Sammi Cheng Gets Hands-on Distributing Supplies to Needy

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Sammi Cheng Gets Hands-on Distributing Supplies to Needy

The singer hopes everyone can stay positive while taking all preparatory measures before heading out.

Amid the COVID-19 situation, many artistes have been doing their part by stepping up to distribute protective supplies to the needy, including Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文). Since February this year, Sammi has been involved in social welfare group Jubilee Ministries‘ on-ground activities and distributing resources to residential units every week.

Moved by Bare Living Conditions of Some Hong Kongers

On March 14, Sammi shared a video of the volunteering efforts on her Instagram profile and wrote, “For these months, I’ve been visiting the community along with the welfare organization, into decrepit apartments, subdivided rooms, and partitioned units. These residents have it the hardest. Seeing their minimal living conditions really shook me.

“While walking into the community cannot change the situation, I hope that our small actions can affect a little use and warmth. The coronavirus is harming the world; I hope more people can overcome this sickness as every life is precious. Even though the vaccine is not ready as yet, we must remember that love is a  strong consolation. While we have to refrain from handshakes and hugs, we can still display kindness with our eyes, and smile beneath our masks. Let’s keep positive while we take all the protective measures before heading outdoors. Hang on, everyone! That’s how we fight the virus together.”

Sammi learned about the group and its activities after artiste Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫) shared some related photos on social media. Interacting with the residents each time, Sammi would be deeply affected by what she saw. “There are really many who’ve lost their jobs, even families who cannot be assured of their three meals a day. I also saw how it’s a luxury to even move your body in the HKD $2,400 partitioned units, up to five adults living within a tiny subdivided room, and a 90-year-old senior living in isolation who ended up hungry as food delivery aid was terminated due to the virus.”

Without any airs, the pop queen has interacted well with the volunteers, praising the youth especially for being passionate. Speaking to one of the volunteers on an occasion, she felt keenly the difficulty of their jobs, and how they serve the community with utmost humility. “Every time I tag along on their trips, I learn a lot, too.” She added that while the coronavirus has put a stop to many people’s jobs, we can all keep on learning even as we age.

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