if it would lead to a flash divorce. I’m glad they were at least together for 5 years and had 2 beautiful sons together. Hope they will grow up happy because they are the most innocent in all of this. I think personality clash was huge in their troubled marriage, as they both are stubborn and hot-headed individuals. They both have strong personalities which easily clash and would lead to ocntinuous, heated arguments. Edison’s incident may have added more trouble to their marriage, but I think even if Nic divorced Cecilia at that time, I don’t think people would have blamed him. The fact that they stuck together after that scandal made them a very likeable couple and most people rooted for them to have a happy marriage regardless of what they have been through. For Nic to divorce Cecila because of her taking a pic and reconciling with Edison, to me, is a stupid reason to get divorced. So, I am sure it is many factors and issues combined.

  8. I guess it is true about that fung shui stuff that was reported after they got married


    1. What fung shui stuff? I didn’t follow Ceci-Nic much when they first got married?

      1. Those ‘fortune tellers’ said their personality/element clash so they can’t stay together; that Cecilia’s element (that water, earth, fire stuff) will harm Nic. Or this was the version I heard. Another fortune teller said they wouldn’t last past 5 years, which came out true as well.

    2. I wonder how true all of that fortune telling stuff is??? I have seen many happy couples that had opposite and clashing birth signs, but they are still happy and have been together for many years… But yea, who really knows the future since even marriages that have lasted for over 30-40 years have ended before…

  9. It’s very sad for the children. Last time, I read an article about Nick said that he loves hi wife more than his children.

  10. Read somewhere that they might re-married. If it’s true, then everything is so ridiculous.

    1. Lol, that would be a total joke! Why divorce in the first place then?

      1. I wonder how they’ll tell their children. Kids, mama and daddy will divorce. Kids cried but helpless. Then, Kids, mama and daddy will get married again with… each other. Kids: O_o, when will you divorce again?

      2. Not really, there have been many couples that divorce and then remarry again years later since they realize that they still love each other and have become better people. Who knows what may happen?? Anything is possible these days…

      3. @HTS: The matter of time.

        If they re-marry just few months after the divorce as the lawyer mentioned, it’ll be totally ridiculous

      4. @Fox,
        Exactly! Which was why I said “years” later… I agree that it would be ridiculous for them for remarry after a few months. It would seem like a joke for them to divorce in the first place then…

    2. I think re-married could be both of them are free to marry whoever they want.. not 100% mean Nic and Ceci will be re-married again..

      1. No, the lawyer means they will re-married with each other.

      2. Their lawyer said “after 5 months they might re-married again”. It could mean anything.. re-married someone else, re-married each other. It is open for interpretation.

        If Nic and Ceci will re-married each other again, I agreed with you. It is ridiculous. Right now, we will have to wait and see :-).

  11. Is that Cecilia? Looks scary.

    I was hoping they will reconcile, so I guess Nic really wanted out. Wonder how were the assets distributed? Anyway they haven’t divorced, just will divorce so they’re not divorced, yet. And what does the friend (whom I suspect will morph into her next boyfriend soon? Wayyyyyy too close!) mean when he said she will explain to the boys what happened in future. What to explain? Mommy was crazy? Daddy was unforgiving? Etc etc?

    1. You mean the friend … Rick Chin? If so, I think he’s not ahem, female-inclined.

    2. You mean the friend … Rick Chin? If so, I think he’s not female-inclined.

    3. Yes, it is Ceci’s latest picture at fashion show. I think she does not look good with “heavy” make up.

      Personal, I hope that they would focus to show their kids how much they love their kids, how much they care for their kids and spent more times with their kids. Not point a finger to mommy was crazy or daddy was unforgiving.

  12. I thought implant boobs are hard and stiff? that won’t look saggy? But Cecilia’s ones definitely look like a balloon which ran out of hidrogen. How did she gain back her prenatal body so fast?? she was 60-70kg when she had quintus last time.. wow.. guess personal trainer can really do marvellous job eh?

  13. You mean a person dare to sumpah (swear) is innocent ah? Simple minded. If a person is already bad, they don’t mind swear etc to make the public believe him lah. So sick of all these swearing.

    1. hi Bloom,

      Didn’t know you’re from asia until i saw your bahasa language used in your post 😛

      “Sumpah” aka swear is just b****** la.. if from msia…sumpah is often use by our malay counterpart just show them innocent in the court..

    2. Darn,

      My posting is awaiting for moderation..

      I wanted to say “Didn’t know you’re from asia until i saw your bahasa language used in your post 😛

      “Sumpah” aka swear is just bulls-h-i-t la.. if from msia…sumpah is often use by our malay counterpart just show them innocent in the court..

  14. I think a good marriage has to be based on trust and its a wonder that Nic put up with Cecilia for so long after the Ediscon photos scandal. I think all men would not be proud to have a wife like that. What’s the Chinese saying “wearing a green hat”!!! although it happened before their marriage. However, I think (as someone said here) there was a scar in their marriage and maybe Nic was finding it difficult with the pressures of the public that in the end he felt enough was enough. I hate divorces and find it very sad but in this case I agree that they should part and start their own lives with someone else. I feel sorry for the two kids of course but its no good having parents with them if they no longer love each other. It would not be fair on them. So better to have both parents happy even though they would be living apart then live together in misery.

    1. The sex photos of Cecilia was before they married. But the incident of Cecilia specific request to be seated next to Edison on the airplane and snap photos together was when they are married. So this sure bothering Nic. And I don’t know why any married woman want to do that, maybe Cecilia want attention from Nic, but that is a bad way to get attention from a man.
      I saw worst photos Pineapple, when the sex photos came out, I saw pic of Cecilia give Edison oral sex, blow job, and I thought of Nic ever see that pic, he will be very UNHAPPY!

      1. LeilaFan, I think Nic saw most of those scandal photos, including the ones where she gave oral sex to Edison. He surfs on the internet, including going on youtube. The sex scandal was an old scar and resurfaced again when she decided to be friendly with Edison on the plane.

      2. I actually never saw any of those photos in full. I only saw the censored ones versions.Therefore, I am not sure how bad they were. I also only saw some of Gillian and a few of Cecilia, but none of her doing anything with Edison.

        I think the Edison scandal will forever scar everyone that was involved. I also doubt that many traditonal asian families would ever accept any girl that was involved in that scandal. I remember Gillian Chung saying that it will be hard for her to find love since not many men are willing to accept someone with a past like hers. I guess in a sense Cecilia was a bit luckier than her, but sadly things did not work out in the end.

    2. Yea, a good marriage does include and many other things besides just love. Therefore, I have never really believed that shotgun weddings would ever last since you just marry in the blink of an eye without really knowing the other person that well…

  15. Sad sad sad…

    A lovely family, gorgeous wife, handsome husband. Wife that disgraced herself through public expose of sex photos. Cute, good looking kids.

    Fame, money, looks, connections, children… they had it all. But even then they could not hold on to their marriage and be happy.

  16. I always knew that money does not necessarily bring happiness.

    1. Yup yup agree Pinaeapple.
      I remember when me and my husband (at the time my boyfriend) were in college, we so poor that we have $10 in our wallet. There were days cars broke down, and we have to take the train home. Our first date was walking on the park and eat hamburger.
      Now we graduated and have decent jobs, life now is comfortable, but look back we treasure those days. It take 2 people to maintain a marriage, I hope I won’t end up divorce one day.
      Nic and Cecilia have everything, from looks, fame, money. The last thing on their mind would be worried about money, but sadly they can’t compromise with each others. Hope they learn from this marriage mistake, and in future who ever they with/married, hope they won’t divorce again.

    2. Of course money does not always bring happiness. In fact, in some cases money can even bring disaster if you don’t utilize it in the right way.

  17. Its nice to look back to the student days when we have a lot less money but still just as happy. I never ate hamburgers in the park – this is simply because I have never been a fast food fan. However, I used to eat sandwiches which I made myself as its cheaper of course and have picnics instead. I cannot imagine Nic and Cecilia eating sandwiches in the park. Maybe their sandwiches would be covered in gold or something…

    1. I think that living life more simply is a lot better and happier than living the high life of fame and fortune. Celebs can look all glamourous and all on the outside, but inside they just have so many other problems that we don’t think about it.

    2. Yup yup, I go to work, my husband go to work. When we at work, my mother in law take care of my son. We come home eat dinner together, spend time with our sons, watch TV, sleep, next day work. Weekend get together iwth our family.
      Sound very boring right? But this is the typical life of a family here in USA. And I would not trade my life for Cecilia and Nic “showbiz, fame” life.

    1. Wow this is shocking, they been married so long.
      This year alot of break up and divorces.

      1. Marriages can come and go just like that so I guess I should not be shocked anymore…

    2. What’s up with this year? Is it because it’s almost the end of the world, and people are doing outrageous things just for the heck?

      1. Oh goodness, I am so SICK of those people that keep on saying that end of the world is coming. ARe they trying to brainwash people??

      2. Why are you so sure that it’s not the end of the world?

        People keep saying it for various reasons
        – They truly believe it
        – It’s a hype thing, so, they join in the bandwagon
        – They are joking

      3. @Kidd,
        I am almost sure because I have heard that soul called prediction soo many times and it has not come true yet… Also, most of those people that made those predictions are those overly religious people that are so engulfed in religion that they don’t know about anything else besides “religion”. Sorry but I believe that there is way more to life than religion. If you worship any religion too much, you lose your own way of thinking and become somewhat brainwashed…

      4. Hey, it is the end of the world if you live in New York City after surviving the traffic, mosquitoes carrying west nile virus, rainstorm, hailstorm, flooding, windy weather, blackout, hurricane, tree knocks down my house, blizzard, tornado, high humidity, hot and cold weather, power/electric bill, gas bill, cell phone service bill, phone bill, water bill, telephone bill, cable bill, satellite bill, rats, wild possum, crazy people, Mayor Bloomberg, my college, attempted bombing, 9/11/2001, and now earthquake.

        I love New York City!

      5. Larry,
        Spoken like a true New Yorker with attitude! Life here can be stressful, but we have the best Chinese food in the USA!

      6. I shared the same sentiment with you Jayne. I survived it, You survive it. Im sure Cecilia and Nic survive their divorce papers through their tough times.

        Its a journey until the batteries runs out in your internal clock

      7. Jayne. Larry, if you can survive all that you can survive anything. WAIT! You did!! Glad to know you’re all safe and sound.

      8. Funn, Larry,
        Natural disasters seem especially fierce in recent years. “The Day After Tomorrow,” which depicts violent weather wreaking havoc all over the world may be coming true!

        Thanks I am glad the quake was minor. Hopefully hurricane strength dies down by the time it heads north. Overall, NYC doesn’t have a very high threat level from natural disasters. We are likely more vulnerable due to close vicinity to nuclear plant instead.

    3. i thought it’s only rumour?. His oldest son Trey tweeted that it’s not true, the couple still together.

      1. Larry,
        Today’s earthquake barely shook anyone’s hairs in New York. We should feel fortunate that the epicenter was far away.

      2. It shook my house (Brooklyn, NY) very violently for 30 seconds, and this is my first time to experience an earthquake. Very uneasy after I experience 9/11/2001 which it kinda reminds me.

      3. Larry,
        9/11 will always be a dark shadow in our memories. I was taking a late afternoon lunch and when the earthquake happened, I was standing outside on the street. I felt a little dizzy and thought it was just from lack of sleep.

        Anyway, I am glad to be alive so I can continue to deliver the latest entertainment gossip to everyone.

        Today, I received a very heartfelt message from Pineapple in which she indicated genuine appreciation of JayneStars.com! I love you everyone! 🙂

      4. Hopefully Jayne, your site wont be down on Sunday/Monday for that “maybe” a direct target for the hurricane to come in.

      5. Many earthquake here in San Francisco and Los Angeles. California is well know to be a prone earthquake country. We do not get flood/hurrican like New York does, but earthquake in California have been know in history are much more severe than in New York. Just take a look at San Francisco earthquake in the past.
        Also research said in the future California will be hit by a big earthquake. Sigh….

      6. Will Smith does look like a nice guy, and well mannered. I actually do like him very much.

  18. Weirdly this situation doesn’t suprise me. When the Edison’s scandal exploded I felt that not only it somehow affected Cecila’s career -I love her as an actress especially in the movie White dragon but this scandal tarnish a bit her image in my view- but it affected her relationship with Nicolas also. I mean she cheated on him with his best friend thus I don’t think that he trusted her anymore. I don’t say only Cecilia is at fault but just this couple started badly.

    1. Are you talking about the sex photo scandal or airplane photo scandal?

      In both case, Cecilia didn’t cheat.

      Sex photo scandal – Cecilia was not dating Nic at that time. So, not considered cheating

      Airplane photo scandal – chatting and taking photos is not cheating.

      1. If she didn’t cheat why did they proceed to a DNA test over their oldest son to know who was the father, if Cecilia didn’t cheat on Nic with Edison ? I guess if they did that it means the girl kept seeing Edison while she was in relationship with Nic Tse !

      2. @ Zaza

        The DNA test thing is supposed to be absolute truth? Could be fabricated by the ever imaginative tabloid writers.

      3. i wouldnt b surprised if he did. But even if he did so what?

      4. @Kidd Airplane photo scandal – chatting and taking photos is not cheating. —- But I found it strange that Cecilia specificly request a seated right next to Edison Chen, so they can talk and take pictures while they on the airplane.
        Maybe she wants attention from Nic, but this is a bad way to get Nic attention especially she have a past sex scandal with Edison.
        Kidd, I want to ask you this, if your husband on the airplane purposely request seated next to his ex, and take photos and chat the whole way on the airplane trip. You don’t find it uncomfortable? When your husband come home, you don’t care to ask him what was it about?
        If you really think it is OK for your husband to do with Cecilia did on the airplane, then I got to say who ever married you in the future, he is one lucky man, have very easy going wife, LOL!

      5. @ Leilafan

        Yes, she made a bad move. Yes, it made Nic uncomfortable. But, does this constitute cheating? No.

      6. “Kidd, I want to ask you this, if your husband on the airplane purposely request seated next to his ex, and take photos and chat the whole way on the airplane trip. You don’t find it uncomfortable? When your husband come home, you don’t care to ask him what was it about?”

        Yes, I might feel uncomfortable, and yes, I will ask him about the incident. But, would I jump to the conclusion that he cheated on me? No, because I don’t want my future husband to jump to such conclusion about me just because I talk to my ex either. I hope my future marriage will have more trust in it that this.

        Cecilia made a bad move. She made Nic uncomfortable, lost face and most probably angry. But, it still does not constitute cheating.

      7. LeilaFan: I agreed with everything you said. Also, lets not forget that Cecilia also LIED that the plane incident NEVER happened.

      8. Just because she asked to sit next to him doesn’t mean cheating, nor was there any indication she followed him to some motel for some sessions. It just shows she is either very naive or exceedingly stupid but not a cheat.

      9. Also dun think it’s cheating.

        She might still think of EDC as a friend and want to chat with him, on the other hand, she didn’t want to be in trouble so she lied.

      10. Her life was practically almost ruined thanks to those pictures. But it shows it was consensual, she thought nothing more of it and so the same towards Edison. However if this is true, then she should really really learn a bit of tact and a bit more consideration for other people’s feelings.

    2. I read somewhere they did a DNA test but perhaps I am wrong…

  19. Besides I wanted to add I have always wondered who Cecilia loved : Edison or Nicolas ?

    1. Speaking of Edison… fueling with rumors.

      Edison Chen’s intimate photo with Carina Lau revealed
      pic: http://sgstb.msn.com/i/4D/83B8D2BD10C5E39F168492C958B4BA.jpg

      Netizens mocked the Hong Kong singer, saying “There he goes again”

      According to the Taiwanese media, he was the cause of Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s marriage breakdown.

      Cecilia’s family fell apart, after an accidental meeting with singer Edison Chen on board a flight. Nicholas and Cecilia are now legally divorced.

      Meanwhile, Edison — the man said to be responsible for Nicholas and Cecilia’s divorce — is currently earning big bucks in China and had even returned to Hong Kong a few days ago to check on his fashion outlets.

      The singer did not seem to be affected by the rumours surrounding him. When Edison, who was in a good mood, noticed the paparazzi, he even smiled and waved goodbye while boarding his ride.

      Yesterday, veteran actress Carina Lau shared a photo of her with Edison on her microblog. In the photo, Carina leaned on the singer’s shoulder. Edison’s eyes look bloodshot, clearly indicating that he was drunk. The pair’s heads were leaning very close to each other and they looked intimate.

      Carina also praised and motivated Edison through the caption: “You are a great person. Life is always tough. You got to have faith in yourself.”

      Last week, it was rumoured that Carina and her husband Tony Leung had secretly divorced.

      While that rumour had yet to be confirmed, her intimate picture with Edison immediately sparked another round of heated discussion amongst netizens, who questioned, “Is Carina trying to get a divorce?”

      Source: http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebrity/buzz/asia/article-video.aspx?cp-documentid=5188767

  20. I am glad that this is finally all over since I got tired of hearing about their divorce. I feel bad for the kids and am glad that they have joint custody over the kids. I sure hope that they will both be a part of their kids’ lives and that they will grow up happily.

  21. I truly feel sad for Nic Tse and Cecilia. Ending a marriage without really giving it a chance to ride through the storms of marital woes. Only those who have riden out of the storms can understand the meaning of true friendship, marriage and oneship. Nic and Cecilia should not have allowed pride and thus need to proof onself as full of principles to the world in their marital woes which led to the end of their marriage somehow. In the end, the lost each other to prove the the world they have principles. Love is NOT about principles but its about tolerance, acceptance, patience, seeing beyond the bad side of your spouse and its about staying together when the storms in life are at its peak. You need to ride out of this to understand life as a husband and wife ONLY then u have achieved fulfilment. Sadly, both Nic and Cecilia have let go the reigns before holding on tight together…….

    1. Wise, I agree.

      But reading through this saga, I DO think Cecilia tried but Nic withdrew. She’s emotional-impulsive, he’s quiet-broody. Her last attention getting resort was probably the Edison-airplane thingy, just to get some reaction from Nic.

      His sister says Nic plays computer games for 10h straight (perhaps to avoid issues that need addressing or avoid troublesome parenting?). For someone who’s always filming away from home, it would be frustrating to have this robot come home not to spend time with family but to sit in front of a computer.

      As a female, I can see how this would probably drive Cecilia crazy. Esp if she had waited for this opportunity for the dude to come home, just so they could talk and communicate.

      Technically, Cecilia did NOT cheat on Nic with Edison. To be fair, any consenting adult could have any kind of sex in any position, in any graphic detail … but it’s private.
      Cecilia (and all the other girls) could never have predicted the details would be made public.

      If you want to label anyone a cheater …. then Nic did two-time Cecilia and Faye Wong, and he didn’t handle the Faye Wong break up well either. He went behind Faye’s back and was found out – in a bad way (car accident). I always felt Faye was the heavily-injured party.

      For BOTH their sakes … I hope they find peace and can move on without too much baggage falling on the two kids.

      1. Cecilia should have never exchanged seats and taken friendly photos with Edison. She should’ve known that by doing that it would cause a media circus, and have their personal lives being magnified again, including bringing up rumors about Lucas being fathered by Edison. Cecilia is too naive. I hope she doesn’t get close to Edison again, otherwise the media is going to create another round of circus, including bringing Lucas back into the topic.

    2. I totaly agreed Lily! It almost feels like a person has died inside and is broken forever. I feel so bad for the children. They will never have an image of their parents loving eachother and a perfect family photo.

  22. Well I shall never forget 9/11/01 and although I don’t reside in the US I did feel very sad for the families who lost their lives. However, it has not put me off going there next year. To me, you can get knocked down by a bus in a small village or even fall down the stairs tomorrow in an accident. Life indeed is very precious and I try and live it to the full and take each day as it comes and try and be as happy as I can.

  23. How did CC manage to have babies when she’s always so skinny? Growing up with a boken family is nothing positive evetually it’ll affect them in a silent way that nobody will know. Look at their parents themselves who grew up from a broken family…I bet they didn’t like it either when they were young and look they are repeating the same history to their own children whom they said they LOVE so MUCH. SAD!

    1. skinny doesn’t mean you can’t have baby, as long as you’re impotent or etc, then it shouldnt be a prob, my friend is very skinny and she managed to give birth to a healthy bb. It’s all depend on your healthy and ability to conceive not about skinny or fat. The veteran Fei Fei was fat when she had joyce.

      1. It does matter actually. Lydia did have trouble conceiving and it was dangerous for her high blood pressure. If you’re too skinny it is a problem too. But doesn’t mean never, just more difficult.

  24. Well, I’ve never had children but I think there must be some kind of problems if you are either too skinny or too fat and also I THINK, age is also a big factor. I believe you should have your first child before the age of 30 if possible. My friend was 33 when she had her first child and had a terrible, awful time with it. It was so bad that she promised herself – NEVER AGAIN. But saying that there was an American actress who had her first and she was 40 and was fine afterwards so I guess it all just depends on the person.

  25. Regardless what had happened, everything is ended for both of them. They’ve solved their issue and move on with their lives as stated.

    As a married person, normally a newly wed couple needed at least 5 years to cope with everything together and see if they could survive. I see both of these folks were too HURRY for all like: get marry, have kids, work too much, no time for each other & understand each other; therefore, rushed out for the heck of it.

    Remember they’re not normal people, they always in public eyes w/ ea. and every move they make. The public and tabloids & rumors are like their “mother-in-law” things (all action, move need to be review) no wonder why they have no time to resolve their matter. It’s the public & news & netcizens led them to where they’re now too, so don’t criticized anyone for this mess.

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