Selena Li Receives S&M Birthday Gifts

Above: Selena Li at one of her birthday celebrations with friends in early February.

TVB actress Selena Li (李詩韻), who turned 32 years old on February 12, partied it up with her male friends at a club last Thursday. According to Hong Kong’s Sharp Daily, Selena organized her birthday bash at a club which was opened by her ex-boyfriend, Phil.

Selena’s birthday guests included five men – her former lip-locking partner, Xuan Mo (巫翊鳴); 2011 Mr. Hong Kong winner, Clayton Li (李晉強); Rain Li’s (李彩華) ex-boyfriend, Derek Poon (潘啓翀); and Selena’s own ex-boyfriend, Phil. Selena and her friends spent over $10,000 HKD on drinks alone, which was all paid out of Phil’s pocket.

Wearing a tight mini dress, Selena arrived at Phil’s club at 9PM Thursday and went straight to the club’s bar. Engaging in an intense drinking game, Selena and her friends finished over thirty bottles of alcohol in less than three hours. Unable to keep her hands off a champagne bottle, Selena allegedly only stopped drinking when Phil told her to slow down. However, Selena proceeded to drink again when a mysterious man came up to the group and offered to treat the birthday girl to another round of drinks.

Selena’s friends did not purchase any outside birthday gifts for her. Instead, her friends handpicked some S&M instruments at a raffle, and presented them to Selena as birthday gifts. The presents included a whip, a vibrator, and some condoms. Selena laughed at her gifts and openly thanked her male friends for their thoughtful donations.

Selena did not leave the club until six hours later, when she was picked up by another male friend. The drunken Selena and her friends abruptly left once they saw the paparazzi.

A source said, “Selena used to enjoy quiet activities, and she often went to church with Leanne Li (李亞男). Ever since breaking up with Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), she became a completely different person. Now, she is always going out to clubs on dates with her friends. She smokes, drinks, and has become a really bold person.”


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  1. never expected selena li likes to be “tortured” in the dark using this kind of massive precious tools!!

    She definitely got mental problems with her xxx orientations. Yucks!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with it if that’s her thing… I don’t see how it’s a “mental problem”

      1. She should quit smoking and drinking so heavily for her own sake…!

    2. It’s not torture if she enjoys it. And she’s not mental for liking this stuff. lol

  2. Why, oh why, Selina, are you behaving thus? It’s terribly unbecoming of a nice girl, really. If she’s not careful her reputation can be easily ruined.

    1. Has she changed or is this how she behaves normally and was just good at covering it up?

    2. I don’t care much about her reputation, but her HEALTH…!

  3. Does Selena have any series that’s to be aired? Feel like she’s been so quiet over the last year w/ little to no news.

  4. “She smokes, drinks, and has become a really bold person”

    That’s disappointing to read… as is the drunkeness.

    Still, I’d like to see her in more shows, good actress.

  5. Aww…I hope the comment the source made wasn’t true. I don’t want her reputation to get ruined!

    1. i also hope so too but i’m pretty sure she’s going through a bad time right now ..

      it’s a lot of pressure being a celebrity and its not uncommon to crumble.

  6. There is nothing wrong with sexual toys lol it’s also not unusual to go clubbing too it’s just the media making her sound like she’s desperate without Patrick.

    Her new series Love Exceeds The Coastline with Ruco should air in March or April.

  7. Besides the last paragraph, which is unlikely true, I don’t see anything wrong. It’s her birthday!

  8. Where the party at?? Miss those old crazy wild days. She can do whatever she want. Clubbing every week is the good life…

  9. Who are those ppl? It seems besides the birthday girl, none of them are in series?
    She does seem like a sweet girl but you can never tell just by looking at their faces. I have a colleague who goes to church and filial n all that but shes a heavy smoker and likes to drinking all the time. It’s not usual or unusual, depends on the person and thats why they say looks are deceiving.

  10. It’s her birthday so I don’t see why she shouldn’t go a little crazy that day. 🙂

  11. Who is the source? A worker in the club? Phil has someone to fire soon.

  12. so what she smokes? even innocent looking Charmaine sheh smokes too.

    1. I forgot that Charamine Sheh smokes.
      Nevertheless, smoking and drinking can cause damage. ._.

  13. Remember no one is innocent, there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking and smoking, it’s her choice we shouldn’t judge.

    1. I don’t think anyone said it was wrong, it is disappointing. Back when I was dating, a woman smoking was an immediate sign for me to walk away and I did. If she doesn’t care enough about her health to smoke, then really, not interested.

  14. Looks like she has a “mashmellow” cake! 🙂 anyways I like her i think her acting is ok tho.

  15. Let’s not judge…. seriously, all these things seem a little ‘made-up’; and even if it is true… well, it truly just sounds like a normal weekend of partying in any western country 🙂

  16. It the accompanying picture alone, there are already 3 girls. But, the reporter made it sound like Selena only interact men and her birthday guests only consist of men.

  17. I like Selena so much it really hurts a lot to learn that she smokes and drinks so heavily. Both Vices could do a lot of damages to anyone, especially to such a beautiful and sweet girl…!

    She has become my girl, or TV, at least, ever since I saw her picture…!

    I really hope she would quit really soon, for her own sake….

    So please quit, Selena, because I want to see you to be beautiful as you are for a long long time…!

  18. Maybe is just rebelling and has enough of this goody goody side….

    Everyone remembers Britney when she went off the rails and shaved her head….

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