Samantha Ko Has Simple Tastes In Life

Often taking on the materialistic roles, the actress settles her meals at cafes and fast food cafes.

Known for her voluptuous 34D figure, 2018 Miss Hong Kong and TVB actress Samantha Ko (高海宁) has always had a goddess image. In an episode of 2009’s Beautiful Cooking <美女廚房> filmed in Thailand, she was lifted by an elephant trunk, causing her voluminous chest to almost fall out of her tank top in a classic scene.

In recent years, Samantha began to dress more conservatively, hoping to stand out based on her acting abilities instead. At one time she suffered from balding spots due to immense stress over work. In the recently airing My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人>, the actress plays a materialistic woman – a total contrast from her off-screen personality, which Samantha describes as being far from a princess’s lifestyle. Samantha does not harbor expensive tastes and often eats fast food or at one of Hong Kong’s ubiquitous cafes.

Saves Up Slowly and Enjoys A Low-Profile Romance

The 32-year-old actress migrated from her birthplace Nanjing, China to Hong Kong with her family when she was 12. Her father’s business was in the red and the family of five had to move to a much smaller 300-feet rooftop metal shack. In her early years as an artiste, Samantha’s parents were spotted at Mongkok’s Ladies’ Market selling silverware. As the eldest daughter, she hopes to improve her family’s financial situation, not only so that her parents will not have to make a living peddling wares, but also hopes to finance her two younger brothers’ education.

In 2015, she finally raised enough to buy her first property, spending more than $5 million HKD on a two-room unit in Yau Tong, and passes all the rental earnings to her family. Recently she expressed interest in properties again. Having such a down-to-earth personality and never hankering after riches, it is no wonder that she has a stable albeit underground relationship with acclaimed music composer Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) for six years.


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