Ruco Chan and Ankie Beilke’s Relationship is a Baseless Rumor?

Contrary to earlier photographic evidence, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) flat out denied claims that he and Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) are an item.

After Ruco and Ankie were photographed attending friend Louis Cheung’s (張繼聰) concert together last week, many fans have waited anxiously to find out whether TVB’s top bachelor is finally taken. While the two initially praised each other highly and left dating possibilities as an option, Ruco seems to have changed his tune this week, insisting that Ankie is only a good friend.

The Internet is abuzz with speculations soon after their outing was exposed. Although many fans are happy for the good-looking couple, some are skeptical about the timing of the news, seeing it as a means to promote Ruco and Ankie’s current TVB series Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>.

Still others are determined to generate further controversy, claiming that Ruco has already married in Malaysia. While Ruco easily laughed off the marriage allegations, he remained cautious when asked if he and Ankie are currently dating, saying “Of course not! We were at Louis’s concert with a big group that day!”

Meanwhile, Ankie once again made headlines this week when she and actor Carl Ng (吳嘉龍) were spotted shopping together in Tsim Sha Tsui. Son of comedy actor Richard Ng (吳耀漢), Carl has already appeared in dozens of films since 2000 and is currently single. A well-built man of mixed Chinese/British heritage and fluent in multiple languages, 37-year-old Carl seems like a suitable man for Ankie based on their similar backgrounds.

Whether Ankie has given her heart to Ruco or Carl remains to be seen. Even though Ruco is now denying the dating gossips, his earlier frequent Weibo exchanges with Ankie revealed a rare interest that he has seldom shown past female co-stars. Changing his hopeful tone last week to a more guarded response, is Ruco fearful of either losing a potential love or damaging his rising career?


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  1. Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but in the previous article about these two there was definitely an undercurrent of “Ankie’s mixed so she has much better options than Asian guys like Ruco”, which is just an icky statement all around. And now Carl Ng is touted as a better match because he’s mixed too. What’s with all the self hatred?

    1. Lee,
      Communications and values wise, couples with similar heritage may be more compatible. It’s not necessarily implying that Ankie has better options than dating a Chinese man, but since she was raised overseas, there will be obvious cultural and language issues.

      1. Your statement is reasonable, Jayne, but I’ve encountered this kind of attitude before in real life even when cultural differences were not in play.

      2. Lee,
        There are prejudiced stereotypes towards certain races in play at times, but it is a reality that cultural/value differences may affect long-time compatibility as well.

      3. Jayne, i agree with you. I posted a similar thought earlier on the other article. Their background is too different for them to be compatible, not that he isn’t good enough for her (I stressed that too). Maybe Ruco’s really interested in her but his guarded response is natural as things may not have developed beyond that public outing so he may want to be as ambiguous as possible in case things don’t work out.

      4. Jayne,
        I agree with you to some extent, but that is not always the case. As you can see there are many happy marriages of mixed races/nationalities. Just like with Carl’s parents for example, one is Chinese and one is British but they seem to be really happy. Basically it varies from person to person and case to case. I was born and raised overseas so am more open than many of my peers who grew up overseas and then immigrated to the US later on in their lives.

      5. I meant to say they were born and raised in Asia and then immigrated to the US later on. Gosh, I need the edit button!!

    1. I seen these 2 guest on an episode of Super Trio together once.. the make a great couple and seem compatible.

    1. someone else commented likewise. Wonder what her actual age is cos her bio states that she was born in 1980 which means she’s 33 but lately, articles put her age at 30. I think she’s closer to early 30s.

    2. Could be bad lightning but Ruco looks youthful. In the series when she first appeared I thought she looked mid 30s. Too much tanning machines?

    3. I know, but perhaps its really the heavy makeup n that awful getup? hahaha
      In the show, she does look pass 30 as well, does not seem to be only in her early 30s even w/lighter makeup but she looks quite attractive in a way.

  2. Ankie said in an interview couple of months ago that she missed Ruco after BK, and she praised him as nice, cute and handsome. But there’s no response from
    Ruco. I see the reverse situation than what Oriental Sunday said that Ruco is in love with Ankie. Ankie is more eager for closer relation with Ruco.

  3. huh? This is the first time I’ve read about Ruco’s rumor hidden marriage in Malaysia! But not gonna lie, these days, any gossips is true…LOL..

    1. Yes, after Andy lau and wu chun cases, lost trust in celebrities. Andy was all swearing and stuff. It doesn’t have to be marriage, it can be having a secret gf. Oh well, fans shouldn’t put too much heart in their idols.

      1. All I will say is time will tell all, therefore, just wait and see…. The truth will come out sooner or later.

  4. Her make-up is really thick in the drama. She does looks older in the drama than the photo above.

  5. HUH! All BS from d previous article??????? O MAN! She is a beauty btw but she cant act!

  6. i was curious to see what Carl Ng looks like so i googled and oh my!!!……….betw Ruco and Carl, Ruco wins hands down in terms of looks. Carl’s ugly with a horsey face (but since his dad is Richard, that’s forgiveable). If i were to base solely on looks, i’d say Ruco’s definitely much more handsome, really, Carl’s no fight at all.

    1. I think Carl looks is not bad. Can’t really compare a Eurasian and an Asian man because it isn’t an apple to apple comparison. Ruco and Carl, each has their own attractiveness I personally think.

      1. There are websites (like where you can enter links to translate. The translation may not be perfect but some info can be extracted.

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