Ruco Chan’s New Single “Love’s Recipe” Tops Music Chart

With an accomplished acting career, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) is re-embracing the music industry with good results. While he may be known for his acting, Ruco had actually has a great singing voice. His new single, “Love’s Recipe<真愛配方> is already topping the music charts.

Earlier this year, the actor mentioned collaborating with Sky Team Entertainment to release three singles. So far, he has released two new songs “Age Zero<零歲> and “Love’s Recipe“. Becoming an instant hit, “Love’s Recipeeven topped the Jade Solid Gold music charts as the number one hit song.

Thrilled about the overall success of his new song, Ruco posted a heartfelt message on Instagram to thank friends and fans for their love. He wrote, “Special thanks to Johnny Yim (嚴勵行) who singlehandedly arranged and supervised the process; lyricist Showynana Kan (簡嘉明); MV director Link; and the entire Chu Tin team. As well, thanks to Tiksan (馮迪燊) and Cherry Fung (馮凱淇) who took part in music writing and promotions.

“Why isn’t there a simple recipe for true love? Does anyone in the world really have the secret recipe to love? I hope everyone will like my new song.”

“Love Recipe” by Ruco Chan

Source: HK01

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  1. HK entertainment from tv series, movies to music have been on the decline. If this song was released during Jacky Cheung’s era or earlier, will listeners still pay attention to it?

  2. Aight gonna be a little harsher on Ruco but his voice isn’t pleasing to listen to. Acting suits him better, singing is… yeah not gonna listen to any of his songs, no thank you.

  3. >tops music charts

    Lmao, okay, tops the most biased and least accepted chart in HK… JSG chart.
    Come on.
    I know he started off as a singer but he’s pretty irrelevant in the HK music scene these days, despite having new songs. Maybe his fans will like at least

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