Ron Ng Still Keeps in Touch with Viann Zhang

Earlier this week, Hong Kong tabloids reported that Ron Ng (吳卓羲) ex-flame, Viann Zhang (张馨予), was still furious over Ron’s alleged infidelity and professed that she will “kill him” in a recent interview.

Ron clarified, “I have read those reports. After they were published, I immediately contacted Viann Zhang. She told me that she has not accepted any interviews as of now, so those reports are untrue. I don’t want to comment too much on this issue. I apologize for causing inconveniences and disturbances to Viann’s work.”

The 32-year-old actor assured, “We still keep in touch. We are friends.”

Ron also denied recent reports indicating that he sent in a vacation request to go to Beijing to visit Viann. He expressed that he has no time to leave Hong Kong due to the active filming of Triumph in the Skies 2. Yesterday, Ron filmed a  bicycling scene with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in Shek O.

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      1. Please don’t call Ron stupid. He’s handsome and all gals like him and treat him like an Alice in the Wonderland.

      2. Gosh, Ron will never learn will he??? He is so stupid to remain friends with her though. She will bite him again.

      3. HTS – or maybe Ron is hoping SHE is stupid and he can get into her pants again?

        Why do you always paint Ron as the victim? HE was the one cheating and playing around remember – we have proof 😛

      4. LOL Rony, Ron is handsome guy I know already and happy with that LOL but he’s still stupid 😛

      5. I know that Ron is an idiot but for some odd reason, I feel that Viann is capable of a lot more scarier things… it’s just this feeling that I get from her the creeps me out..

      6. Ron is not just an idiot but a terrible woman cheater as well who has phone sex and give his halfnaked pictures to every hot plastic girl he met.

    1. Ron maybe crazy for boobs. Despite this craziness, he’s still a very very sweet and cool guy whom every gal find him extremely hard to resist his charm.

      1. Haha, Rony are you the reincarnation of the deceased Tony?

      2. Exiodus,
        I think you are right. Rony is the reincarnation of Tony.

      3. HTS,

        I thought so bc you can change your appearance by PS, however you can’t change your nature that easily, LOL

      4. Exiodus,
        Yup, you know the term that you can change Jiang Shan, but cannot change your original personality and character. Money can buy beauty and many other things but cannot buy a good personality, class, wisdom,etc..,

      5. But money can at least shut people up except we here at Jaynestars.

      6. Not all gals. I think Ron is a dumb cheating douchebag. He suits the biatchy attention seeker Viann.

      7. Yeah, he has the look, I like him in two out of many series he has participated in, that’s all. The way he handles the situation is rather stupid, I must say, but looking back what Viann has done before, she might deserve it 🙂

  1. I have no more words for this pair. Has exhausted my words. Oh got one final one. Be done with it!!

    1. Me too… I think we are all out of words to say for this pair. I hope the press stops writing about them because I am sick of hearing about them.

  2. i wonder why Viann is still staying in contact with ron she must want something cos she said dating him was a nightmare

    1. lol, Viann seems like a two faces woman, saying one thing and doing another…

      1. That’s how I feel too. She just sort of scares me for some odd reason…

    2. if viaann is tht angry wth ron why on earth would u wan stay frens… ether viann is a publicity seeking b***… or rons delusional… ether way aam sick of ths.. move on..

  3. Bye bye, the desperate man.

    Myolie looks terrible in that photo. Are TVB also cheap on makeup artists? – because the looks are the exact same in every single series. Whether it be ancient or modern, tomboy or feminine, they all look the same!

  4. what? shouldn’t we tell her to stay away from him since he’s the cheater in the relationship?

    1. Even if Ron did cheat, I still don’t feel he is as dangerous as Viann… As Linnh mentioned, she sounds very 2 faced and actually kind of scary in some ways…

      1. You make Viann sound too powerful and Ron sound stupid and weak HTS 🙁

      2. I know but that is just how I feel for some really strange reason… I feel that Viann is capable of doing even more serious things than Ron is… Ron is not innocent himself but Viann…

      3. Viann seems like a very manipulative person(tru her online persona) and also attention seeking. Such people are best kept at a distance.

      4. Yea, I have known some people in real life that seem similar to Viann and I must say, those people are creepy and have hurt me before. I think that is probably why I get a bit creeped out towards Viann as well…

        Ron does seem stupid and weak…

      5. Why do people still think Ron innocent? No one can force him to be a plastic womanizer who’s obsessed with sending his half naked pictures anf have dirty sms conversations! He’s an adult who did it himself!

  5. ron is a douchebag and viann is an attention seeker. the end.

  6. I can’t believe some people still paint Ron as the victim. Wake up! He’s just a dumb b*stard

  7. Ron can’t get over those plastic boobs. He should be thankful she left but now he wants to ‘re-sign’ his own death sentence. Wake up Ron, there’re plenty of other nice and genuine girls out there. Most of us know he’s a nice guy but to find a true companion, one should abandon lustful thoughts first. You’re tarnishing your own image and damaging your career.

    1. I agree and well said. I do not feel that Ron is a really bad or really horrible guy, but he is too lustful and is not ready to fully commit to anyone which is why he wanders a lot. Hopefully, he will mature and learn one day soon.

      1. Ron thought he’s so handsome and he can sleep with any girls he want..well that’s just what he thinks, I have never thought of him as handsome at all..LOL… I’m glad those “plastic dolls” backfires him so we all know of his poor behaviour.

      2. Well, he is learning the hard way which is good because with some people, that is how they will learn. Otherwise, they will think they are so handsome and great until it backfires in their face. That has happened to Ron and to plastic Viann as well. Hopefully they both learn and will become more mature from now on…

      3. I never thought Ron is that handsome too. He might think he’s all that and use his half naked pictures to get plastic girls. I think he’s a dirty lusty woman cheater idiot.

    2. Sounds like you’re suggesting psychiatric counseling for him. LOL! Probably not a bad idea because such lewd behavior is really deeply rooted within a warp psyche.

      In the meantime, all nice girl should smart up and stay miles away from this loser.

    3. Ron is a lusty idiot and somewhat obsessed to plastic dolls. Why else would he give his half naked pictures to many plastuc girls? We only know 3 now, there might be more who choose to keep quiet and less vindictive or revengeful

      1. Lol,
        From a practical standpoint, Ron is often filming and on the road for work, so he has less time to meet up with women on a dinner date. They’re celebrities too, so can’t be discovered in initial meet-ups. Text messages seem to be the most convenient in conveying interest. A topless pic adds to the stronger message.

      2. @jayne – giving off half naked pictures to hook women when he has a plastic girlfriend at home just showed how lustful this idiot is. lol

        The women are equally idiot and lusty to fell for his half naked pictures

  8. But hey, something in his answer makes me think he’s so naive or he wants us to be naive.

    1. people forget that men can be as deceptive as women, and maybe even better! With Viann, almost EVERYONE can see what kind of a person she is; she’s so obvious. It’s always the quiet and “innocent” ones that deceive people.

      1. i’d like to add that maybe Ron’s “natural” so people tend to like him more than “plastic” Viann 🙂

      2. It depends because sometimes quiet and innocent people are truly nice people. One of my friends is like that… There are people that are loud and talkative but are equally as scary. It just really varies…

      3. Yay, its true however I doubt in this case since wooden Ron seems genuine stupid, LOL

        Hope they can reconcile as they are a match shape by the earth and made in heaven, hehe

  9. Maybe he is just saying these things to show that he is a nice and “peaceful” guy

    1. You mean Ron is now trying to be the nice guy to save his pit bottom idiot womanizer image.

  10. Ron can be a truly naive and stupid little guy. He doesn’t realize that giving sensual pix and chatting about pink underwear is wrong for the girls and his girlfriend Viann Zhang.

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