Samantha Ko is in Hot Demand in China

In TVB for over 12 years, Samantha Ko (高海寧) appeared in four dramas last year but has yet to win Best Actress.  However, her attention-grabbing role in Nothing But Thirty <三十而已> made Samantha an overnight sensation in China, and the 34-year-old has received endless jobs.

Besides endorsing sponsorships and attending various variety programs, Samantha starred in her first Mainland movie, Tan Tan Caused My Breakup <Tan Tan害我分了手> as the female lead. During this time, Samantha also started live-selling on social media with Vincent Wong (王浩信) in China and made seven-figure earnings.

One of the motivations behind Samantha’s intent career focus was her breakup with musician Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) last year. Ending their relationship after five years due rumors that Tang Chi Wai had cheated, Samantha is now focusing all her time on working and filming in China to aggressively chase promising opportunities.

With her increased income, Samantha has her eyes set on investing in more luxurious properties. The actress already purchased a home valued at $5.26 million Hong Kong dollars several years ago.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Samantha Ko’s Split From Tang Chi-wai Was Because He Cheated On Her

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  1. IMHO, she was natural on screen even when she debuted in Wong Jing’s film Beauty on Duty! Her sexual appeal is a double edge sword especially since she stayed at TVB, which had 0 potential. Samantha is a mainlander so she should have been popular in China during the time Fala, another mainlander, became popular in China. Note: I’m not comparing Fala nor Samantha, totally different artists and styles.

  2. The first I heard she is in hot demand in China. Maybe China is desperate for whatever stars.

  3. I like her. Wish her success in China. As for her live-selling be careful. Make sure the products she sells is good and has no problem.

    1. @jesspepperwang i dont think TVB stifled her. She was not well received by viewers. She talked a fair bit about it in one of the variety show. She toned down a lot on the sexy vibes and that helps her a fair bit

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