Park Seo Joon Flies to England for “The Marvels”

Park Seo Joon was photographed at the airport on September 3, heading to England to film Hollywood movie, The Marvels. After keeping the secret for two months, his company officially confirmed that Park Seo Joon will be filming the Captain Marvel sequel.

Rumors of Park Seo Joon joining the Marvel Universe circulated in May. However, due to confidentiality, his agency Awesome Entertainment could not respond yet. Given the 32-year-old was sighted flying to England to start on location filming, his agency finally confirmed the news and hoped that fans can support and encourage Park Seo Joon as he takes on such an incredible project.

The company has still been secretive about Park Seo Joon’s role in the movie, and continued to stress that further details will be released soon. However, fans speculated that the actor may be portraying comics character, Amadeus Cho, who is similar to The Hulk.

It is expected that he will be staying in England until the end of this year. However, once he returns to Korea, he will be going straight to work to film Project K, and will be busy through 2022. 

Source: World Journal

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