Samantha Ko Was Hurt in Past Relationship

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Samantha Ko Was Hurt in Past Relationship

Similar to her character in the My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人>, Samantha Ko (高海寧) feels that she is also a person who would give up everything for love. Because of this personality, Samantha was deeply hurt by her ex-boyfriend’s cheating in her past relationship.

First Love at the age of 18

Although Samantha’s first love started out sweet, it did not end the way Samantha expected, “When my boyfriend first started working, he would always be on a call with clients. With me, he didn’t like to talk. Since I rarely saw him, I kept talking and talking. When I found out he doesn’t like communicating with me, I blurted out, ‘We don’t need to be together!’ and then we separated.” Through this relationship, Samantha learned to not  impulsively say she wants to break up.

Foolish in Love

Samantha’s next relationship started when she was already working in the entertainment industry. “This time, I was even sadder. My dad said that this was my real first love; it’s sweet but also bitter. I loved him 100 percent. He was my world, but I wasn’t his world. His work and friends were more important than me. I wasn’t his priority, but I didn’t feel bad. I was happy during that time.”

Unfortunately the relationship didn’t have a happy ending, “In the end, I was very hurt. There was a third party and I didn’t know about it. I really trusted him and would not check his phone. I didn’t think he would lie to me. I only found out through his friends when they told me, ‘Half a year ago, there was another girl who attended our party.’ I couldn’t forgive this and chose to leave.”

Samantha was very sad during that time and would hide away to cry so that her grandma wouldn’t worry. In the end, Samantha discovered that every time she was crying in her room, her grandma was crying with her outside her room. Realizing this, Samantha finally woke up, “I was crying for someone who didn’t love me, but I was also hurting the people who love me.”

Growing up, Samantha had a close relationship with her grandma. Because of her working parents, Samantha’s grandma would travel to Hong Kong from Nanjing to take care of her and her brother.

Her past heartbreaks have helped only strengthen her relationship with her family, “The relationship helped me understand the importance of family. I would hug and kiss my grandma. When I have time, I would fly to Nanjing to visit her. I taught her to use WeChat video chat too. Truthfully, I thank my ex-boyfriend. He made me grow up and become more mature.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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