Ruco Chan’s Accidental “Nipple Slip”; Tavia Yeung’s Face Filled With Pimples

Cast members of The Other Truth <真相>, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) appeared at a promotional event for the series. During the games segment, [an audience member] caused Ruco to accidentally reveal his nipple.

Netizens pointed out that “lazy tones” were observed in the artists’ speech in The Other Truth. Although Tavia noted that “lazy tones” were a common problem among City people, she will actively correct it. Currently filming new series, On Call 36 Hours <On Call 36小時>, Tavia’s skin was filled with numerous new pimples. Due to lack of sleep, this lead to hormone imbalance.

When asked whether being single for too long made her too dry, Tavia said, “It is normal to be dry when there is an endocrine disorder.” (How about balancing yourself with co-star, Him Law (羅仲謙)?) “He recommended that I do exercise. However, he is really cute!”


Jayne: Do you think Rucco Chan has oversize man boobs? Hong Kong reporters seem to get excited by male artists’ accidental “nipple slip” as well….

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  1. They don’t look oversized to me. I like how Ruco isn’t the typically too-slim HK guy. Whilst I don’t think it’s a big deal for men to publicly reveal their nipples, it’d be a good idea for Ruco to do up one more button in future public appearances.

    It’s been so refreshing to watch Ruco in a ‘good guy’ lead role in The Other Truth. He’s an experienced, capable and mature actor who’s waited too long for promotion in the industry.

  2. His nipple does look weird in that photo but I don’t think Rucco Chan has oversize man boobs. He has one scene in TOT where he took off his shirt. I wouldn’t say he has a really muscular body but he is fit. I think he looks really good in 6 packs with his height.

    Raymond Wong is one handsome actor with good features but he is taken.

    1. Haha, I agree. Even though it gets kinda boring because she wears black in the entire series, I can’t help but notice what a nice body. Also, because her dresses comes only slightly below her butt, I can’t help but notice her beautiful slender legs.

      1. She has ever had slender legs? They are big like two feet of tree. Small boobs make her body like a man’s.

      2. There is no rule that lawyers must wear black :P. Maybe it’s the thinking of the directors that black will make the girls look classy. However, it’s very boring to see all lawyers in black :P.

        BTW, black outfit sometimes will make girls looks older than their real ages. Brighter clothes will help more.

        Lol, I rmb when I saw the costume fitting of TOT, I thought that lawyers must look like crows like this in HK? And old, too. If that, I’ll say poor to one of my lecturer who is going to be a lawyer in HK :P.

      3. Interesting remark and observation about depiction of lawyers in dramas and films.

        I’m not well cooked with real lawyers nor do I paid much attention to lawyers’ everyday working attire(besides formal court dress-up). Anybody knowledgeable about this can shed some light? 😀

      4. I’m sure at least someone here must’ve had a family member or friends in the law field..hehe.

        Or any of the visitor herself/himself could be law student or lawyer?

      5. I dunno how is in HK but here, I wore white and blue to court few times. I’m more of an solicitor than an advocate :P. BTW, the lecturer that I mentioned, she took pix of her in her office where she is a trainee and I saw ppl in her office wore colorful than black.

      6. Many ppl think tat right after graduated from a law school, this student will become a lawyer directly. However, actually not :P. Must work in law firms or bar for a while then have a course/test, after that can become lawyer.

        If I rmb rite, in HK, lawyers will have to do test annual or 2 years period I dun rmb well to maintain their lawyer status. Advocate or solicitor are the same.

        And many ppl only think that lawyer is for the penal cases only but forget there is one more type of lawyers – solicitors. I dun think there is any series about solicitors. Work of solicitors can be interesting, too. TVB did a series on M&A consultant, but dunno why they dun make a series on solicitors. If have one, would be interesting and fresh.

      7. they have to wear dark suits to look professional. I don’t think I would trust my lawyer if she wore bright colors to look young. and I think black, gray, or navy suits can still look stylish as long as it’s fitted well.

      8. Fox, so you are in the law field. I missed the lecturer bit on the earlier post.

        Thanks for sharing some information concerning the law field :). I personally have never even stepped a foot into the court haha..

      9. josie, your comment reminded me of the comedy film Legally Blonde.

      10. Oh yes, I loved “legally blonde” 1! Part 2 not so much. Since she went to Harvard law, I guess she gets a pass for always being fashionably pink.

      11. Even in black, you can look unprofessional, josie :P. White is kinda elegant and not need to be crows. Light color still can look professional as well as black.

        Note: I’m not talking about the court :P. The clothes in the office is more of what I concerned.

        Maybe lucky that my clients dun care for what I wear but for what I can do for them more.

      12. Legally Blonde is my fave :). Yes, part 1 is better than part 2.

        BTW, there is a Legally Blondies about a twins blond sisters who are Ely’s cousins. It’s not bad.

      13. High fives. I love Legally Blonde(part 1) too. Funny and witty.

      14. “they have to wear dark suits to look professional. I don’t think I would trust my lawyer if she wore bright colors to look young. and I think black, gray, or navy suits can still look stylish as long as it’s fitted well.”

        On first impression I will be shocked if my lawyer wear bright red jacket to meet the client

      15. Black is easier on the eyes in a more formal setting. It goes well with most other colours, its subtle, it can be classy and it is a good colour to hide your own insecurities under because it makes you look more mysterious and confronting. Its also harder to stain 🙂

      16. To become a lawyer you must obtain 2:1 degree. If it’s not a law degree then you must complete the CPE. Then to become a solicitor, you must complete the LPC and obtain a training contract for two years. For a barrister (also known as an ‘advocate’ in other countries), you must complete the BVC and complete two years of pupillage.

        In the series, raymond was a solicitor but he wanted to be a barrister – and so he did in the end!

      17. @ voidable

        Does Raymond need to go through the 2 years pupillage too?

      1. dont most lawyer in other country do too? Black and white?

  3. is it just me or is raymond “older than he is” because he is kinda cute and all but some times had has alot of wrinkles *what ever those lines are called* on his face when, for instance, he laughs…

    1. To me, Raymond Wong just looks extremely tired in all his series. Can that be due to working too hard? Lol.

  4. I don’t see anything, I don’t see anything, lol.

      1. Nipple :P. Where is it? In the picture I dun see any nipple.

      1. Refer to my answer above :P.

        Ah I finally saw :P. The picture didn’t show last time. Oh my zombie gosh, it’s really big :P.

  5. Is his name officially spelled “Ruco” or “Rucco”? Always thought it was the former.

  6. I like ruco…he reminds me of moses – Height and wide shoulder. He looks gud in professional roles. Raymond has laugh lines…kinda like edmond leung except raymond has more muscles thats maybe why hid expressions look tight. I cant wait to see kenneth ma… So far this series and each case are very interesting… Especially the cameo appearances of stars…

  7. Him Law if runs from Theressa to Tavia, his taste decreased significantly.

    1. Honestly, maybe it’s only me. I don’t see Him Law is handsome at all. Maybe I need to see him in person only then I can if he’s truly handsome or not. So far, as a person Him has yet to intrigue me with his appearance, personality and roles he acted in. Therefore, I don’t see how it’s decreased in taste if Him is to choose Tavia now. Him is no better himself imo lol, he’s just some common guy… Honestly, u hardly find any handsome guys in TVB…

      1. @ Veejay: I think tamnhu meant Theressa Fu is prettier than Tavia.

      2. @Fox,

        I know, my statement was merely on Him Law and wasn’t about Tavia and Theresa. “Never” plan to discuss about who’s prettier between these two in the 1st place… It was just like a comment on Him Law since Tamnhu mentioned about him

      3. But she dun talk about his look, rite? She commented and compared Theressa and Tavia and not commented on Him Law’s look.

        Well, can say that: He can be ugly but his taste on woman is good. No need to be handsome guy to have good taste on woman.

      4. I’m sure Theresa did something to her face. She look different before.

        Tavia might be something to the nose.

      5. I think Tavia did so something to her nose. I saw her nose back in the days and it is different from how it looks now. Of course she refuses to admit it…Not sure about her skin since she always wears loads of make up. Were her pimples that bad that even make up could not cover them up???

      6. Tavia definately did something with her eyes. Go watch Detective Files Investigation IV with Sunny Chan and Louis Koo. At the time she only play minor roles, and in there her eyes looks extremly tiny and slanted with no eyelid. Compared to now her eyes now is much bigger, must have did something to her eyes.

      7. same here, don’t find him handsome as well. No doubt he is handsome but i think he lack of some kind of aura =D.

      8. I think she did something with her cheekbone, too. It’s high. In the past it isn’t that high.

      9. Well since Tavia has the money, none of us should be shocked if she has had something done to her face or anything. The only thing is that she just like the rest of them refuse to admit it…

      10. @Fox,
        Hey now that mention it, I think she did get her cheekbones done too. Her face looks really different from the past. Before I did not know that your cheekbones and chin can be done, but now it seems that anything can be altered. I think the only thing that plastic surgery cannot fix is the skin and complexion.

      11. @HTS: Skin can be fixed but the effect won’t last long.

      12. @Fox,
        Oh yea, thanks for reminding me… I now remember since my friend was telling me that one of her friends had moles removed from her skin, but they grew back pretty fast.. My sister in law spent $400 on removing moles on her face and neck, however, that also did not last long either…

    2. @Fox,

      Obviously my comment was not towards Tamnhu’s comment about Theresa is prettier than Tavia… because I purposely want to talk about Him Law.

  8. Quite liking Ruco in TOT and I think he has the potential to make it bigger.

    Not keen on Raymond Wong, looks way too haggard. He needs a good moisturiser!

    1. Melody,
      “Not keen on Raymond Wong, looks way too haggard. He needs a good moisturiser!”

      I’ve always wondered why Raymond Wong’s skin appears so dry, especially in a humid climate such as Hong Kong.

  9. did you guys noticed that raymond wong is always wearing hats or caps??

  10. @A, fixed the semicolon in the title.

    @Chriselle, corrected the spelling of Ruco’s name, which I thought had the double cc, which seems to be more popular spelling of the name.

  11. There is no nip slip for men. Silly isn’t it?

    As for Tavia, maybe she already has bad skin.


    she’s pregnant

    1. lol why is everyone coming up with the conclusion that for ever slight sign, a artist is pregnant xD

      1. When angel bring the message of God to Maria and after that she has immaculate conception, there is a dog in the room.

      2. @ Fox

        Oic. Haha. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. 🙂

      3. There was a dog? The dog’s the culprit?!!!!

    2. Does everyone develop acne when they are pregnant???

      1. Really?? Not sure about that though… that may be true for only a small number of people…

    3. If she has bad skin, then she may usually wear lots of make up to cover them up. How come she didn’t this time?? or did she not wear enough?? or were the pimples so bad that even make up could not conceal them??

  12. I thought that it wasn’t a big deal for men to appear topless?? It is more of a big deal for women to be topless but not men.

    1. i don’t think is a big deal, i think just because it looks big from the above pic so they make it a big deal. =D

    2. Because the women now are revealed too much so it becomes normal :P. Kidding.

  13. I think I speak with lazy tones as well O_O It’s so common, I don’t even realize it… sounds weird to suddenly correct it.

  14. Masaharu,
    I like Ruco more for his looks than his acting. IMO, I think Ruco’s acting still lacks a certain subtlety such as found in Bowie Lam’s acting. I think Ruco tends to overuse his eyes, such as in “At the Threshold of a Persona” and “Relic of an Emissary.” I think if Ruco tones down his eyes a bit, he would be more natural.

    Looks wise, Ruco resembles Taiwanese actor Ma Jing Tao. Ruco has a mature hotness and sex appeal that reminds me of Joe Ma. Ruco moves with intent and confidence. 🙂

    1. Ma Jing Tao? I think Li Zhong Han looks like him more than Ruco. Lol, remind me of an ATV series where Li Zhong Han and Ruco acted brothers.

      I find Ruco’s fierce look affected me. I buy him in villain and fierce roles, but I can’t imagine how he’ll be in goody-2-shoes roles. The series I mentioned above, Ruco is a naive guy and honesty, his eyes make me think otherwise. I’m just in eps 1 :P, maybe he’ll turn bad in the next eps.

      1. In my POV, Ruco’s expressive eyes work best in Every Move you Make where he had “split personality disorder”.

    2. Haha Jayne, yeah I concur about Bowie Lam’s acting. What makes him into my “list” is his subtle micro-expressions.

      We just love to drink different flavors of tea Jayne heheh :D. I know you mentioned before about Huang Xiao Ming’s beauty in your eyes, while I prefer to rest my eyes on Daniel Wu and Andrew Lin. Hehs.

      1. Masaharu,
        I don’t think Ruco’s style of acting is in same league as Bowie, but I think incorporating Bowie’s style of acting (less is more, gradual changes in eye expression) is something that would help balance Ruco’s somewhat exaggerated style that just comes across as if he’s acting onscreen.

        “We just love to drink different flavors of tea”

        I have wide taste in tea taste. 🙂 I find Huang Xiao Ming to be more model perfection type of male beauty that rivals the most beautiful women in the industry. I find Daniel Wu attractive too, due more to his onscreen appearance and sex appeal, rather than real life photos. Haha the film cameras love to focus on his muscles.

      2. Haha yeah the cameras “love” to focus on Daniel’s muscles. I think he has a good stature and proportion. I did start to love watching Daniel because of his onscreen charm. I watched him when Purple Storm came out many years ago and got attached right away until now :P. I liked him years before I came back into TVB world and discover Bosco, Bowie, Kate and other TVB-related matters…..

        Whoops, sorry for the Daniel-babbling…

      3. I also put my eyes on Andrew Lin, hehe.

        As for Daniel, I always have the feeling his head is a bit smaller than his body.

        For Huang Xiao Ming, maybe my tea cup is also different. I find he is handsome but not the handsomeness I like.

      4. I don’t think Ruco’s style of acting is in same league as Bowie, but I think incorporating Bowie’s style of acting (less is more, gradual changes in eye expression) is something that would help balance Ruco’s somewhat exaggerated style that just comes across as if he’s acting onscreen.”

        Yeah, I agree. Ruco is a fine actor; but he did come across as “exaggerated” at times and Bowie’s “subtle” style might give Ruco another boost in acting.

    3. Fox,
      Hehe it depends on which physical traits you focus on more when you look for a “celebrity twin.” I still stick by Ma Jing Tao….

      Among ATV 90s male actors, I think Ruco Chan, Chiu Yan Jung, and Yu Man Kit were very good looking. Sorry don’t really know the guys’ names English names, just their Cantonese names.

      1. You mean Andrew Yuen Man Kit and Lawrence Yan Chi Keung because I don’t recall of anyone else named Chiu Yan Jung and Yu Man Kit.

        I have my eyes on Hawick Lau more than all these 3 guys :P.

        However, in my opinion, the ATV actor that caught my eyes the most is Eric Wan. He isn’t really handsome but there is something attractive in him, especially when he smiles.

      2. Fox,
        “Andrew Yuen Man Kit and Lawrence Yan Chi Keung”

        Yes that’s who I meant. I like Andrew and Lawrence for their looks. Acting leaves a lot more to be desired.

        Kenneth Chan is a good host and comes across well spoken and intelligent. I find him good looking. Acting is tolerable as supporting actor, but not really strong lead male material IMO.

      3. I think Kenneth has a fierce look as well :P. He always looks too serious to me.

      4. Eric Wan has been my fave ATV actor for many years. I watch MDWAV for him, but, ended up liking Kenneth Chan more. 😛
        I still like Eric after that. Just that my fave ATV actor list has added one more new member. 😀

        Don’t know what happen to him now. Men of Justice invite a lot of ATVs I haven’t seen for a long time to participate in it, but, I didn’t see Eric Wan.

      5. I like Eric from an old wuxia series where he is thief. When I saw him, I thought: “Gosh, this guy looks attractive”.

        I don’t see him in the industry now, too. Wonder what happened to him. Same to Gilbert Lam.

      6. Who is Eric Wan? Is it that guy in that scandal where he molested some actress?

    4. Ruco never reminds me of Steve Ma Jing Tao. But, the following did

      Calvin Li Zhong Han 李宗翰
      Calvin Zheng Guo Lin 郑国霖

      1. Huang Xiaoming

        Which partof ruco looks like Ma Jingtao???

      2. Li Zhong Han is really resemble to Ma Jing Tao. Not mention that most of his series have the similar type of role.

  15. Who is Ruco Chan? I may have watched his serials but can’t remember how he looks. Can anyone tell me his other TVB series?

    1. the other truth is airing now. decent for a tvb drama nowadays. “wax and wane” was utterly rubbish besides roger and the veterans. Kate tsui is so annoying can’t act and looks ugly even with lots of makeup.

      1. Wine? are you trying to trick me never heard of a series called that. next up should be dwellings of men and women i think.

      2. Nope, Linda has another series other than the dwellings of men and women. Wine series has Bowie. It’ll be aired soon in Aug.

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