Nicky Wu’s “The Bride With White Hair” Criticized by Viewers

Produced by Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), mainland Chinese drama, The Bride With White Hair <新白发魔女传> premiered on September 14 on Hunan TV. As the drama delivered excellent ratings, Hunan TV will air six episodes in a week instead of the originally planned four episodes. Although the drama has achieved ideal ratings, it is also heavily criticized by viewers.

Too Many Animations?

First time producer, Nicky Wu, added vibrant colors and many visual effects in the new version of The Bride With White Hair. However, many netizens blasted the drama for having too many animations and criticized the poor visual effects.

Responding to the viewers’ feedback, Nicky indicated that the drama emphasized on the martial arts instead. “Maybe it’s the different perspective of the viewers. This is not a fantasy drama, and does not have too many animations and visual effects. The martial arts scenes are real and the other effects only enhance the drama. I feel that it is not bad at all.”

Lead Actress Ma Su Not Striking?

As compared to Brigitte Lin (林青霞), many viewers felt that lead actress Ma Su (马苏) is not attractive and striking enough to play the lead character. Defending his choice of the cast, Nicky said, “She is also pretty in her way, while cold and ruthless too.”

Viewers also questioned the editing of the drama. The plot advances too rapidly as Nicky and Ma Su already had an underwater kissing in the first episode, which left many viewers baffled. In regards to viewers’ comments, Nicky said, “We hope to progress the relationship faster. However, we will be conservative managing the love scenes in the ancient drama. It will not be overly passionate. Haha… you will be disappointed!”

Fourth Prince Voiceover?

As Nicky used the same voice artist that dubbed his character from Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, many netizens felt the presence of the “Fourth Prince in” The Bride With White Hair. Nicky stated that he selected the same voice artist as he is more familiar with Nicky’s voice, expressions and acting.

Nicky also added, “As the same voice is utilized in another drama, it’s like I am still the same actor who acts in a different drama.”

Post-production Still Incomplete

Although the drama has premiered last week on Hunan TV, the crew is still rushing to complete the post-production for later episodes. Nicky revealed, “We still have not given the tapes to Hunan TV for this Friday and Saturday’s airing. We are still rushing and the pressure is so intense!”

The production team of the drama is facing a tight deadline since the filming. Within a short five-month period, the team has to rush in the filming, post-production, voiceover, editing and even the promotional photos. Nicky said that they were targeting to wrap up the post-production and had no time to consider the ratings.

As The Bride With White Hair will air six episodes in a three-day week, the production crew let off their frustrations on Weibo. The production chief, Li Longfei (李龍飛) wrote, “Six episodes! The joke is too big!”

Another crew member also wrote, “The stage jumps too fast! The trailer and the promotional photos have not even disseminated yet! We need to buy the ingredients first in order to cook a lavish meal!”

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    1. Yes, in order to achieve a standard accent. People speaking in one dialect are often unintelligible to people who speak another.

      1. for me, i think it is better to use their original voice, especially they are still speaking the same language

      2. oh I didn’t know that. Now I feel like I didn’t lose anything when I watch with cantonese voiceovers.

      3. sorrow, I personally don’t like dubbing either but that has more to do with sloppy synchronization. As for speaking the same language, it’s really not that simple. Accents and dialects often go hand in hand – I’m an American, so English is my native tongue, but I would have to really strain to understand some English speakers from the deep South or from many areas in the UK. The goal of dubbing is to make the material as accessible as possible but, as I said before, I wish the sound mixing was a little more professional.

    2. I don’t watch many mainland dramas, but there are some exceptions, I think. I’ve seen a couple of dramas that only had partial dubbing, like the 2011 remake of Princess Pearl (Huan Zhu Ge Ge), and A Story of Lala’s Promotion (杜拉拉升职记). Only the artistes from Hong Kong and Taiwan were dubbed (presumably because of their accents), whilst the mainland artistes were undubbed.

    3. Some actors dub their own voice but Nicky Wu is a must since he speaks with Taiwanese accent. I like the 4th prince voice.

    4. I heard that TVB contracted artistes can’t use their own voices when they act in mainland no matter how great they are in Mandarin because TVB prohibited it.

      1. Meanwhile when in HK, they can’t use Cantonese when speaking to another TV station.

      2. I doubt it. If Mainland China actors are dubbed with other professional dubbers more so the heavily accented mandarin speakers from HK.

    5. They do, but at times the actor voices their own voice too. Therefore, at times you do get to hear their real voice.

  1. LOL I was wondering why he chose Ma Su too but not because I thought she was ugly or anything. He could at least waited two more months before airing. What’s the big rush? Well at least the rating are doing well.

  2. I love Nicky Wu as the 4th Prince… need to wait for English Sub before I can watch this series…

  3. i watched few episode. I love Nicky Wu. i like the drama but i also think the drama is kinda rush too.. too fast. I’m happy that that his drama doing good. Nicky work too hard..

  4. I’m glad the ratings are good. I’ve been so excited for this series! The fighting scenes are really good, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen so many hand-to-hand combats 🙂

    I think Ma Su is very pretty and striking in the series. People just can’t stop themselves doing comparison, but as the story has been changed, I don’t know. It’s not very fair.

    1. Hmmm…actually, the ratings are just “okay”. I would say, good ratings are usually 1.5+.

      ep.1= 0.752
      ep.2= 0.582
      ep.3= 0.966
      ep.4= 0.593
      ep.5= 0.527
      ep.6= 0.361

    2. They are being especially harsh on his production, because of his high peak popularity……

  5. Jet Li also used the same voice actor for all his HK movies, so much so, I associated that was with him already and was surprised at how his real voice sound in Lethal Weapon 4.

    1. He does sound like his nose is being pinched when he is talking but not a bad voice just not a voice you associate with such a highly skilled martial artiste.

  6. Yes, I’m also surprised with the rush to air. Nicky is probably cashing-in as much as possible on his current popularity. Frankly I didn’t really like the “cute eyes & shy smile” during the love scenes with Ma Su. It is so out of place for a swordsman, I expected a more “4th prince” kinda attitude more just like when he first met Rouxi

  7. Well, he looks like a good kisser and what better to be ratings puller than a kiss scene from the very get go? My problem is more with the old fashioned costumes. Not much budget there. And not very memorable looking girls either.

    But it is heaps better than the girls in Palace II / Gong II. Every woman in there had something done to their face, worst offender is the empress, next is the leading lady, then the sidelined actresses. Never had I seen so many plastic surgery and for the first time, the fake eyelashes look fake whilst in other series are more natural.

    BBJX is showing the cantonese version soon. I am itching to watch it in HD again, just for the costumes!

    And of course my 4th prince.

    1. “BBJX is showing the cantonese version soon. I am itching to watch it in HD again, just for the costumes!”

      Ooh, may I ask when? I might have to get my mum to watch it as well – she rarely picks up a drama if it’s in mandarin.

      1. ASTRO sept 28 4pm not sure 311 or 310. Should be 310 since it is HD. The dubbing sounds good and dramatic. Hoping for Eng subs this time.

  8. I’ve yet to watch this so I have no idea, but…

    “Maybe it’s the different perspective of the viewers.” I understand if we’re talking about the acting, the storyline, or whether the actors themselves are well-suited for the role. But surely if the viewers say that there are too many animations/visual effects, it really does mean that there ARE too many…? Perhaps Nicky should try being more open to critique.

  9. I actually think it is unfair to compare Ma Su with an amazingly beautiful Brigette Lin. Ma Su looks pretty but she is not ethereal like Brigette or Shui Ling. Acting wise, she is good.

    I actually hate the vibrant colours.

    1. Ma Su is pretty but in a more cute way which was why she really suited the role of Xiao Hui in BXJ. She is pretty in her own way..

  10. OK, it seems another BBJX alum has done well with a follow-up.

    So far, we have two ups: LSS with Xuan Yuan Jiang and Nicky with this drama.

    Kevin Cheng’s Mystery in the Palace failed.

  11. I’ve watched 6 episodes, i was rather disappointed when i watched the first – fourth episodes actually. i am personally don’t like Wuxia film, but usually am still okay if the plot / storyline is good. reaching 5th & 6th episode, it’s changed my perspective honestly, it’s getting better i think for not too many animation and the plot is quite stable. for Ma su, i don’t think she is not attractive, am quite agree for as she is not striking, maybe its because the images she has created for her usual roles. i was shocked seeing those costumes when the posters came out, but it still looks okay on screen.

  12. I honestly don’t understand why people have to criticize on CGI/Special Effects. To me, it’s the best thing a show could have, the vibrant colors are what makes it so exciting. I hate it when people just think it’s bad or whatever, I sometimes wonder if we’re even watching the same show cos I do not understand how it’s bad! I LOVE the CGI on this show, that’s the number 1 thing that attracted me.

    I also think the voice dubbing is great, I am really tired of people always talking down on dubbing… I barely ever see people mention it if they like it, the voice actors don’t even get credit which is unfair. It’s just so terrible that people only criticise the dubber when they think it’s bad. When they think it’s good, do they actually credit the voice actor? I have hardly seen it!!!

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