Ron Ng and Bosco Wong Planning TVB Exit?

Following the financial success of TVB artists in mainland China, such as Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) have also set their eyes set on pursuing acting careers in mainland. Rumor has it that two major mainland production companies are trying to recruit Ron and Bosco to film TV series for them.

Allegedly, Ron and, to a lesser degree, Bosco, feel that their futures are not too bright at TVB especially after recent scandals. They will eventually leave for greener grasses once their contracts expire. With little luck recently in their romantic relationships, they have to make plans for their careers.

Ron is Not on Good Terms with TVB Executives

Ron Ng’s image has been tarnished due to many scandals circulating in the media, especially in his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), and the swimming pool scandal with the married Toby Leung (梁靖琪). TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), was furious with Ron when the damaging pool photos of Ron and Toby flirting in the swimming pool appeared in the tabloids. She often warned Ron not to get involved with other actresses. Not only did he ignore her advice, Ron’s flirtatious friendship with producer Tommy Leung’s (梁家樹) daughter, Toby Leung, was exposed. Tommy was reportedly furious with Ron, and the producers that work for Tommy decided to focus promoting other actors instead.

Ron only appears in two TVB series this year, Ruse of Engagement <ATF反恐> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, while playing supporting roles to Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) respectively. Ron allegedly understands there is no future for him at TVB, so he is now planning to pursue an acting career in mainland China. Rumor has it that a few mainland production companies have already contacted Ron and he was offered $6 million RMB for a two-year contract.

During a promotional event for Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Ron admitted he would like to try filming more mainland Chinese TV series, while allowing TVB to arrange all the necessary details. Ron also mentioned he will not think about leaving TVB until his contract expires.

Bosco Does Not Wish to Miss Money-making Opportunities

It was reported that last year, several mainland Chinese companies tried to recruit Bosco to star in their TV series. He turned down the offers due to existing commitments with TVB, in which his contract will not expire until 2015. Realizing that his colleagues, Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam (林峰) are making big money filming mainland TV series, Bosco certainly does not want to miss out on this golden opportunity. With little chance of reconciliation with his former girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco is now considering starting a new path in his career with a mainland production company.

Bosco admitted that he had spoken to a few production companies, but has not agreed to any contracts yet. He already had 4 to 5 scripts lined up for him to review. His goal is to spend half of his time filming mainland TV series, as he needs money to pay mortgages for 3 condo apartments.

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  1. Eh, it’s probably right. TVB did everything to promote Ron and Bosco back then. But, there are risings talents (Ruco, Raymond W. and Edwin) now.

    Ron digged a hole for himself. He’s currently not on Vlok’s top list. He might save himself if he really sucks up to her. As for Bosco, he’s in a better state than Ron. But, maybe TVB chose Myolie over him just like how TVB chose Moses over Bernice.

    Irregardless, a lack of promotion at TVB is not necessarily a bad thing. TVB will not work you to death, which opens up your schedule to film outside (movies or Mainland). All they need is a hit Mainland series like Kevin’s BBJX.

    1. Yes, poor Bernice she had left in huge pain and now her career is not much sucess either. Moses on the other hand, is given the most interesting and challenging roles ever but still I think he did somehow lose lots of fans.

  2. Don’t care much for Ron anymore but Bosco should still film at least 1 series per year at TVB…

    1. I am with you Bosco should sign a 1 series per year contract with them like LF too…I still love Bosco’s acting and since I am still watching TVB series, then I would love to keep seen him, one series is enough for me. As long as he don’t leave to good.

  3. I actually want Bosco to leave! TVB isn’t exactly giving Bosco much good opportunity… All his other dramas are supporting roles except Witness Insecurity but although the ratings did well TVB didn’t really care.

    Like what Hannah says TVB chose Myolie over Bosco.

  4. TVB not giving good opportunity to Bosco and Ron. Sad that they will be leaving.
    Maybe they will have better future in china and less gossip too. All the BEST to them.

  5. Sad to have Bosco leaving but if the grass is greener in mainland I do wish him good.

  6. Aw, I would love to see Bosco remain, but it’s his choice. As for Ron, his acting’s still not my cup of tea (although I did kind of like him in A Chip Off The Old Block).

      1. Me too. I hope Bosco will sign the one series per year contract like LF so I will still get to see him in TVB series and he can get more opportunities outside.

  7. Careerwise, Ron should seek other opportunities for himself. He has gathered so much hate this year.

  8. Bosco Wong did really well in “Lives of Omission” as Bai Co. He has lots of potentials in acting other types of characters. Perhaps it is a good idea if he can find them elsewhere.

    As for Ron, I don’t care about him. His acting hasn’t improved much over the years. He would rather spend his time having scandals with his “so-called” girlfriends than working on his acting skills. He is ruining his own career!!!

  9. Bosco can act and has potential to make it big. Ron on the other hand, is a wooden actor and has not made any improvements in his acting whatsoever. His performances are always the same…boring. I really can’t picture him being a mega star.

  10. Both should just quit acting period. Leave the industry and make room for those with talent!


    1. AGREE! Raymond Lam is the only triple threat superstar. Bosco can act well but not famous and not many fans! Ron can’s act to save his lifeand even more unknown and lost fans from his behaviour!

  12. but i remember back then when CTI kept on stealing TVB ppl, Bosco commented that he would never betray TVB like that. so doesn’t going to mainland count as betraying tvb?

    1. Back then, there was myolie. Now, he should think of his future

  13. I really hope Ron and Bosco stays with TVB as those two are my favourite actors. I think Ron is great in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles and he plays the role very convincingly. I was disappointed that he only has a supporting role this time. Even Kenneth Ma has a bigger part in it and although I like him also, it would have been even better if Ron had a bigger role.

    Still, if Mainland offers him more money than I can’t blame him for accepting. Afterall, whats that Cantonese saying : humans always want to get to the top. “Yan mon go chiu” Its very true!!!

    1. I don’t think it’s the matter of Bosco and Ron’s choices especially Ron, he has no future in TVB so he will be forced to leave. I think Ron is good sometimes, he’s not totally bad but he did ruin his image and he did ruin his favour from TVB.

  14. Ron did dig himself into a hole with V. He was starting to get somewhere with Police Academy and mainland’s Xiao Ya Huan(?) where he met V…….downhill from then.

    Bosco was given a big break in Lives of Omission and is a regular in Eric Tsang’s Chinese New Year movies. If Kate (reminds me of Angelina Jolie…..a maneater) was the cause of Boscolie’s split, perhaps fans might take into consideration that it only happened in a moment of weakness on Bosco’s part because I’m sure he really didn’t mean to or deliberately set out to. 620 still likes him and there’ll still be lots of shows for him. I hope he stay and take the opportunity & time in HKG to reconcile with Myolie and prove it with his genuine behaviour.

    1. “Ron did dig himself into a hole with V. He was starting to get somewhere with Police Academy and mainland’s Xiao Ya Huan(?) where he met V…….downhill from then.”
      Agree, I started to like him a lot after watching him in E.U and then all these news came out. He really ruined his career himself, can’t blame it on others. The Viann episode is still not so bad to me, just a relationship but then all the other girls came out, his topless photos and his dumb responses etc., followed by the scandal with Toby lol. I admire the fans who continue to support him throughout.

      1. When Ron messed it up the first time with Viann rumours i letted it go, but when he did it again with the Toby accident, then I started to laugh and found him to be ridiculous. He is 32 should know how to think better -.-

  15. Eh… won’t miss either myself. Bosco was a better actor than Ron, but that’s not saying much… maybe they’ll find some passion over in the mainland that will help their careers. Of course, if they are just chasing the $$$ the chances are they’ll backslide anyway.

  16. Ron should definitely leave. TVB is not promotin him at all anymore. There’s really nothing at TVB that would keep him there if he continues to get supporting roles.

    As for Bosco, I don’t see him leaving TVB entirely. He’s consistently being given leading roles.

    1. Between Myolie and Bosco, I think TVB preferred to promote the already TVB Queen, Myolie.

      It may take Bosco some time to re-establish his good image. Personally I think Bosco has more potentials in acting than Myolie.

  17. I will give support to anything within reason for the 2 of them to leave TVB for ‘better pastures’to improve their present unstisfactory state. The call of mainland China seems very tempting seeing that those of their friends like Kevin have certainly done well for themselves there.My very good wishes go with them.


  19. Ron is a good looking guy, TVB should give him more romantic roles…I’m sure girls will like him. Sometimes it’s not the actor’s fault that they are
    typecast. Ron for instant…he’s always playing some kind hot headed knuckle head.

    1. I think TVB has stopped promoting Ron Ng. The producers will not cast Ron for any challenging roles. Ron should take some responsibility for his inappropriate behaviour which damaged his good image.

      1. RON had his chances from TVB but he blew off by not improving. I used to like Ron and RONEILA pairing in TOB but Ron never improved.

      2. Besides his acting skills, his girl-pick skills have not improved either.

    2. Because he acts the best in hot headed knuckle head roles as it dun require him to act much, just “action”.

      The best role of Ron up to now to me is still Lang Huet in The Four. He is so suitable for the role.

  20. I don’t think they’ll leave anytime soon, I personally like watching their series though one is a lot more talented than the other, I think we all know who that is.

    Am I the only one that thinks Bosco is a better actor compared to Kevin and Raymond? It’s just that he’s not given a lot of opportunities, he was great in LOO.

    1. I look past than looks or who is more favored and getting more opportunities in Mainland, Bosco and Ron acted in a fair share of Mainland China but they are managed by TVB so most of the time they turn down roles for them.

  21. With their lousy or non-existing Mandarin speaking skills and their sordid pasts, these two turkeys will have a tough time making in the Mainland.

    They will probably play villains or a’hole in Ron’s case.

  22. I think Bosco still has a future at TVB, he just needs some time for everyone to get over the breakup. But he seems to be doing well in Mainland China so he should definately look for opportunities there.

    Ron should definately leave. He has the handsome looks but his acting is still quite stiff over the years. He has improved a little, but his modern looks only allow him a small range of roles he can take on. He looks horridly out of place in ancient series but he looks good in period pieces. Somehow he did way better in “Pretty Maid” than in any of his TVB series, maybe he was dubbed so his lazy tones weren’t that distracting. Maybe he needs a cool down from HK media and the move to China would be good for him and he can have soem time to think about what is appropriate behaviour for a celebrity.

    1. Agree. What he need right now is some time off from HK media, and a good drama role to help him ‘clean the records’. He should take a few month off to Mainland China.

      p.s. His manager should totally assign a PA that will watch him like a hawk in Mainland China though. 😛

      1. He needs a great PA to keep him away from Mainland Chinese bimbos trying to use him for publicity and also away from married women with powerful connections. I think people take advantage of Ron’s personality for their own reasons and he just gets the ugly consequences.

        He also needs a person to coach his interview skills cos he gives the most stupid answers when asked confrontational stuff – probably needs tips from Charmaine or Moses cos they have high EQ.

        In summary, hope Ron gets some godl and brains from his time in Mainland China. =)

  23. Oh who care about Ron, if he leave TVB.
    If it’s true then i’m happy for Bosco to go and dig some gold in mainland but hope he film 1 series for tvb each year. I’m not a fan of Mainland production.

  24. Ron can go by all means! His acting is either passive or with increasing exasperation, so far no improvement at all!

    Bosco is cool and has the potential as a fine actor, hope he will continue to contribute more to the HK entertainment industry or perhaps elsewhere but NO to Mainland[never like their productions}, IMO.

  25. I don’t think Bosco will leave TVB, at least not in the near future. TVB has actually given him a lot of opportunities, or maybe Eric Tsang just like him very much. Notice that in all 3 CNY movies produced by Shaw Brothers, Bosco has a very big role? Bosco might not have much opportunity to film in Mainland series, but, he has many opportunity to branch out to movies. He’s leading in the 2 new Shaw Brothers’ movie ‘Love In Time’ and ‘Buddy Cop’.

    1. Just correction, “Love in Time” is produced by Paco Wong from Sun Ent, not Shaw Brothers. Paco has former managerial relationship with Stephy.

      Ron should consider moving to mainland where dubbers can help his awkward speech acting or persuade one TVB producer to give him a breakout role.

  26. It does not matter…World is still moving…TVB is big, it has experience like that and can promote someone else…like Him Law..Vincent Wong….(i am not their fans) just watch drama as entertain!

  27. Tvb has reached the end of the tunnel. Will it be bright or the end df it? It isn’t the TVB we used to know.

  28. Bosco still has 4-5 years contract on hand, who can predict what can happen in this 4-5 years. So don’t need to worry that soon.

    Same to Ron.

  29. Ron can leave as he can’t act but Bosco.. I like him.. good actor so I hope he will sigh a per contract with TVB so I can still see him in TVB dramas!

  30. Bosco stay, or don’t stay but sign at least 1 series per year so I still can see you in HK series. If not then I guess I have to start watching Mainland series lol.

  31. These are most likely just rumors made up by the media so it’s not true yet and besides I remember them revealing their contract won’t expire until quite a while so don’t need to worry about that yet.

    I feel one is overrated than the other, Ron is cast in SSSS which is a grand production along with the upcoming TITS2 so he’s not really neglected, he’s a favorite among the company and I know he have a huge fanbase as well.

    Bosco is someone out of the siu sangs that’s really underrated but we all know he’s really talented. I wish the company can promote him more with the years, that break up happened what seems like a long time ago, so ppl should just get over it.

  32. I didn’t know Bosco was so popular, shows how much I know! Still prefer Ron out of all the siu sangs although
    he is not doing himself any favour this year.
    Bosco I don’t know what it is ? can’t warm to him.

  33. I didn’t know Bosco was so popular, shows how much I know! Still prefer Ron out of all the siu sangs although
    he is not doing himself any favour this year.
    Bosco, I don’t know what it is ? can’t warm to him.

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