Park Bo Gum Completes Military Service

Expected to discharge in April, Park Bo Gum surprised fans with his early discharge from the military on February 21. Apparently, the actor and his agency considered it was best to discharge quietly without disclosing it to the public in advance due to the pandemic.

According to sources, Bo Gum applied to use his remaining vacation leave, which allowed him to end his active duty without returning to the military. Normally, he would still have to return after his leave to directly discharge from the base, but in light of the fourth COVID-19 wave in South Korea, Bo Gum is not required to do so.

Since enlisting into the military in August 2020, Bo Gum has shown to perform excellently in the Navy. As a cultural promotion officer, he performed in the Navy’s military band and hosted military events such as the South Korean Navy’s National Defense Concert. On top of these duties, he also upskilled himself by successfully attaining a barber license.

With two months left until his official return to the entertainment industry, Bo Gum will likely take the time to rest and slowly ease back into work. In the meantime, fans can look forward to fully welcoming back the actor on screen!

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. Wow, time flies!!! He will be on screen soon!! Will he pick a Movie or Drama project? I really wonder…

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