Ruco Chan Wants To Do A Bed Scene with Kelly Fu

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), and Otto Chan (陳志健) went on a radio show on Tuesday to promote their TVB anniversary drama series, Captain of Destiny <張保仔>. In an episode aired earlier this week, Kelly’s character Ha-sim gets sexually assaulted by Stephen Wong’s (黃嘉樂) character, Hon Yung. However, viewers were more struck with an even earlier scene, in which Stephen roughly squeezed Kelly’s bottom.

Kelly said, “He really did squeeze me there. We talked a lot about the scene before shooting, and I told Stephen to bring it on.” Kelly added that Stephen really did tear off her clothes, and everything was done in only one take. “After watching the scene again, I feel like we could have made it more intense. If I’m to do a similar scene in the future, I’ll tell my partner to be rougher on me.”

Ruco said that he’s not very experienced when it comes to bed scenes. Professing that he’s interested in doing them, he laughed and said, “I need to chat with the producer.” When asked who he wanted to do his bed scene with, Ruco immediately said, “Kelly! She has experience now. And she has a great body.”

On some of his most memorable scenes in the drama, Ruco said he found his fight scenes rather hard to do. He shared, “There was one scene where I had to fight off enemies while riding a horse with Kelly hugging me from behind. It’s a great scene. I never had to do action scenes like that before.” Unfortunately, Kelly said she sustained a lot of bruises on her legs from Ruco’s sword.

Captain of Destiny, a time-traveling series about the Cantonese pirate Cheung Po Tsai, also stars Tony Hung (洪永城) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳). The series premiered on September 21 and will air its last episode on Sunday, October 25.

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  1. this conveys the wrong message to me but on the other hand hats off to Ruco for being 100% honest

    1. @janet72 KMW as in the So-Gay guy? Eeek, I disagree he will be a convincing CPT. He can be a convincing pirates, yes. He has that ‘le fee’ look but not a sauvy yet cunning and ruthless CPT.

      1. @jjwong as CPT yes, but tbh i wouldn’t find the drama as interesting because (no offense) not really a fan of KMW, Tony looks better 😛

    2. @janet72 I strongly disagree. Sorry but KMW looks more like a slob to me with no looks and no physique. Tony may not be handsome with nice features but he does have his own charm (…oh well kinda…)

    1. @isay I don’t think ruco gave Kelly false hopes…he only said she has a great body and would like to do a bed scene with. yucks!

      1. @funnlim nah, if he is, he wouldn’t say such a thing. The gossipvine says that Kelly has the hots for him (can’t blame her for that), hence I said that Ruco shouldn’t give her false hopes.

  2. Kelly is so frank here! Definitely has the ambition to go higher in her career. Her admission about the butt thing and attitude towards it “bring it on” and to request her future partners be rougher on her…dang woman! Werkin it. Werkin it.

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