Rebecca Zhu and Matthew Ho Travel Together for “Fun Abroad”

After TVB artistes Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Matthew Ho (何廣沛) collaborated together in A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch <超時空男臣>, the pair was rumored to be dating and became the media’s favorite target. Although the two did not admit that they are an item, many fans accepted their close relationship and TVB continued to pair them together in programs. With their latest drama The Dripping Sauce <大醬園> set to air later this month, the artistes already started on their next project and flew to Dubai for their travel documentary program, Fun Abroad <3日2夜>.

Collaborating in “Fun Abroad”

Addressing the reason why the pair was chosen for the program, director Barry Cheung (張志明) shared, “We decided to work with them because they look like a good match and they know each other well. If the two only met each other while travelling, it will be difficult to have sparks. I also hope that they can become television’s best couple and earn lots of money together.”

Matthew had previous experience with the Fun Abroad program where he traveled to Hawaii, but this time he would like to do something different, “Travelling to Dubai is mainly to experience new and exciting hobbies like skydiving, walking underwater in the aquarium, driving ATV in the desert, and riding a camel. It’s very exciting and I am braver than I thought. Rebecca was a little nervous and would be stiff.”

The Couple’s Relationship

When asked about the two’s relationship, Rebecca bluntly replied, “There are conflicts every day. When I am working with someone for the first time, I am courteous and would accept their opinions. When I am working with someone I am very familiar with, I will be myself. I would have opposing opinions and Matthew would bluntly reply ‘why not?’ Afterwards, we would have conflicts and the directors would usually find a balance.  When we have frictions at work, I think it’s a good thing. Sparks comes from friction and if we don’t give our opinions, there would be less sparks. Privately, we would call each other out and this is how we usually communicate.”

Unfortunately Matthew wasn’t able to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday in December as he was in Canada for work. To make up for Rebecca’s birthday, Matthew shared, “A group of staff and I got together to make up for her birthday celebration. Dubai is a special place. Since they have strong religious beliefs, many restaurants don’t sell alcohol and pork.  Nine restaurants out of ten would not have alcohol licences, but eventually I found one that did.”

In Dubai, Matthew revealed that he became Rebecca’s personal photographer, “I like to take pictures of other people, but I don’t enjoy getting my pictures taken. That’s why you rarely see me posting my own photos on social networks. Actually, many of Rebecca’s pretty photos on Instagram were taken by me. It’s just that she doesn’t really mention me specifically.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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