Ron Ng Not Just Another Cop

As a TVB siu sang, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) filmed one television series after another. Witnessing actors from his generation, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), praised as hot favorites in this year’s race for TVB Best Actor, Ron noted that he will not be unhappy as he never had expectations regarding awards. As for rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), Ron stated that he did not want to speak about his personal matters.
In upcoming new TVB series, Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>, Ron Ng will once again play a police officer. Confident that he had portrayed a police officer the most among TVB siu sangs, Ron did not feel physically tired. Asked whether he felt bored portraying a police officer countless times, Ron replied, “I do not feel bored! A police officer can possess different identities. In Forensic Heroes 3, I am a member of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) unit. Earlier, in E.U.<學警狙擊>, I played an undercover police officer. In the recently completed ATF Counter Terrorism Unit <ATF反恐>, my role shared similarities to an officer of the Special Duties Unit (nicknamed ‘Flying Tigers’). There are big differences!”
Reflecting upon his favorite role this year, Ron indicated that he loved his character in Dwelling Choice of Men and Women <抉宅男女>, which also stars Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). Ron stated, “This was my favorite role over the last 7 to 8 years. The character is very practical, who never dreams of getting rich. However, he was betrayed by his significant other, resulting in a lot of emotional turmoil is found inside his heart.”
Let Awards Come Naturally
Actors from Ron’s generation, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong, were considered the hot favorites to win the TVB Best Actor Award this year. Nominated in the past, Ron’s fate was not aligned with this award. Instead, his performance in Pretty Maid <大丫鬟> earned him the title of I-Cable TV King. Ron explained, “I never hold any particular expectations when it comes to awards. I do not film series for the intention of winning awards.” (Your contemporaries have been nominated in the Top Five category; are you unhappy?) “I am not unhappy. At TVB for 11 years, I will let awards run their natural course. I only want to deliver better onscreen performances!”
When rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang’s name was brought up in the interview, Ron indicated that he did not want to discuss his personal matters. “Over the years, the media had numerous speculations over my romantic life. Since the rumors were not true, their impact was limited. At this time, I hope that everyone will give me space to get to know some friends.” (Even if you were truly dating, you will not admit it?) “When I get married, I will make an announcement. I will not purposely bring up the topic of my dating status! As an artist, there is a lot of pressure to have to reveal ‘the skin on my stomach’ for all to see!”
Source: Orientaldaily
Jayne: Looking forward to Forensic Heroes 3.

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  1. Me too, I am looking forward to FH3 too. I hope the new cast doesn’t disappoint us since I am a fan of the drama because of Bobby and Frankie.

  2. ” “I am not unhappy. At TVB for 11 years, I will let awards run their natural course. I only want to deliver better onscreen performances!””

    Well at least he got his priority right.

  3. Ron Ng – the TVB siu sang who portrayed a police officer the most.
    Kate Tsui – the TVB fan dan who portrayed tha police officer the most.
    Raymond Lam – the TVB siu sang who played wuxia characters the most.

    1. KC- the tvb siu sang who has appeared shirtless the most

      1. But I don’t consider kenny a siu sung, only a supporting actor. Cannot compare his “work” w/ KC’s.

  4. Just me or Ron seems to have something in his left eye in the first picture?

    Uhm, after 11 years, I still can’t consider Ron as a good actor. I still like him for his look more than his acting.

    1. Omg fox, why do u have to be so observant? U make me look and now I lose my appetite!

      1. I’m so sorry. Please take my honest sorry to your appetite.

    2. Lol, i lost my appetite too… I like ron more for his looks than his acting as well. He looks a bit like michael miu

  5. wonder how many chances they are going to give him and how long it takes before they freeze him. this guy aka male version of kate have been and still is heavily promoted by tvb.

    he is going nowhere acting wise as the talent is lacking and he is not trying hard either running after plastic dolls made in china…

    1. Wa exoidus, isn’t that harsh? Haha. Give him the chance. Perhaps he might just haven’t met the ideal character that will bring him forward. An actor needs to be have good characters and scripts too in order to perform remarkably 😉

      1. LOL, he have been in tvb 11 years already and i seriously can’t see much improvement if any.

        You are right that artists need a good character to bring out their skills, however good artist can make a boring character interesting.

        Ron has played many characters and some of them are def. interesting. therefore its more likely that he lacks in the acting department.

        Even Leo. which i initially only considered as a pretty face have turned into a wonderful actor while chasing models haha…

      2. I think ron was alright in A chip off the block, with sunny chan. Like her delivered an enjoyable performance without being too comical yet still funny our fitting. However this atf terrorism thing better have more action or im gonna laugh soooo hard its not funny.

    2. lol, exoidus was just telling the truth about Ron. No offense to Ron’s fans, I also agree with exoidus that this guy didn’t improve much after numerous of tvb series he acted. He still can’t give “life” in his role and that made ppl bored watching further.

      And as for liking of mainland plastic barbie doll, maybe he’s the type who like something more than handful which some ppl called it a waste haha.

      AS for Leon lai u mean there? exoidus, I never pay attn. to his acting skill. I heard Leon and Gaile are facing some marital problem lately. Also, i dont think Gaile did anything to her face(maybe) but can’t guarantee on her body though.

      1. I notice Ron’s improvement in acting for the recent year, but his acting is still… acting. Can’t make ppl feel the character but Ron Ng.

        However, I still like Ron. Without camera, Ron seems to be more lively than he is in front of the camera. I somehow think this guy has camera fear.

      2. no, i meant dicaprio.

        never liked leon lai. im more into aaron especially his role in “the murderer” he was great in that movie.

        seems like most girls just like ron for his looks guess he will be a force in tvb for the next 10 years when the other real talents leave the sinking ship.

      3. Lol the murderer? But the ending was… The murderer was… And aaron was like acting 30-40 km/miles (whatever speed limit exists in your area) ahead of everyone. He was like on drugs.

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