Park Bo Gum Does Charity Work Upon Return from Military Service

Park Bo Gum remains popular among fans not only because of his dramas and charisma, but also because of his kindness and charitable contributions over the past decade.

On Children’s Day, May 17, Park Bo Gum dedicated his day to a nursery school that he, his fan club, and agency have been funding these past few years. Although he had intended on visiting the children at the facility earlier, the pandemic and his military service delayed the visit. The 28-year-old actor sent a cake and hand-written letter to encourage the children, volunteers, and workers, “With love and gratitude, let’s stay healthy and strong in both mind and body! Let’s grow wiser together and be creative with our minds!”

After finally being discharged from the military in April, Park Bo Gum made it one of his first priorities to pay a visit to the nursery school. Aside from staying and chatting with the children and volunteers, he also helped deliver and sort supplies sent by his charity, as well as cleaning and organizing. Several pictures shared showed the actor strapping on an apron and working up a sweat from the manual labor.

The nursery school sent a letter to express their gratitude for the productive day, as well as for the low-key contributions by the actor and his agency, “This year, Park Bo Gum personally sorted out the supplies sent by the Bo Gum Charity. From tearing off the courier label, to checking and sorting, to even garbage disposal, everything was done neatly and very organized. When you watch him work, you can feel his kindness and really see that he puts his heart into it. He is a man of action and inspires kindness!”

One volunteer shared, “The weather was warm. Park Bo Gum sat at a table outside of the school and watched the children play. He chatted with them and was very kind and gentle. It was a touching sight. We all felt our hearts warmed. Thanks to him, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and smiles.”

Source: Korea Star Daily

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