Ruco Chan Spends 40th Birthday with 400 Fans

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Ruco Chan Spends 40th Birthday with 400 Fans

January 14 was the day TV King Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) turned 40, and what’s better to do on this special day than to celebrate with fans?

Ruco’s official fanclub invited 400 fans to celebrate the big day with Ruco at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, where they played games, handed out prizes, and cut cake. Ruco also performed a few songs of his own at the party, and expressed his wish of holding his own mini-concert sometime this year.

Fans surprised Ruco with a birthday cake, which was designed to look like the TVB anniversary statuette. Ruco poked fun at his own achievements and said, “I’ve just won another award! I even won a [music] award that I shouldn’t have won.”

For his birthday wish, Ruco said he hopes for world peace and health. He also confessed that he would love to fulfill his dream of holding his own mini-concert sometime in the future. The actor, who went through a brief singing career in the late 90’s, said, “It’s something that we’ve been trying to plan for many years, but I’d need more time to rehearse. I film two to three dramas every year, so there was no time for me to rest. Hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill that wish this year.”

At the JSG Awards Presentation earlier this month, Ruco won a gold award for his Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II> OST single, “No One Can Change” <誰可改變>. The win was unexpected, and when Ruco was brought to the stage to perform the song, he was criticized by the audience for lip syncing.

“I’ve explained this before,” said Ruco. “I always sing live at my shows, but because that happened so suddenly, I wasn’t prepared and had to lip sync it.” Reporters then jokingly asked if he would lip sync at his own concert, to which Ruco said, “Those like Big Bang who dance can afford to do it, but me? I just stand there, so everything has to be live.”

Does that mean Ruco will not film as many dramas this year? “It depends on the company, but I think it’s about time for me to slow down anyways. Seeing me on TV all the time would be such a bore.”

Entering the next big decade of his life, will Ruco hope to find a girlfriend? He said, “I’m not in a hurry. It’s not something that just appears if you want it. My career has just started. I’ve held on for so long, and last year I can finally see some results. I want to continue this.”

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10 comments to Ruco Chan Spends 40th Birthday with 400 Fans

  1. m0m0 says:

    it is indeed a very nice cake. what loyal fans he’s got

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  2. bubbles23 says:

    Im offended. Big bang does not lip sync

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    • happybi replied:

      @bubbles23 Agree.. YG artists are known to not lip sync so not a good call to say that.

      Ruco is a good singer though. He has a nice singing voice.

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  3. csec says:

    hey ruco , don;t u be a disgrace to other and yourself …. big bang nv lip sync and u r the only 1 so far i know u will lip sync … i use to like u but not anymore cos u have no class and your singing is very very average

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    • 66ksc replied:

      Those who like Ruco surely have watched his shows at YT. He sang them all live and TBB was the only exception. He was not the only one who lip sync at JSG but he was pinpointed becos he’s hot and has market value. In an interview he said he was told he ‘might’ win with theme song for BK2 which he seldom sang, the night before the show while he was busy filming TA for sleepless months. It’s TBB’s arrangement for him to lip sync. They need hot artistes to support the ratings.

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  4. blest62 says:

    I am a new kid on the block for Ruco. I certainly agree that the OST for Brother’s Keeper II is a worth listening piece! Period.

    Maybe he was caught in a sticky situation as in a surprise that he has won a JSG award so not prepared for it. Anyway he is forgiven for his once-in-a-while misgivings.


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  5. jingxi2943 says:

    Who design the hideous jacket

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    • blest62 replied:

      @jingxi2943 I like the word ‘hideous’ that you use. Guess he has to don an outfit that will match him going bald!

      Cannot be too wrong to say that the picture posted here look hideous but not certainly on Youtube.

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  6. groundhog says:

    Dear Ruco babe, thank you for staying so late to have photos with each of us. I am very happy that night and it was the first time I heard you sang 誰可改變live. You were so cute that you forgot some of the lyrics and you had a peek of that karaoke machine. No worry, the fans reminded you the lyrics and sang with you. I liked to see your relax smiles before fans as no one there would blame you. Love you. You must be very tired … filming and then came to the party and after the party stood there to shake hands and took photo with each of us. I learnt that some fans did not leave after the photos taking and stayed there to wait for you, and you left the hotel after the mid-night.

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    • blest62 replied:

      @groundhog Thanks for being in attendance, and giving us a detailed account right from the horse’s mouth. We appreciate the sweet things you have said about him. Ganbatte ne, Ruco!

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