Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, and Wayne Lai Battle for Best Actor Award

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In the second half of 2010, TVB will release three grand-scale productions. The series line-up includes Raymond Lam Fung’s Growing Through Life <摘星之旅>, Moses Chan Ho and Charmaine Sheh Si Man’s Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>, and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Sheren Tang Shui Man’s Rosy Business 2- The Righteous Sea of Heroic Love <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>.

Due to the release schedule of the upcoming dramas, the year-end TVB Anniversary Best Actor Award will become a battle between Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and Wayne Lai. However, Wayne already expressed that he does not have confidence in winning the award, stating that Raymond and other contenders posed as fierce competition.

In 2009, the series, E.U. <學警狙擊>, Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> and Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計> became the talk of Hong Kong audiences during their broadcast. Wayne Lai and Michael Tse Tin Wah’s popularity peaked dramatically as a result, while winning the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Awards respectively. In contrast, TVB’s 2010 series have not sparked the same level of excited discussion yet. Although Raymond Lam’s The Mysteries of Love<談情說案> garnered impressive ratings of 38 points (about 2.42 million viewers) and peaked at 42 points (approximately 2.68 million viewers), netizens have accused it of plagiarizing Japanese series, Detective Galileoand Mr.Brain.
The upcoming series to be released in the remainder of 2010 should capture more of the audience’s sentiment. On August 9th, TVB will release Growing Through Love. This series features Raymond Lam, Damian Lau Chung Yan, Cecilia YipTung, and Bosco Wong Chung Chak. In September, Can’t Buy Me Love will air, featuring Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh. In October, Rosy Business 2 will be released, featuring Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang.

Raymond Lam: Wayne Lai is a Strong Actor

The battle for the 2010 TVB Anniversary will be between Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, and Wayne Lai.  TVB has been heavily promoting Raymond this year, allowing him to take prominent projects in film, music, and television. Raymond will hold a concert in the end of July. His movie, Jade Pearl <翡翠明珠>, co-starring with Charlene Choi, will be released this summer. At TVB’s Jade Solid Gold (JSG) awards earlier this year, Raymond received the Most Popular Male Singer in Asia Pacific Award. Allegedly, there is a high chance that TVB may give Raymond the Best Actor Award this year, resulting in a double awards achievement.

In a telephone interview with Appledaily, Raymond said “I basically put in my best effort in each of my series. Of course I have confidence in my performance. Recently, I have been busy rehearsing for my upcoming July concert, so I will not dwell on something so far into the future.  Since Growing Through Life has not been released yet, the audience’s reaction is still unknown. A series’ reception is based on the timing of multiple factors. Since there will be numerous notable series to be released in the second half of 2010, many things are still unknown. For example, Wayne Lai is an actor who possesses enormous talent. Of course, receiving an award is a good thing, since it is a reward. For me, it would be a bonus, but I will not be disappointed if I do not win the award.”

Wayne Lai Not Confident in Winning Award

However, Wayne Lai should not be ignored in the race for Best Actor either. Rosy Business 2 is highly anticipated by audiences. Wayne is also a highly talented actor, thus he may win the Best Actor Award again this year.

Speaking to Appledaily, Wayne said, “My confidence in winning the award is not very high this year. The competitors are too strong., such as Damien Lau, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma Chun Wai, and Ken Cheng Tak Si. The reception for Ghost Writer <蒲松齡> and When Lanes Merge <情越雙白線> were both great.”

Although Rosy Business 2 was originally Producer Lim Tim Sing’s last series prior to retirement, he has agreed to extend his TVB contract for one more year.

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: If “Growing Through Life” achieves ratings in the 30s, I guarantee that Raymond Lam will win this year’s TVB Best Actor Award! I agree with the Appledaily journalist’s analysis, that TVB is building the momentum for Raymond to win the award this year.  Raymond’s popularity is higher than ever and building on the wave of his concert (July), movies (August), the airing of “Growing Through Life” in September is perfect.

Moses and Wayne have already won in recent years. I think TVB wants to promote other artists this year, someone more youthful and exciting. For Raymond fans, do you think success of winning the TVB Best Actor Award would be too early??

19 comments to Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, and Wayne Lai Battle for Best Actor Award

  1. jenny says:

    Funn Lim,

    I still think he did good in those scenes. Sorry to say but I am not fooled by tears or facial expression.

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  2. Funn Lim says:


    If not tears and facial expression and I emphasise on facial expression, then what else?

    Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
  3. Funn Lim says:

    I forgot. Eyes, body language as well.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim
  4. jenny says:

    Never mind, everybody has different view. i respect yours, thanks.

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  5. Macy says:

    “If Raymond wins the best actor award i will seriously become an anti Raymond fan! I loved Raymond at first he was hardworking but now that tvb is over promoting him not because hes good at acting but because he has some family “connection” to win the award im starting to hate him! Steven Ma deserves the award more hes actually hardworking! This years awards anniversary isnt very exciting but if Raymond wins i will cry, i think he should wait for a years to win the award!”

    I laughed at your comment because it’s very wrong. He worked in the industry for 11 years with a lot of tears and hurt and you say it’s all because of his family connection? He once said that if he really has this family connection, who will act for him, who will sing for him? He has to word harder than anyone because of some one like you still keep the bias on him that he replied on his family. If he really has, does he need to wait for 11 years for an award? He waited for years with the hope that people will change the view on him, but no, people still that bias. Look at him, have to work about 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, and all is deleted by a word “family connection”.

    Steven Ma is what more hardworking than him? Does he have to face the same situation as Raymond? I don’t say that Steven Ma is lazy but I don’t think he has to face as hard situation as Raymond.

    You can cry from now and become an anti Raymond from now, because it’s his shame if you are his fan.

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  6. Vivien says:

    ^ I agree. Cannot determine Best Actor only by hardworking. Every actor can be said as hardworking then because everyone of them with exception to powerful veterans like Adam Cheng work like hell in every series and get only 2-3 hours of sleep and need to do outside job too.

    It better be Ray than Moses to win. I hope GTL can get better ratings because Moses in CBML is going downhill in his acting. It’s seriousy bad and not funny.

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  7. Vivien says:

    If Moses wins or get top 5 with the level of acting in CBML I will cry at TVB

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  8. pandamao says:

    i hope raymond doesn’t win this year. i don’t think he’s capable with this year’s productions he’s thrown out.

    i’m pulling for a dark horse steven ma victory. this will shut whoever said steven ma can’t into her house comment!!!!

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  9. Vivien says:

    ^ I think Ray’s acting in GTL is better than Steven’s acting in GW. Did you try watching GTL? The low ratings wasn’t Ray’s fault. Steven was overshadowed by Fala in GW.

    Maybe Wayne will just win for the second time.

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  10. advo says:

    Before CBML aired, I thought the odds were mostly in Moses’ favour. But now that it has begun to air, I can safely say that the only think worse than Moses winning for HOG would be him winning for either ITEOTB or CBML!

    Ray does not really deserve to win for his performance in GTL. It’s decent but nothing outstanding.

    I’ve heard many people express that Fala overshadowed Steven in GW. Personally, I tried to watch it, but didn’t get past episode 1. But in all honestly, I don’t think Steven should win for a role where some people actually felt he was overshadowed – says a lot about his performance imo.

    Wayne seems to be the best bet now, but I still don’t believe TVB would give him the award another year in a row. The only exception would be a truly exceptional performance in RBII. So far though, the most hyped shows of the year have failed to deliver – e.g MOL and CBML: Hope RBII and “Gun Metal Grey” doesn’t disappoint the high expectation.

    IF GMG does really well, and either Michael Miu or Felix Wong delivers an outstanding performance (the odds are way more in Felix’s favour in this case due to his villain role), one of them might actually have a chance too. So far, I don’t see any “hot” candidates.

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  11. Masaharu says:

    But many TVB fans and HK audience love TVB OTT comedy and will love Can’t Buy Me Love for the “joke” it’s giving out, so technically Moses will get the ratings advantage. I’m not going to watch since it’s not my cup of tea so I won’t judge Moses.

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  12. danielle says:

    In my opinion, Moses is a NO-NO to best actor. He was horrendous in In the eye of the beholder and now, Can’t buy me love.

    Luckily the actresses are there to save the series for Can’t buy me love.

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  13. advo says:

    @ Masaharu, you do have a point. But I really, really hope that someone else will deliver. And I have read that a lot of people don’t find Moses’ character endearing. People loved Moses’ Dak Dak Dei and that was why he won.

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  14. jas says:

    I want steven ma to win but not for his role in GW but for his role in AWDT, I he make the character as Ah Kung alive

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  15. ailin says:

    Jaak Sing is a very good soft drama .

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  16. RAYMOND says:

    I hope TVB does not give it to Raymond Lam this year — he would be smeared by the HK public. TVB already framed him for that infamous music award, please don’t burn him again now.

    TVB should give him some rest and good breakthrough role, instead of the same old “idol” image….

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  17. Dan says:

    Moses Chan is one of the worst actor I ever seen. Can’t believe he is TVB top actor.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Dan
    • Funn Lim replied:

      He’s not the worst or one of the worst. Depending on which series. He excels in comedy.

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  18. jim says:

    the awards should give to ray, he is the mr.brain and nice guy.

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