Retiring from Acting? Nicky Wu Invests in Gaming Company

Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) has reportedly invested over NT$80 million on a Taiwanese gaming company, and may be pulling the strings for a safe retirement away from the screen.

On January 10th, Taiwanese media spotted a casually dressed Nicky Wu attending a year-end banquet for a Taiwanese gaming company. He wore a large set of glasses and was donning a new curly hairstyle.

According to Taiwanese reports, Nicky came to know the company after their collaboration on the 2013 television drama series The Bride with White Hair <新白髮魔女傳>. The company also released an online game based on the series. Happy with the collaboration, Nicky reportedly invested NT$80 million on the company, becoming a top ten shareholder. The company has also allegedly announced Nicky as their “chief strategy consultant.”

Nicky’s reps were reached for comment. They clarified that Nicky was invited as a guest to the banquet, but they are unsure if Nicky had invested on the company. Nonetheless, they did mention that Nicky has always been very interested in the gaming industry.

Nicky and his wife, Chinese actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), have been living in Taipei since the birth of their son “Bu Bu” in April 2019. Now that Cecilia has returned to acting, it’s been said that Nicky is taking a step back, choosing to do more off-screen work in order to have more time for their son.


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  1. Good luck to the whole family. I wish they can share one picture of their son, Bu Bu with us. I know it’s not a good idea.

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