Park Bo Gum Provides Updates of His Military Service

Although Park Bo Gum started his mandatory military service in August, the 27-year-old finds ways to update fans of his whereabouts. The star previously greeted fans in promotional video for Navy recruitment, and now posted a handwritten letter on his fan page.

Bo Gum wrote, “Against the white fluttering snowy scenery, I started my day clearing the snow. I cleared the snow for the first time in my life. Last fall, I swept the fallen leaves and received a good performance score. Even though I don’t use this road, I am happy that I can help other pedestrians go through the road safely. This gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

The star continued, “Today, I am grateful for those who goes unnoticed and work hard in keeping this place safe and clean. Recently, I have come to realize that there are many things that I took for granted, which they should not be taken for granted. In this moment, I am very grateful and happy to be able to read and write letters. It’s cold and slippery outside, so please don’t put your hands in your pocket when you’re out walking. Don’t forget to wear extra layers.”

After reading Bo Gum’s update, many are relieved he is doing well in the military. While fans miss Bo Gum ever since his last drama Record of Youth was aired, they will have to wait until April 2022 before the star is expected to finish his enlistment and resume his acting career.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. He has a beautiful soul…Unfortunately, even such a person still have lots if antis that would smear him…..

    1. @hohliu
      He is a wonderful guy and a fine artist. But no one can be liked by everyone no matter how kind, sweet, talented, etc… they are. That is just reality. A lot of popularity comes with lots of hate and antis too.That’s life which is sadly unfair.

      1. @hetieshou I also mentioned his conduct in the other post, and it was censored but I didnt use any curse words or anything. It was a comment that wasnt any different than this one.

      2. @megamiaow Certain words automatically flag our system and enter moderation status because of potential sensitivity. I have already approved your comment which can be found in the original thread.

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