Park Seo Joon Caught Without a Mask at Soccer Game

In early September, Park Seo Joon set off to England to film upcoming Marvel superhero movie The Marvels. Confirming his casting, Seo Joon is expected to stay abroad until the end of the year. On his day off from filming, the actor sparked controversy as he was spotted not wearing a mask at a crowded soccer game.

Seo Joon went to watch the game of South Korean soccer star, Son Heung Min, who currently plays for Tottenham in the Premier League. Dressed in a soccer jersey, the actor showed his enthusiasm inside the Emirates Stadium. Minutes before the game, Seo Joon was captured on a live broadcast camera without a face mask at the packed stadium as he focused on the field.

Netizens immediately criticized the actor for not wearing a mask in a large crowd. They debated Seo Joon’s actions, as one side believed it was not an issue when the government expressed people would have to co-exist with the coronavirus, while others argued it is inappropriate with the high level of COVID-19 cases.

Although England has now lifted its COVID-19 restrictions, such as mandatory wearing of masks indoors and people can attend events if full vaccination certificates are presented, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized that it should still be “common sense and manners” to wear masks during large gatherings.

Despite England emerging out of lockdown, the delta variant remains rampant across the country with the number of confirmed cases exceeding 30,000 per day. Thus, caution needs to be exercised even if restrictions have eased.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. I guess it was spur of a moment thing since you can see he DOES have a mask but it’s on his wrist. He should have it on 100% of the time. Virus doesn’t wait for you.

  2. It angers me when people don’t wear marks or wear it wrongly (below the chin, below the nose).

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