Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui Still Very Much in Love after Marriage

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Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui Still Very Much in Love after Marriage

Romance for most married couples usually fizzles, but not for 46-year-old Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and 51-year-old Andy Hui (許志安). Dating on-and-off over 20 years and married for 5 years, the couple is still deeply in love and see each other as irreplaceable. Once in a while, Sammi would share glimpses into their married life through photos or video clips on social media.

After marriage, Andy still treats Sammi like a queen at home. Since both are busy with their careers, Andy makes sure that household duties are taken care of. His assistant shared, “After becoming Mrs. Hui, Sammi is loved more than ever. She gets to make all the decisions. He really loves her. He knows that Sammi hates doing chores, so when their maid takes the day off, he would do the work like cleaning and walking the dog, so that his wife can rest!”

As well, Andy tries his best to be open minded and accept what his wife loves. He surprised her by becoming a devoted Christian, which made her very emotional. Aside from his faith, Andy also made changes in his lifestyle over the years. Although he used to hate running in the past, Andy started accompanying Sammi.

A witness shared, “Sammi loves to play on Instagram to share her very real life to her fans. Since they have been married for five years now, there really aren’t any secrets between the two so she can be open about what she posts. They are definitely very sweet!”

As the two are getting older, they love creating simple and beautiful memories in the smallest ways like playing with their cat at home, or even just going for a run. The most beautiful thing is when they are able to share quality time together as a couple and support each other.

Source: Oriental Sunday via Yahoo HK 

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Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui Still Very Much in Love after Marriage

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    1. gkoh says:

      Great they cherish their marriage

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    2. cutie777 says:

      When Andy mentions about Sammi hates to do chores it sounds like she’s either being lazy or too spoiled? I have to say they’re both still looks good as for their age. Glad they’re doing well.

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    3. stars1 says:

      Very happy for this couple. Love Andy Hui since Gor Gor was very supportive and provided encouragement to Andy when Andy was new in the entertainment infustry but do not know much about Sammi Cheng other than sheis s popular sunger.

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