Roger Kwok Completely Trusts TVB’s Scripts

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Roger Kwok Completely Trusts TVB’s Scripts

Three-time award winning actor Roger Kwok (郭晉安) proves that having a busy work schedule does not necessarily mean having no time for family.

Currently filming his new series, The Last Imperial Physician <末代御醫>, Roger did not forget to spend some quality time with his two children, Brad and Blair. Roger expressed, “My children support me behind the scenes so working hard is worth it. I want them to have a comfortable life and I’m happy with that. I think that’s every father’s wish.”

Father-Son Bonding Time – Endless Conversations

Although only 7-years-old, Brad gets up in the wee hours of the morning to get ready for school. Luckily for him, Roger awakes around that time so they can have breakfast together. Roger praised his son for being able to hold a conversation despite his young age. Roger revealed that they would even talk about the value of money and the importance of investing. Despite being pressed for time, Roger personally takes Brad to school and picks him up during afternoon dismissal.

Trusts TVB 100%, Not Fit For Mainland Productions

Unlike the vast majority of artistes who have opted to film in Mainland China, Roger prefers to stay in Hong Kong.

“I’ll continue to take part in promotional events, but filming in Mainland is a different story. Have you noticed that many artistes who work in Mainland eventually come back to Hong Kong after a few years? Mainland companies offer higher compensation but make cuts in other places. The main lead has a very big responsibility and the stress is high. This actually reduces the lifespan of an actor. My relationship with TVB is very good – I have a sense of security and I enjoy my work.”

With over two decades of filming experience, Roger gives TVB his complete trust in filming projects. Having won the Best Actor award three times for Square Pegs <戇夫成龍>, Life Made Simple <阿旺新傳>, and Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>, Roger states he is never picky with his scripts because he has faith in TVB’s plans.

Roger expressed, “I trust all the scripts that TVB gives me. They created this brand for me and I’ve gotten Best Actor three times. I trust that TVB will not want to ruin this brand. I’m happy to have been given the opportunity – my character in Black Heart White Soul wavered between good and bad, and definitely gave me a challenge.”

Source: Ming Pao

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12 comments to Roger Kwok Completely Trusts TVB’s Scripts

  1. kaykay408 says:

    I respect him for that. PRIDE! And I hope all the former actors of HK eventually come back to HK like he said. Just remember where you came from. And come on, it’s Main land. How good can it be? Come back to HK and teach those new actors how to act. They seriously suck!

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  2. vodka says:

    I have respect Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai they have so much pride to be working in Hong Kong and with the low paid row from TVB. But don’t forget stability and working close to family is an very important point these actor/actress must consider.

    Mainland is big bucks but it’s short term. Just look at Kevin Cheng and a couple of them that recently came back. Too bad not many is left in TVB now a day.

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    • renn replied:

      @vodka It’s not really short term. It wasn’t because Kevin is not doing well in Mainland that he came back to film TVB. He has a per series contract with TVB which requires him to film at least 1 drama a year with TVB and it’s ending in a few months for Kevin which he is not renewing. His last drama for TVB is Vampire and it ended filming recently.

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      • anon replied:



        The choice is clear for 99% of Chinese actors. Mainland is the best option. HK is already left behind, in many aspects. It’s only a shadow of its former self.

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      • vodka replied:

        @renn in China nothing is guaranteed beside the paid… you can either hit rock bottom or hit the jackpot… some will succeed and some will fail like in TVB/HK drama.

        Just saying in my opinion for some artist they rather have a better education for their kids in HK and a better environment than rather go in the mainland. Some artist like Roger and Wayne they are dedicated to their family as far as I know right now.

        Kevin always move around frequently, I highly doubt he’ll end ties with TVB, he might just come back a couple years later again.

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      • anon replied:


        China is high risk and high reward. Most TVB actors that had ventured to Mainland had found success. Even if they are in smaller roles than they were at TVB, they are still making 3-5x more, and that provides them the opportunity to send their children overseas for school and have a better environment. Both of these characteristics is leaps and bounds better than HK.

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  3. mama says:

    i’m curious who are the artists that went to the mainland then came back to stay in hk? i think most that return to hk is only for a short visit then goes back to the mainland.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @mama Usually like this. Not famous go to China and come back famous. Or very famous, go to China to earn big bucks and come back for exposure. There is no denying TVB has the networking so it isn;’t china to TVB but TVB to China. Good example is Edwin Siu who didn’t quite make it in HK went to China made a name and now back in TVB. Hawick Lau was ok in HK went big in China. Dic-ky Cheung was huge in HK went to China permanently. China market is not easy to break as in being a permanent fixture so either you’re nobody and willing to work it or somebody being invited to appear in a few productions. But if you notice those super huge productions, rarely any HK actors and I don;’t mean popular productions but those CCTV sort, those renowned ones.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @mama Roger went to China for the money and returned to TVB for the exposure. Nowadays it is lesser because of youtube and all China series is gaining momentum but honestly, China is where the money is but if you want to make a name, TVB is still the way to go. I always find competition is tough in HK but tougher in China more so against classically trained actors. However classically trained usually don’t mix with the popular productions and since popular productions are gaining fame in China, expect to see more export from HK.

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  4. siro12345 says:

    Roger is a great actor. Good, evil or dumb. Superb!!
    Like him in square pegs, black heart white soul, but most like him is in Good: to get unstuck in time and evil: last man standing.
    Black heart white soul was a great drama. Roger was a great Vilain. Esspecialy the ending scène.
    Staying with tvb is good, because he knows there are to manny competitors in mainland. In HK he is one of the BIG BRO and the first lead-male in tvb.

    His new drama “the last imperial physician” Will be “even if the story sucks” a good rating, because of him.

    Tvb needs to brainstorm his writers-crew. All those years in the 90’s and the 00 “my timeline” many great drama’s. Now i just need one hand to count Which drama was good. Where are those great plots en those suprrising elements? We need that and Roger need that too!!

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