Samantha Ko’s Love for Heels

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Samantha Ko’s Love for Heels

TVB program, All Things Girl (姊妹淘), is in its third season. The show, which discusses various topics relatable to women, invited Samantha Ko (高海寧) as a guest for a recent episode. The episode focused on the topic of shopping, often perceived as a woman’s favorite pastime. Samantha did not shy away from the topic, and freely admitted that she once spent over six figures and bought 20 pairs of high heels during one shopping session!

While clothes, makeup, and purses are the kryptonite of some women, high heels are Samantha’s weakness. With the belief that donning a pair of high heels can bring out a woman’s charm and sexiness, Samantha shared, “There was a time when I shopped from day to night for several days. Of course I slept, but once I woke up, I was back online shopping again. As I flipped through the pages, I would take note of which color I wanted to buy or which style I wanted to buy. I felt like I needed to have all the different types of heels.”

With her love for heels, Samantha admitted that her home is filled with shoes – in the shoe closet, around the house, and even under her bed! Despite her love for buying heels, she actually prefers wearing tennis shoes. As such, many of her purchases are still unworn. She revealed that the most expensive pair of shoes she ever bought was worth $18,000 HKD.

To this, show host Jinny Ng (吳若希) revealed that she is also a lover of heels and admitted, “When I really want to buy shoes, where do I go? Japan. The most expensive pair of shoes I bought was more than $20,000 HKD

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8 comments to Samantha Ko’s Love for Heels

  1. m0m0 says:

    She should start a channel on why she has such a perfect body

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @m0m0 LOL…hahha ….True, she really is one of the hottest in TVB right now. Pretty face and great figure too. But to have a successful channel might not be just about looks and a perfect body. haha lol…

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      • m0m0 replied:

        face is not exactly pretty but not ugly. body hot…absolutely!

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  2. seriously says:

    I understand how her, Moon Lau, Priscilla Wong, and numerous others at TVB manage to get on TV. Her face is plain and not classically beautiful. Elongated face with a sharp long nose, dead in the eyes expressions, again not ugly but not beautiful. But we lead with our best assets, hence the heels and low cut dresses, they do distract from that face I guess.

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  3. ace818 says:

    High heels are bad for your back. Just wait until she gets older and has physical ailments. Glad she is also wearing tennis shoes. Is the price to pay for looking glamorous worth it?

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  4. minhee says:

    She’s not the prettiest but she definitely stands out from other actresses in terms of looks. I’d take actresses with unique appearances than those with the cookie-cutter wavy long hair swept behind one ear, unusually large bubbly eyes, thin straight nose, and fake perky lips any day. I also think she’s very sexy but in a classy way. Her body looks very good on-screen. She knows how to accentuate it well.

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  5. pisces2019 says:

    Not pretty with witchy hooked nose and can’t act. But she does have a nice body. I guess that’s what’s keeping her relevant.

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  6. dalebaines says:

    Seriously do not understand TVB’s standard for actresses these days. To me, she epitomizes the saying “but-her-face”. But ok, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I can see there are people in the comments already who finds her beautiful, fine, everyone has their own unique taste. But what I find more troubling is this woman really has no business acting, she’s horrible, has been for a long time without any improvement. What I can’t get over is how TVB keeps on touting D-grade actresses like her. At least Grace Chan (who is also consistently horrible) had her stupid Miss Hong Kong title, what is this chick holding over the TVB execs that they keep giving her roles and try to raise her profile? She has a nice body, let her be a model. Or maybe just give her hosting gigs since those people could be ugly as sin as long as they could read off a teleprompter correctly. Why do they keep on torturing the audience with horrible actresses like her when there are actually more talented people in their acting pool?

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