[Pictorial] Photos of Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin’s Wedding Day

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) got married on October 13, 2018 in a yacht wedding ceremony, followed by an evening banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Central district. Let’s experience the couple’s joy together through photos of their wedding day!

Receiving the Bride in the Morning at the Four Seasons Hotel

Yacht Wedding Ceremony

Evening Banquet at Four Seasons Hotel


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  1. Wow she has nice figure. Very voluptuous for someone that’s so skinny. Congrats to the sweet couple

  2. My favorite photos are those taken aboard the yacht. The natural lighting add more sunshine to the photos. Ruco looks really happy in the photos, but he also looks tired. It’s really Phoebe’s wide smile and liveliness that made the wedding photos stand out.

    Ruco released some new photos to the press today, since he promised he would give out “kissing” photos. The evening banquet photos reveal how elegantly the Four Seasons Hotel hall was decorated with lots of fresh flowers, following a blue and white theme.

    While Ruco came across as too matter-of-fact when taking media interviews on his wedding day, Phoebe seems to respect him a lot and often tries to lighten up Ruco a little. She gives him the dash of youth that he desperately needs, not because he’s that old in age, but because Ruco always acted older than his true age.

    1. @jayne Phoebe is really photogenic. Ruco has always been much, much better in motion than in photos. I didn’t really have an opinion on her before, but Phoebe is so vibrant and refreshing, one can see why Ruco loves her so much.

  3. Phoebe is like fresh wind who can liven up Ruco. He really needs to loosen up a little because at 41, he is not old. There were lots of kissing. of all the brides who got/getting married, Phoebe seems to be the brightest star.

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