Sammi Cheng Flashes Engagement Ring

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It has been a solid relationship filled with love and trust between Hong Kong pop stars Andy Hui (許志安) and Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), ever since the on-again, off-again couple reconciled in March 2011. Since their reconciliation, the couple went on vacations together to almost every three months, making up for lost time.

Rumored to be getting married in Okinawa this October, Andy and Sammi finally returned to Hong Kong yesterday after a seven-day, six-night stay in Japan. Hong Kong’s Face Magazine reported that Andy and Sammi’s trip to Okinawa was to observe their rumored wedding location – the AMMS Hotels CanNa Resort Villa – and to plan their wedding reception menu.

On February 21, Apple Daily reported that Andy and Sammi were seen shopping in Tokyo. Holding hands, the singing couple made no effort in hiding their relationship as they toured around the shopping district. A witness said that Andy and Sammi seemed to be quite interested in puppies and kittens, as they stayed inside a pet shop for nearly ten minutes. The witness also reported that whenever Andy hears a passerby speaking in a Chinese language, he would become alert and look around to check if they were being stalked.

The reporters rushed to Andy and Sammi upon seeing the couple exit the main gates at the Hong Kong International Airport. High in spirits, Sammi also appeared to be wearing her wedding engagement ring. Asked Andy if he has already proposed to her, Andy simply smiled and did not comment.

Source: Apple Daily

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Sammi Cheng Flashes Engagement Ring

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  • 10 comments to Sammi Cheng Flashes Engagement Ring

    1. miriamfanz says:

      At this point in their relationship, I don’t think it even matters if they’re married or not. I’m just happy that this sweet couple can be together after everything.

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      • Cara replied:

        Agree! They’ve seriously been through so much, and even though I’m a fan of neither, I can tell how much they grew and matured all these years. You can tell that both are really happy with each other now, they look like they are glowing even in their candid shots together.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Cara
    2. Rachel says:

      ahhhhhh SUPER happy for them!!! 😀 it’s about time haha, they are such a cute couple and i wish them much happiness and love. 🙂

      Login or Register before you can reply to Rachel
    3. reality says:

      she waited and waited for him, good thing he came back to her, many friends advised him to?

      Login or Register before you can reply to reality
      • dingdong replied:

        she waited n waited? really? didnt she dumped him n then he n she dated other ppl off n on? at least for the dude, he dated another woman n she or him dumped each other. now, all their friends are married so finally they are back w/each other haha…thats the way i see it.

        Login or Register before you can reply to dingdong
        • Cleo replied:

          they seemed too attractive to ever have broken up – I always thought they had been secretly committed since they first met like Lau Duk Wah and his wife and their breakup was faked.

          Login or Register before you can reply to Cleo
      • dingdong replied:

        @Cleo-She is attractive, Ok yes but the guy? aaaaahhhh, i am sorry i dont think so…

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        • Cleo replied:

          I always thought he looked quite clever and chic.

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    4. Cleo says:

      did those two go to Okinawa because they are secretly Fujianese just like Okinawa?

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    5. sky says:

      ok, so where is the pix of the ring?

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