“Short End of the Stick” Stars Rosina Lam and Grace Wong Do Not Get Along?

TVB’s current period drama Short End of the Stick <公公出宮> may be receiving “happy” reviews for now, but the atmosphere on set was probably not as happy as it looks on camera.

A recent rumor claimed that Short End of the Stick stars Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Rosina Lam (林夏薇) did not get along with Grace Wong (王君馨) on set, and tried to boycott her. The trio also appeared reluctant when reporters asked them to pose together for photos at a recent event for the comedy drama.

But Rosina said the rumor is all nonsense, adding that everyone in the cast actually got along really well.

“Those who know me would know what kind of personality I have,” said Rosina. “But I do want to thank the report for helping Short End of the Stick receive more attention. The best memory I have of this drama is that we all had a great time shooting it. It also gave me three heatstrokes,” she added with a laugh.

In an earlier interview, Grace Wong admitted that she never met up with Rosina privately before. Rosina said, “Actually, the entire cast would meet up for a meal together sometimes. To be honest, even if I do have time, I would rather spend time with my husband or family. We are all very busy people, but we would try to meet up if we can.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i know nancy and myolie are best friends, grace and christine are good friends. i never heard that any of them not getting along

    1. @m0m0
      Honestly even if they did not get along, they will not admit it. It is truly hard to be friends in this industry where the competition is so high and stuff. There are many that I used to assume we’re good friends since they played great friends on screen ended up not really liking each other in real life. I guess that is another example of real and on screen being 2 different worlds just like with love couples.

  2. But honestly, Nancy and her girlfriends always give off the feeling that they are bullies. I like Nancy on screen but if I was her competitor or even colleague I’d be intimidated by her and her close friends. This kind of woman are usually very powerful and manipulative. In order to be friend with her you gotta remain under her lead or else if you dare to do the opposite you will be her enemy. I’m sure the circle don’t like each other that much either but each put up with each other for each own benefit. An honest independent and genuine person won’t succumb to friendship like that and will opt out. That person usually the one speaks her mind and gets hated by the leader and her “friends”. Don’t know why I’m yapping on about this. Sorry guys.

    1. @kaykay408
      Good thoughts and I must say that I sort of have the same kinds of feelings about them. I used to have girls that I went to school with and they were very competitive. If you were under their belt,they would treat you decently,but if you were better and went against them,they would do everything to bring you down. Those kinds of people can get scary. I really wonder if that was why Kenneth’s relationship with Nancy did not work out?

      I also wonder if Nancy and her group of close friends are truly “that” close? They are actresses so it wouldn’t be that shocking if they are partially acting. I used to think members of musical groups were buddies since they spent so much time together. However, I found out how untrue that is with some groups. Like with Fahrenheit, I just found out how much some of the members despise each other after years of being together in a group. One of the members finally blasted 2 of the members and said that he was sick of acting. I really wonder if one day some of Tvb actresses would ever do the same after leaving Tvb?

      1. @hetieshou yeah not thing worst than enduring a frenemy. Hence why like you said, after one no longer need or associate with the same group, things just explode. I’ll not be surprise if it happens in TVB. Females are the worst. Males fight first, then become friends. Females pretend to be friends, but hate each other guts and once something happen, there’s no return.

  3. I don’t really believe it. They are all adults and even if they disliked each other, they won’t be so stupid to show it so openly. Besides, just because you are not BFFs with someone doesn’t mean that you dislike them. I think Grace and Rosina are just colleagues with different personalities and they operate within different social circles so if they don’t have much common topics to talk about on set, it is quite normal.

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