Ruco Chan Is On a Dating Binge?

Already linked with goddesses Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) made gossip headlines again this week when he was seen with yet another woman.

Ruco Chan’s love life generated much discussion since Brother’s Keeper’s <巨輪> debut. The thirty-six-year-old bachelor was first romantically linked with co-star Ankie Beilke when their flirtatious behavior caught the public’s attention. Although the two initially remained vague about their relationship status, Ruco later changed his tune and firmly denied dating Ankie. Shortly after, Ruco was rumored to be dating on-screen girlfriend Linda Chung. Recently single, Linda likely appreciates Ruco’s attentive treatment though she insists that they are only good friends.

While fans are still confused about Ruco’s recent “aggressive” approach to dating, he continues to break tradition and shows no sign of slowing down. On October 19, Ruco attended a friends’ gathering and spent most of his evening with a female companion. While at the bar, Ruco allegedly ignored his friends and chatted instead with the woman in a separate area. The two continued their private talk until Ruco discovered reporters and immediately dashed off.

Although his rumors with Ankie and Linda are sometimes seen as means to promote Brother’s Keeper, Ruco’s most recent encounter piqued interest as the woman is not from the entertainment industry. When reached for comments, Ruco once again denied dating, explaining that the woman is a close friend visiting from overseas.

Achieving career success in recent years, Ruco may finally be ready to abandon his bachelor lifestyle and is making his love life a top priority. News of his ex-girlfriend Eunis Yiu’s (姚嘉雯) marriage earlier this year may also have been a catalyst for change. For someone who has remained private for the most part, Ruco has certainly taken a big risk in exchange for new experiences.

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    1. Word. I don’t get why people think they are matching.

  1. Recently single, Linda likely appreciates Ruco’s attentive treatment..
    When did Linda become single?

    1. She’s been single like 10 times according to reporters these few years! Every time new drama on, they write she broke up. Don’t trust what u read.

  2. Rumors are ridiculous. If he talks to a girl a little longer, then they report they are dating. If they sit together, they must be married! Oh gosh, and there is nothing wrong with him actually dating. The guy is 36. He should be hunting for his significant other now.

  3. Nothing wrong with dating, he’s single and he’s not a monk.

  4. this suen poon bachelor is every woman dream man..whoever snatch him is like winning lottery!!!

    1. True, there’re tons of women who want to be his g/f, he can take his pick. If you think Ruco looks handsome on tv, wait till you see him in person……….he’s soooooo much better looking in person, very boyish with nice build/height and great skin…….droolicious……….the camera doesn’t do him justice.

      1. Agree. Ruco looks extremely charming in person. BTW, the Oriental Sunday is a rubbish magazine. They use dirty topics with empty and creative content.

  5. Yea my friend saw him in person in Penang and said Ruco looks better in person. Very handsome wor.

    1. who is more handsome? ruco or andy lau? they seem like the same type.

      1. Holy, of course RUCO? haha…LOL…
        Same type how? Ruco has a great singing voice, Andy Lau has a mousy voice. Sorry but true.

      2. kinda strange to be putting the 2 of them together isnt it? Andy’s an old man. Even in his youth he was never good looking.

      3. @kcabc,
        “Ruco is supperstar”
        Priceless!!! LOL 🙂

        Wow! Episode 23 is sizzle-sizzle.

      4. “if he really loved rachel that much, he wouldnt be tempted by another woman.”

        General rule; however much in love there is always an attraction to other or even temptations. Accept that general rule and you will know how to go around that.

      5. With friends who scheme and lie behind your back to bring pain, who needs enemies?

      1. I know, huh? Ep23 is tame compared to Ep24. What an animal!!! LOL 🙂

        Great job, Ankie & Ruco!!! Show them all how to do a convincing love scene.

      2. Was it convincing? I thought the kissing was lame despite the fact that we have 2 gorgeous people. Somehow something is missing.

      3. you know what they say abt still waters running deep? I guess it applies to the usually shy Ruco. Ep 24 is by far one of the most daring bed scenes that tvb has done and Ruco was so darn smokin’ hot!!!!!! Nose bleed……..

      4. I’m convinced. Ladies must be very busy underground with Ruco. The ending of Brother’s Keeper is heating up. Interesting character developments.

      5. Unfortunately ep 25 is a dud. The series is getting too longwinded.

      6. Really? I haven’t watched Ep25 yet. I wonder what caused him to hang with the bad boys (way in the beginning).

      7. I suspect rachel is his downfall. Or his love for rachel. This is that sort of lovey dovey relationship which is toxic if you look at it at a certain angle. I don’t know, maybe I am biased.

      8. After Ruco’s character showed flaws (cover up of blondie’s murder, greed through Helen/trading), it’s his ambition that may be his downfall. The two brothers dreamed of that pot of gold when they were young and overlooking the city. Rachel is going through character development as well. Maybe she and his brother (羅威信), the two people that he loved/helped the most, may end up saving him? Of course, can’t leave Kristal’s character out of the picture. Ying is like her bf’s brains. LOL 🙂

      9. As far as I can see Rachel does not confront problems head on but run away from it. I don’t see her helping him in anyway.

      10. i like ep 25, the breakup scene was heart wrenching :'(
        The only thing i hated was how the script made Fabio suddenly develop a conscience. Here’s this scheming she-devil who’d do anything to get into Sam’s pants and all of a sudden, she’s like all remorseful. As if a simple “sorry, it’s over betw me and Sam” is enough to compensate for Rachel’s heartbreak when she single-handedly ruined Sam and Rachel’s relationship of 8 years and went to bed with Sam! So did she only treat him as a trophy, only to be discarded once she had won it? If there’s an award for most hateful character, she’d win it, hands down.

      11. Fabio is not a bad person, and if she really wants him why can’t she go for what she wants? In part I blame Tin Sang but in whole I blame Rachel. This is one woman who when one makes 1 small mistake, she is immediately unforgiving and refuses to listen to reason. So he became depressed and fell into Fabio’s arms which is his fault but when they both wanted to say sorry she immediately jumped to conclusion. She herself chased Tin Sang away and yet she said her heart is in pain which shows this is one indecisive woman. She never gave thought she was the reason he became a male escort for the night. Almost a decade or so in business and still she can’t buy her own darn boutique. When she is in trouble, no one bothered with everyone else but her. I pity Tin Sang to be with such a harsh woman. I feel he is better off with Fabio whom I sorta admired until TVB made her into sort of a bad villain by giving her a conscience. Frankly Rachel did nothing for Tin Sang and in the end she readily gave up on him.

      12. “most hateful character, ”

        Rachel, for me wins it all. She is annoying. Fabio didn’t treat him like trophy. Remember, she had wanted him for years. But she took the picture to spite Rachel because her mother called her a w-h-o-r-e remember? Rachel is the problem.

        Anyone here feels the same? Not because of Linda but Rachel.

      13. Funn, i don’t agree with you.
        Rachel was prepared to forgive Sam but before she could do so, he got drunk and fell into the clutches of fabio. As a bystander, it’s always so easy to see the big picture and expect that Rachel should have immediately forgiven Sam. Is that realistic? Put yourself in her shoes, would you take Sam in your arms immediately and forgive him? I doubt so unless you tell me that you’re a saint. Now Fabio, i call her despicable. From day one when she knew that Sam was Rachel’s bf, she was scheming to steal him. Remember how she “retired” her security director, then visited Rachel at her workshop (something she had never done in the years that Rachel was her designer), then planned that phone call from the head-hunting company? I really doubt that fabio wanted Sam because she really liked him (maybe at first in the earlier episodes), i think she seduced him for the thrill of getting something that’s difficult to get (seeing that Sam and Rachel were so much in love). Remember how she tossed her trophy (sort of) into the bin (that scene just before sam came barging into her office) and her declaration that she had expected to win it, so it’s meaningless to her? She’s a hunter out for the thrill of hunting and Sam happened to be her prey. If she had truly loved him , wld she have gone to bed with him and then casually toss him aside? Grrr!! the nerve of that woman to think that the word “sorry” can redeem her sin, right after she had shamelessly seduced and gone to bed with Sam, she thinks her “sorry” can patch up the couple’s relationship, one that she had single- handedly plotted to destroy all along? She also used Sam as a tool to get back at Rachel’s mother who had called her a w-h-o-r-e (her own confession). Does she sound like a woman who’s in love with Sam, i ask you?

      14. Her overreaction is predictable in TVB universe. Me? No I would be doubtful but I wouldn’t push him away so harshly without listening first. After all he confessed himself. It started with her OTT reaction to his kiss and I stress, he confessed. He came clean. So the lesson to guys? Never ever confess, because one strike and you’re out.

        As for Fabio, I think she was in lust with him. The series backtracked by later showing her so called villanous side. But before that, the indication was she wanted him, not for trophy only. And Rachel knew, and he knew what Fabio wanted or maybe it was just bad acting. Not only did this series not show Rachel fighting for her love, she just abandoned it.

        Again if it was me, if he is worth fighting for, I will and I will start from the 1st kiss and go to Fabio and tell that women to go away and ask my boyfriend to quit his job.

        Rachel did none of those and immediately jumped to the worst conclusion and this is the truth of how much she sees in her boyfriend, the truth of how much she values this relationship. Every step of the way I see the man making an effort and she reaps it. So far I see nothing from Rachel except she is a gentle girl and beautiful and therefore deserves all the protection. I can see Ying’s resentment. I have no respect for women like Rachel. Not that I approve of what Fabio or Tin Sang did, but the truth is Fabio is a go getter, Tin Sang works hard to maintain the relationship and Rachel in her own perfect world the only sacrifice she did was walking away from a father who never really appreciated her anyway. Conveniently the father comes into the picture and save his darling princess.

      15. Funn, it’s funny (no pun intended)how this is now turning out to be a debate about the character of the 3 parties. Yes, in TVB land this sort of scenerios happen all too frequently and predictably too. I agree with you about Rachel’s character, i didn’t say she’s perfect or worthy of Sam which maybe she isn’t. She definitely over-reacted to that first kiss but like i had mentioned she was prepared to forgive Sam. However after being confronted with that bed pic, which woman wouldnt go all ballastic? Again don’t tell me you’ll be level-headed enough to listen to his explanation first before throwing a fit, cos i won’t believe you. As for fabio, yes, she’s a go-getter but i don’t see a scheming person like her as someone that’s to be admired. If that man were single and i admired him very much, i would make the moves to get him but seeing that he’s already in a relationship, i would refrain from being a third party, go-getter or not. Her selfish and scheming character is contrasted by the other girl (Lam Lam)who loves Shun but seeing that he’s already with Ying, she decided not to get involved. Let’s just agree to disagree on this, we have different values obviously.

      16. Imho, unless the relationship is already troubled, no matter how you justify, it’s not right to be the third party. IDK, maybe i’m too conservative but i think it’s a matter of morals.

      17. It is not about different values. But it is a matter of “can we have a different reaction in a TVB script” for once?

        “She definitely over-reacted to that first kiss but like i had mentioned she was prepared to forgive Sam. ”

        Only after she dramatically pushed him away, and seriously dramatically pushed him away like the end of all endings. So as Sam, who cries, drinks, whatever, what is he to do when faced with such dramatic rejection? Aiyah the plot is to push Sam towards his evil route so to speak. In rea l life maybe there will be different reaction, less dramatic but still quite as scary.

      18. If you’re talking abt script, yes this kind of storyline has been done to death. But in real life, yes, to me it’s a matter of morals and values. What goes round comes around. One day someone will steal your bf/hubby just as you’ve done. I wouldnt dream of doing what Fabio did cos to me it’s just all wrong. I would be like Lam Lam.

      19. I have been talking about the script and my expectations of it. However in real life, as much as I agree with you, as long as the man is not married and if you think he is worth it, it is fair game in love and war.

      20. Oh my, what a loaded gun. All three (3) characters are at fault. Even though Michelle first liked Sam (when he helped with that weirdo in the parking garage) way before she knew Rachel was his gf, seducing a friend’s bf is simply “wrong”. Sam could have done more to avoid Michelle’s schemes (unzip her dress more than once). After Sam confesses about the pool kiss on >>> New Year’s Eve <<<, Rachel could have handled it better (by confronting Michelle).

        Ep25 kind of threw me for a loop (car accident, heart/high blood pressure problems, memory loss that reminds me of Sniper Standoff but at warp speed, sudden dose of conscience). Whew! But, great way to demonstrate the actor/actresses acting abilities. I sure felt the pain when Rachel cried. Those looked like real tears too.

        And, I'm still wondering how Sam gets into the bad crowd. Grrr!!!

      21. @hesagoner at the end of ep 25, i actually felt sadder for Sam than Rachel. Haha, friends of Funn, pls keep yr bfns away from her.

      22. the thing i couldnt accept of Sam is that he was actually attracted to fabio despite all this excuse abt seeing her only to get insider info. He was attracted as early as in that first instance when he comforted her seeing that she was upset at receiving news that her first love was getting married. As she said in ep 25, if he really loved rachel that much, he wouldnt be tempted by another woman.

      23. @choco-bunny,
        True, we feel sad for Sam because we know the whole story but Rachel only sees that nude photo and hears conflicting stories. Which woman would be so understanding after seeing a nude photo of her man with another woman?

      24. @He’sAGoner IKR but everything still boils down to one point: none of this wld have happened if Sam didn’t yield to temptation…..his only saving grace is that he tried to make a clean break with Fabio after he realised his mistake.

  6. 100% agree .. of coz Ruco looks better than Andy. He’s got the boyish look and that sense of personality, also fashion sense.
    Wait till you hear his singing , its captivating ..

    1. i love ruco’s voice too. that BK theme he sang with edwin’s so good i wanna cry each time i listen to it. The song on YT has more than 176,700 views since 16th sept 2013 and that’s only on one channel.

      1. kit-kat,
        Hahah LOL…
        I know and exactly, I don’t even know HOW the above person can even and why she/he was comparing them? haha LOL…Andy Lau? He was never even good looking back in the days, he was lucky he hit it big w/that yang guo role isnt it? hahhaa… voice sounds horrible even after all these years.
        Ruco, on BK theme song, his voice def overshadow Edwin’s. Even Edwin’s goody goody character is boring compare to soon to turn a bit bad in BK. I don’t understand why people compare that old series to this BK series thou. I grabbed bits and pieces of that older series and potato head Francis Ng’s character can be pure evil towards the middle to the end. Ruco’s character might change abit but he was never evil. or yet? haha..

      2. yeah i read that article abt the copy cat thingy, absolute rubbish! The 2 plots couldn’t have been more different; if only those parrots cared to read about the plot of ACOT before shooting their mouths off and making themselves look so silly now! Well, we have the last laugh cos the 2 stories are ENTIRELY different. Just finished watching ep 22; another obvious difference is that ACOT didn’t have a cheap woman who schemes to steal her friend’s b/f and even offers her $10 million to “buy”him over! And that BK song, yeah, ruco’s voice is definitely more powerful than edwin’s. Both voices blend very well though. I wouldn’t mind them collaborating again in dramas as well as singing.

      3. Yup, the only similarities of that series ACOT that i see was the one who played the mom. She was very bitter in that older series but here she does not have much screen time but less of a bitter woman character and she got chubbier. I didn’t watch ep 22, still waiting. hehe…But that Ankie woman character looks quite attractive thou unlike the pics that was shown a while ago on these articles posted a bit earlier.

    2. Anything but boyish? He looks maturer to his real age. I thought he is as old as Moses.

  7. Give the man a break .. he needs his own private time as well.
    Why are these people hounding him. He still needs to find his mum a daughter-in-law.

  8. Of course Ruco looks better than Andy. The first is 36, while the second is 52. sixteen years of gap makes a big difference.

  9. I would compare Andy to Ruco~ Andy is old classic, Ruco is modern classic. Both are charming actors, and dream men gods 🙂

  10. Linda Chung is like a supporting cast in BK. Not impressed at all.

  11. I like Ruco compare to Andy, never like Andy anyway, I think Ruco looks much better, agreed Ruco look boysih and macho. lots of people said he is look even handsome in person, hope I can meet him one day.
    I also enjoy watching BK, I think this is a good drama, very touching. even he is turn bit bad but he is actually not an evil. support Rocu hope he can gets an award this year.

  12. ruco has won jayne most popular actor awards already….ruco good looks really captivating and consider the most good looking actor in TVB stable and among the asian actors out there… linda miss out this opportunity when she deny it when ruco maybe really intends to date her…later she regrets

  13. prefer ruco and tavia thou……… but no rumours of them ahahahahaha NO D:

    1. Tavia is deep down in the muscle sea of Him Law, no opportunity for Ruco no muscle.

  14. Such a bad picture of Ruco. He is like using drug with a face saying ‘Binge, I have no idea who is leaning on my shoulder. Please don’t be jealous.’

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