Nicky Wu Confident on “The Bride With White Hair’s” Success

Produced by Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), mainland Chinese wuxia TV drama, The Bride With White Hair <新白发魔女传>, has completed filming and entered post-production. Although the tale of the white-haired maiden has been retold countless of times before, the strong team of Nicky Wu, Jenny Guo (郭珍霓), Ma Su (马苏), and Louis Fan (樊少皇) is greatly anticipated by fans. As a first-time producer, Nicky Wu expressed his confidence in The Bride With White Hair, adding that he was not afraid the drama would be a ratings bomb.

In a July 30th exclusive interview with Sina’s Yu Le Xian Chang <娱乐现场>, Nicky Wu spoke about his experiences as a first-time TV producer. Nicky dedicated the past 3 years in producing The Bride With White Hair, and was heavily involved in the drama’s pre-production, post-production, and distribution work. He also disclosed that he invested over several million dollars on the just the sets and costumes alone. He was also responsible for a majority of the casting for the drama.

Nicky revealed that he had once tried to invest in two other TV dramas and an animated film in 2010, but the projects failed for various reasons; he had to pay out of his own pocket to compensate the losses. Nicky said, “I’ve learned from my past mistakes, so I was very careful with my investment in The Bride With White Hair. Before the drama began filming, I had a long chat with my collaborators, and we agreed on a spending limit. We also prepared some back-up in case there was a change in casting.”

When asked if he was afraid that he would have to compensate the drama’s losses if it failed in the market, Nicky confidently replied, “Not at all. If I was worried, I would not have filmed it.”

Jenny Su Does Not Regret Tough Filming Experience

Filming for The Bride With White Hair took over three months to complete. Lead actress, Jenny Su, expressed that the drama was one of her most challenging assignments to date, remarking, “This drama is a ‘grand production’ that truly tests the actor’s physical abilities! Not only can these actors fly in the sky, they can also swim in the water!  They can survive under the burning sun and can stand annoying mosquito bites. Right now, I think I can measure up to a female King Kong!”

Despite the rough filming experience, Jenny was very thankful towards Nicky, who would spend his free time helping her with her stunts. An insider revealed that Jenny was very worried about her action scenes in the drama. The crew member said, “The sword never left her hand. Once she’s on her break, she would go crazy with it.”

Jenny clarified, “I was afraid that my fighting skills aren’t good enough!”

She then thanked Nicky for giving her such a great filming experience, and admitted, “I am already missing the 50 degrees weather and the green bean soup! It was rough, but we had such a great time!”


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  1. I am however not so confident. The costumes is one of the worst. Maybe it is intentional for the 80s look. Unless of course plenty of shirtless scenes.

    1. Funn,
      Maybe Nicky Wu was tight on the wardrobe budget and spent more on stunts and action scenes.

      1. Not so much on budget. MAybe he can’t afford a good costume designer because the costumes look old fashioned, nothing to do with budget. DO what ruby lin did; either ensure populated with gorgeous men or costume or both. In Nicky’s production, perhaps there will be plenty of make out scenes which will surely make the ratings go up

      2. Funn,
        “In Nicky’s production, perhaps there will be plenty of make out scenes which will surely make the ratings go up”

        Hehe a couple kisses wouldn’t matter in the end. Nicky should match the tortured hero well. “The Bride With White Hair” is indeed a passionate one, but the story too well known.

        I do like novelist, Leung Yu Sung though, because he writes with a romantic touch. I do not like Gu Lung because his language is very terse. Jin Yong tends to ramble quite a bit.

      3. I can’t read Chinese so I missed out on the original text, I only had a chance to read Gu Lung translated story on Siu Sap Sam Long and the translation was beautiful. I love how he built up the scene leading to intro of the leading male character, very very good stuff but such a lonely hero. And the book is expensive. But worth the price. At least I can say I read 1 gu lung book.

      4. he’s a guy….they all look to fight/effects. Maybe he could get a could a pointer’s from Ruby Lin…she had good taste in color/set/clothes for her first project.

      5. GL’s writing might be terse. But, he used those terse sentences to great effect. GL is very good in building up atmosphere with his short sentences.

      6. Kidd,

        I didn’t read original text but my impression from the translation, the original text seems right to the point, as in GL does not waste time in his words. Is it true?

      7. Seems that Ruby and FBB have a bigger budget for everything as I looked at the cast list for the white hair bride and they are all unknowns. Ruby tends to cast many high profile leads and even well known supporting casts.

    2. The costumes from the 80s were actually very beautiful so they were often viewed as being nonrealistic. These costumes actually look ok and are not that bad since I have seen worse. Maybe he invested more money into other factors that are more important, who knows?lets wait and see how it is… It may surprise us, who knows?

      1. I think the 80s costumes and hairstyles were pretty too – perhaps a tad too fancy, maybe? – although the look is very distinct and obviously influenced by the fashion at the time. Cheap, flimsy looking material as well.

        Nicky’s look from that photo above seems as if he cut it out of someone’s jumper/cardigan.

  2. I think the drama will gain decent ratings. Not a super hit like BBJX but far from a flop. After all, Nicky’s popularity soared last year so of course his fans will watch for his sake.

  3. Mainland audiences seem to love wuxia series. I think Nicky produced a well known work such as “The Bride With White Hair” because there will always be a demand for such dramas by audiences. He likely did not hope to make a blockbuster, but he wanted to produce a safe drama that will be able to draw in audience.

    “The Bride With White Hair” may be an easier work to adapt because it has few central characters compared to certain Jin Yong novels. The story has a nice combination of action and romance, where certain wuxia stories may downplay the romance.

    1. Later shall be no more. Apparently there is some restriction on even remakes.

      I wonder what is China thinking.

    2. i think so too. I read that wallace chung right now so popular because of magic blade wuxia series. But when i watch it, it is just so so.

      1. I wouldn’t call them that. The production value, feel and look is a cut above the rest, just the story may not appeal to all.

  4. I’m really proud of him. I don’t expect that it will be a big hit like his other works but it looks solid.

  5. i wll def watch ths… as for costumes could be low budget but mght mke up in other factors…

  6. It has become somewhat of a spectator sport in China to watch and gauge the result of follow-up work of the BBJX almuni.

    So far, Liu Shi Shi has scored big again with “XuanYuanJian” currently airing in China. Kevin Cheng’s “Mystery in the Palace”- was a flop, despite the HK press’ continued touting of his horn. Yuan Hong’s “Princess Taiping” was OK.

    So now the pressure is on Nicky. I think his drama with Wallace Huo will air first before “Bride with White Hair”.

  7. The costumes aren’t the best, but are not the worst either. Actually, the problem is not the design, but the colors ^_^; Some of them are a tad too flashy… However, the trailer looks pretty good. And I’m happy with the cast! Love Ma Su and so happy she gets paired up again with Nicky.

    Jayne, I was wondering in the article, the 2nd part of it about the actress not minding the tough conditions. Is it Ma Su or Jenny Guo? Or is Ma Su’s English name also Jenny?

  8. Awww i loved the bride with white hair…i always prayed that they will do a remake. However, im disappointed that nicky is playing the lead 🙁 i prefer wallace ( either one is fine)

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