School Asks Elaine Ng’s Daughter to Transfer

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School Asks Elaine Ng’s Daughter to Transfer

In March, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) was arrested and suspected of child abuse of her 15-year-old daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林). Although the incident is behind them now, Etta’s school has asked her to transfer due to the scandal.

The school had alerted the police when Etta confided to her teacher about her mother’s alcoholism. After Elaine’s arrest, Etta moved in to her godmother’s home. The incident was seemingly settled a month later when Etta had returned home. Elaine said she would improve her communication with Etta to savage their relationship.

Elaine’s former lover and Etta’s father, Jackie Chan (成龍), had recently expressed his desire to see his daughter. Ever since Etta’s birth in 1999, Elaine has raised Etta on her own, moving to Shanghai to work full-time. In 2011, mother and daughter returned to Hong Kong, and rumors say that Jackie had attempted to convince Elaine to move back to Shanghai by giving her a large sum of money.

Etta also expressed her desire to meet her father, and this led to Elaine and Etta to fall out again. The paparazzi, who has been stalking Etta in the past few days, noticed that she has been carpooling with a classmate and did not return home.

Reporters asked Elaine about her current relationship with her daughter, but she responded reluctantly, saying, “I will not see my daughter today.”

School Asks Etta to Leave

Elaine and Etta’s relationship has not improved at all over the months of their reconciliation. She is allegedly blaming Etta’s school for attempting to break her away from her daughter. According to a source, Elaine asked for the school to issue a public apology about her arrest. Elaine said the teacher who had alerted authorities was making “a big deal out of nothing”. The school declared that they only reported to the police after receiving Etta’s consent, but Elaine has been calling the school almost every other day for a proper explanation from the faculty.

The source said that Elaine’s actions have affected the school’s image. After holding numerous meetings, it was decided that the school environment may not be suitable for Etta, and the school urged Etta to transfer to a different school after the semester is over.


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4 comments to School Asks Elaine Ng’s Daughter to Transfer

  1. vodka says:

    Jackie should just step in as a father and give this family some help…

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  2. nomad822 says:

    (1) JC stepping in at this time (esp after all the silence so far) to offer support will probably give Elaine nightmares and further astress. Isn’t she opposed to her daughter getting in touch with him?

    (2) That teacher may have been well-intentioned, and went by the book to react by reporting … but perhaps it would have been way wiser to hear mom’s side of the story before calling authorities/child services.
    I don’t see how this resulting drama and putting Elaine in this unpleasant public spotlight is any good for the daughter, or resolves anything.

    (3) As in, this is worse – now having the stability of a school Etta is used to, removed from her. To a teen, that social factor is important.
    And after all that hype – has anything changed on her home front? Probably not.

    (4) Elaine after all her efforts parenting this child singlehandedly, gets this result – shouldn’t the school have applied more tact and sensitivity before going public?

    (5) What would perhaps have been proactively supportive would be to get counsellors involved for daughter/mom, and home visits to check in. Mom and child need better communication, and a mediator to put their seperate viewpoints into perspective.

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  3. coralie says:

    What a busybody school. Seriously. And who leaked this to the media? Stuff like this needs to be dealt with in private and the school decided to call the police? Um, what happened to all the counselors? This school did more harm than good and it created this gigantic mess in the first place. If I were Elaine, I’d be pissed too.

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  4. nomad822 says:

    Agree, and those busybodies probably caused more harm without resolving anything.

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