Phoebe Sin and Ruco Chan Go on a Midnight Snack Run

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Phoebe Sin and Ruco Chan Go on a Midnight Snack Run

Having just gotten married in a high profile wedding last month, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) took to social media two weeks ago to announce they’re expecting their first child. Despite being three months pregnant, Phoebe has been shedding pounds due to extreme morning sickness and restlessness. Thus, she has been trying to put on some weight and was seen having a late night snack yesterday.

Around 10 p.m., Ruco picked up his wife to head to Kowloon for food. The expectant father was very protective of Phoebe and was seen holding onto her as they stepped inside a Chinese restaurant. Although it was already so late, they ordered a table full of food. Ruco was very attentive and often poured water and tea for the mother-to-be, as well as put food onto her plate.

Phoebe did not pause to stop eating in an effort to absorb more nutrients for the baby. Her big appetite attracted the attention of nearby diners, but the couple did not pay any mind to them. Instead, they were immersed in their meal and were talking while at it with Phoebe smiling sweetly at her husband frequently. At the end of the meal, she took out her cell phone and studied it with her husband.

The couple left after staying at the eatery for over an hour. Again, Ruco held onto his wife’s arm to exit as the floor was wet from the rain. He appeared very nervous as he escorted her into the car. After the actor settled Phoebe into the car, he discovered reporters at the scene. Ruco appeared surprised with a blank face, but eventually smiled and waved at the reporters before leaving in his car to head home.

The baby is expected to arrive in mid-2019, and the baby’s gender is not determined yet.

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