Rosina Lam Reveals Her Luxury Home

Due to the rising COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong, TVB decided to halt the filming of new drama Seven Princesses <七公主> for one week. Capitalizing on the time off, Rosina Lam (林夏薇) enjoys staying at home and recently shared videos of her daily life with fans via social media. While many netizens already know that Rosina lives in a nice home, many were surprised to see just how beautiful her $1.5 billion Hong-Kong-dollar luxury house is.

The 33-year-old actress recently uploaded a video of herself dancing at home. Due to her home situated at Victoria Peak, stunning harbor views can be seen from her spacious living room which has high-rise ceilings and gorgeous crystal chandeliers, as well as an expansive 50-inch television. Her home also has a personal gym that is fully equipped with weights, barbells, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. In addition, Rosina also enjoys swimming in her beautiful outdoor pool.

Rosina’s dedication to fitness has rewarded her with a very fit physique. Dancing in a tank-top in her video, Rosina’s slim figure and thin waist were praised by many fans.

Married to wealthy CEO Jason Mok (莫贊生) since 2015, the former TVB actress is currently managed by Shaw Brothers Studio. Aside from her acting career, Rosina also juggles her time managing her restaurant business. Though earlier rumors claimed that Jason, who was worth HK$2 billion at his peak, encountered financial difficulties, the couple is still living in luxurious quarters.

Sources:, Hket

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  1. i wonder how big the place it is. looks very good size w/ the yoga studio and pool

  2. Shaw Brothers is managing a lot people than I thought. Seriously what’s the point of splitting up the management between tvb and Shaw. It’s all controlled by Virginia Lok. Beautiful house btw, she’s balling.

    1. @winnie I doubt it, her husband was once worth 4b but to purchase a 1.5b mansion? 1/3 of his once wealth? Not talking about now. That’s almost 200m usd. Even lots of multi millionaire here in the states don’t own a 200m house, even a billionaire only own a over 100m house at most. 150m hkd maybe

      1. @joyce That’s why I asked … for 1.5 billion, that house must be on a remote island, and the house came with the island. Their own paradise

  3. Lol, is that a typo? What’s so luxurious about a 50 inch TV? My gaming TV when I was a starving university student was bigger than that ha ha. You can buy one for a couple hundred dollars CAD.

    1. @theyenman lol IKR tvs are so cheap these days what’s so special about about a flatscreen. I guess space is precious in HK not many people have a big tv?

  4. I find these articles often make the same mistake whenever they talk about money. Chinese has a character for $100 million, which often gets mistranslated to $1 billion. I bet that house is $150 million.

    1. @theyenman I think 100 million is the correct translation for billion from the chinese article but you are probably right and they just quoted the wrong number.

  5. I think the numbers are wrong, she has a home worth 1.5 billion and her husband who had 2 billion at his peak. Either he spends on his money on his home or she is rich herself. Maybe as she is Lam Fung’s cousin, he is from a rich family.

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