Sonija Kwok Purchases $5 Million Property

Sonjia Kwok (郭羨妮) will be marrying mainland martial choreographer, Zhu Shaojie (朱少杰)  next year. It was known that Sonjia had earlier took advantage of the temporary property market downturn to buy up her rented Clear Water Bay Oscar By The Sea apartment at an understated price of $5 million HKD. However, Sonjia denied that she was subsidizing her own hard-earned money to build up their love nest. She even revealed that her future husband-to-be was working hard to earn money to buy a property in mainland. Sonjia also professed that as long as one is wealthy in the heart, nothing else matters and did not mind her other half being labelled as a poor choreographer.

During July last year, when Sonjia filmed mainland drama, Palace <宮鎖心玉> she became acquainted with mainland choreographer, Zhu Shaojie, and things went on from there since both of them got along really well with each other. The couple dated for months and it wasn’t long before they decided to get married.

Because there was a huge disparity between Sonjia Kwok’s and Zhu Shaojie’s fame in the industry, his income was obviously miles apart from his fiancee, Sonjia. This led to many labeling of him as a “poor martial choreographer.” However, Sonjia who placed love above all, disregarded the ugly labels and even recently purchased her rented Oscar By the Sea apartment in Clear Water Bay in a discreet manner.

Property Hits Ideal Price, Immediately Buys Rented Apartment

According to sources, Sonjia had always kept an eye and monitored the property market movements. Thus, as soon as the property market was in a temporary recessionary phase, Sonjia immediately striked out to accumulate her wealth. Browsing through past findings, Sonjia had a shrewd mind and instinctively left the property scene just before the financial tsunami occurred in 2008, thus earning her a profit of $400,000 HKD, afterwhich she moved into the rented Oscar By the Sea apartment with her mom.

Since the property owner was willing to lower the price and give up his beloved apartment, Sonjia saw this as a great opportunity to enter the market and bought up the rented apartment to make it her own, thus forking out $5 million HKD for this premium unit, in a bid to consider for the future.

Sonjia accepted an interview over the phone yesterday and admitted that she had entered the property market again to become a property owner. However, she refused to disclose the apartment price and said, “It wasn’t too expensive hence I was able to buy it up!”Asked if it was bought under the joint ownership of Zhu Shaojie and herself, Sonjia denied and replied, “It had nothing to do with him. My mom didn’t want to move here and there all the time so I thought of buying a stable home for her. (Aren’t you worried that outsiders would criticize about subsidizing the joint love nest with him with your own money?) No, I’m not worried. Shaojie will not be living in Hong Kong; he will be staying in mainland to advance his career.”

He Will Give Me Everything I Want, Definitely Not Poor

Speaking about her fiancé, Zhu Shaojie, Sonjia pointed out that their love nest would most likely be situated in Shanghai or Beijing, “We plan to buy an apartment in both places hence he is saving up some more money now! (Whose name will the property be under?) Haha, of course it will be under my name!”

Being loyal in her love and feelings, Sonjia disregarded the accusations of her fiancé being a “poor martial arts choreographer.” Sonija laughed and said, “I don’t care what people say, Shaojie doesn’t take it to heart too, nothing matters as long as we are wealthy in our hearts. In any case, everything and whatever food I want, he would give it to me so how is that considered poor?”

It was known that Zhu Shaojie was actually multi-talented with many skills on hand, besides being a choreographer, he was also also a director and producer and was even busy filming a new drama in Mainland.

Source: The Sun

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. “I don’t care what people say, Shaojie doesn’t take it to heart too, nothing matters as long as we are wealthy in our hearts.” —- Well said Sonijia, Thumbs up to you! You have good heart, God bless you.

    1. That is so sweet of her to say that and I think she is attracted by his talent and sweetness towards her…I hope that they will share the happy news of her marriage with everyone and not hide it.

  2. Oh yeah, speaking of Oscar By The Sea in Clear Water Bay, if I’m not wrong, isn’t that Shirley Yeung’s home too? Strange sometimes how God works it’s way to us as since Sonjia is staying at the same place as Shirley, doesn’t that make them…neighbors? :X

  3. Wasn’t she living in Kowloon Tong at the time when she used to date deric Wan?

    1. @BORNINHK:

      Hmm…sorry I’m not sure, I don’t follow Sonjia’s news very closely but maybe that Kowloon Tong apartment that you mentioned was that property that she sold for a profit of $400,000 HKD in the year 2008, before moving into her rented Oscar By the Sea apartment in Clear Water Bay?

  4. I don’t understand the HK media. If an actress date a successful and rich guy…they label a her gold digger, if she date someone who make less than her they make it seem like she supporting him financially. Really it is a no win situation.

    1. I totally agree with you. Just don’t understand why people have such narrow minded views on things. I like Sonija and good luck to her coming marriage. If she wants to purchase an apartment for whatever the price, then its her business and no one else’s.

  5. What’s the big deal? 5 mil hkd isn’t alot compared to australian property prices.

    1. @stance:

      You are right, 5 million HKD is not alot but then again to most average working adults like us, how many of us can have approximately 640,000 or more readily in our bank account? How many of us can buy an apartment without taking up a bank draft? How many of us can play the property market like these celebrities and buy and sell in a blink of the eye like they are playing shares? I’m sure few of us can, which makes us (“mere commoners”) interested and envious of the luxury lifestyle that they can afford.

      I found this article interesting because I only knew about celebrities like Miriam Yeung, Charlene Choi, Sammie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and Tracy Yip having investments in the property market but I didn’t know Sonjia was a smart player of the property market as well.

      And, to be honest, I only translated this article because Sonjia’s selflessness love for her fiancé is rare in today’s world where money comes before love and also because it was the headlined entertainment news for “The Sun” newspaper on that day, perhaps it was just another slow news day? 😀

      1. I like this article. Sonijia is a nice girl with nice heart. She make more than her BF and she doesn’t mind, which mean she willing to work to helps out with him and build the family.
        Not like others which are gold-diggers and just want to married rich, old man for money, so they can stay home paint their fingernails, and ask for their husband money go shopping or buy them stuff.

      2. And haha!! Maybe he is Not millionairs like those rich old men who old enough to be her father, but in replace to that he is caring and treats her well. And maybe the “sex” is good, Haha!!
        If I have to choose, 1) a rich old man who old enough to be my father, or 2) a Poor/average man my age who treats me well and Sex good. Then ofcourse I choose 2), I don’t want to hug money to sleep since the old man is too old, LOL!! I want to be able to enjoy bed time together, LOL!!
        Anyways, God bless you Sonija, you are good role model independent Chinese woman.

  6. Come on Laila fan. You will never know if they really can last, she married a poor guy not mean only her is in real love…. .. I’m high maintain, independent woman….and I have an awesome life, I have houses and good career. But I still prefer a men earn more than a women. Maybe that’s me, but I don’t like the feeling of the men spending my money…Don’t you feel men looking better when they have money, success and fame? hahaha….Call me narrow mind, but serious, I don’t feel good to see Ada, Shirley or Sonija dating poorer men than they are…. however… I don’t like Gigi Lai married an rich old man either…. Maybe I’m a geedy woman… I want a rich, handsome, and young….

    I’m kinda skeptical about Sonija’s love….. anyway… time will tell….

    1. There are many factors to consider not just money as Leilafan also pointed out in her post.

      What’s the point marry rich if you are not happy. I suppose Sonija have grown up i.e. don’t dream of marry rich and decided to settle down with a normal guy that loves her. life is too short and if you find a person that you love and loves you back then you should grab the chance.

      i guess most girls want to marry a rich handsome guy, but seriously how many can be that lucky. but if you think you will be happy with a rich guy no matter what then good luck to you!

      1. I agree with you exoidus. I’m rather a very realistic person. Instead of me sitting and dreaming of a rich man come and feed me, I get out to work and feed myself.
        Sure, want to married rich is one thing, but actually able to married rich is a different thing. Unless you are a hot, beautiful, sexy girl, what make you think a rich man go after you? Not likely you are at those rich places that those rich men hang out with, plus they have plenty of choices to choose from.

      2. Why only hot, beautiful girls ca get rich guys? Don’t need to. Smart, outgoing, independent women can get any guys they want as well.
        I don’t mean all the girls go get rich guys, but at least the men earn better. At least they provide their women a house, not women buy house then the men move in. Do you think I don’t know what love mean and I only think about rich guys? Frankly, I once lived in a dream and married a man I really loved but poor. Long story short, after a year of happily in love, I got pregnant, after that all the troubles happened, we end up divorced, money was a main factor. With my experience, the men not even feel happy when their women earn better than them either . So I say it because I have been through this. When you in love, everything will be fine, but Soon or later, the problem will come out
        and bite you.

      3. Why do the guy have to buy you house? Here in USA, all Americans girls grew up going to work and help their husband buy house. Why do I need a man buy me house? I have money, I put in my money to help payment for the house together, I don’t need any man buy me house.
        And anya, we all have our own experience when it come to marriage, maybe your marriage broke down because of money, but my marriage money was never an issue.
        And again, wish you get the “rich” man you want. As girls and girls, I want to see you happy, good luck.

      4. ” Instead of me sitting and dreaming of a rich man come and feed me, I get out to work and feed myself.”

        Sounds kinda extreme to me. I think marrying rich guys (not ultra rich, but rather having a rich education, high-paying job) does not always require one to be hot, sexy, beautiful, etc. Of course, it helps too if you have that natural beauty. But like Anya said, I think smart, independent, and outgoing girls can also land some good guys who are rich ENOUGH. Honestly, I don’t want to marry someone poorer than me, not only because money is important, but it’s important that he has a good education, is intelligent, and mature. And these traits go hand in hand.

        Haha, if you are being realistic, then you should realize that money is important too. I like your sense of perseverance to work for yourself, but it’s not really about ‘sitting and dreaming of a rich’ to come feed you, but rather working your part to get a good enough guy. The keyword is try and maybe because I have high expectations, but I can’t see myself marrying someone poorer than me. I would work for myself, but I wouldn’t settle for someone doesn’t meet a certain percentage of my expectations.

        So let’s say you’re not beautiful, sexy, or hot. But you have decent features and are not ugly, assuming you’re not from the depictions you gave yourself from your earlier comments. Well, make up does wonders! 😀

        Therefore, it’s not always about what God gave me, but how you maneuver your way around it to market yourself to the best of your advantage. But of course, if you are happy with the way things are now, then I’m just speaking for myself, haha. 🙂

      5. It’s just more likely that rich guys will go after hot girls, however there are exceptions ofcourse.

        im sorry it didn’t work out for you Anya. guess you are right that for the majority of guys in asia prefer to earn more than their partners. it’s not easy when people living in asian countries are brought up to think that men have to earn more than women. otherwise guys will be risk of being a soft rice eather hehe

      6. Chriselle, money is important, but there are many others things that are more importants than money.
        I do not like to dream, instead of me going around to find the richest man, I will give guys around me a chance to prove to me how much they love me.
        I was 18 year olds when I move out my parents house. I rent a place and I work to pay for my own rent and my own bills.
        I do not depend on my husband to live, even if he walk out on me now I still have my own money in the bank to support myself.
        And you do not want to married a guy more poor than you, OK, that is your choice. But me and Sonija don’t mind married a man make less than us, that is OUR choice.

      7. “Why do the guy have to buy you house? Here in USA, all Americans girls grew up going to work and help their husband buy house. Why do I need a man buy me house?”

        Because it makes us feel good, feel happy, and offers a sense of security and stability in life. And isn’t our ultimate goal in life happiness? 🙂

      8. That is what you think Chriselle. My goal in life is 1) work to support myself, 2) have a husband who loves me, and love here is he caring, not a guy who shove his money down to my face and claim that to be love.
        Buy me a house do not give me secure, I am capable of buy a house myself. Here in USA, down payment for house and do payment for your house, pretty much all average class American can buy.

      9. “I do not like to dream, instead of me going around to find the richest man, I will give guys around me a chance to prove to me how much they love me.”

        In the past, I use to not like dreaming much, but dreaming does offer us vision, the direction we want to head towards. And only with a clear direction can we come up with ways and methods of achieving that dream. Excessive dreaming is, of course, not healthy, but mild forms of dreaming is good. 😀 I don’t want to floating around, not knowing my destination. Just saying, I think I went off topic already! 😛

      10. @christelle;

        most girls think like you i.e. find a guy who earns more by your definition and feel secure.

        truth is you will never know when he choose to replace you with a younger version so how secure is that?

      11. “most girls think like you i.e. find a guy who earns more by your definition and feel secure.”

        I did not define security by him buying me a house. Since LeilaFan doesn’t seem to understand and had to argue ‘why would I want him to buy me a house?’, I was throwing out some possibilities. LeilaFan seemed to not like it when a man buys her a house, which baffled me. The truth is, I don’t need him to buy me a house, but why would I deny the house if he offered me something so great?! 😀

      12. 1) I do not need any man buy me a house, because I am capable to down payment and payment for my own house 2) even if a guy buy me a house, I reject it, do not ever try to court me with shove cash down my face, because I will slap it back to his face. 3) About house, me and my husband both have jobs, we both monthly payment for our house together.
        Obviously we do not have same opinions, useless to continue debate, all my posts clearly stated my possition.

      13. @Laila fan: I think you get me wrong when you think I just want to married rich guy. Honestly. I’m rich enough. I own my business, I have many houses that already paid off. I raise my 6 years old daughter by myself. So that mean I have to married the guy better than me, that mean he has to be rich to better than me. However, I’m still hopeless romantic woman, if he rich but not handsome and tall I will not love. If he hand some but not rich I will not love. Let me tell you, when I was a very poor student, who lived in America by myself, hardly to have any money to feed me and pay for school, there was a man that very rich, he offer me money. He willing to support me, but I didn’t have feeling for him, and he is not tall enough( he is only 1’73 cm) I rather work night and day to earn my hard money than willing to be his girlfriend. I just want to tell you that to understand me I’m not someone just think about money only. Every women are different. Some women think have enough food, a house to stay is enough. However, there are many women like me who want to be able travel many places as much as I can, eat out at nice restaurants as often as I can, drive a nice car …. But that does not mean I don’t look for love and I don’t want real love 🙂 I’m just working harder to have the man that I want: look, money and love….

      14. @leilafan; i think the are one of the very few people that wouldn’t like their partners buying you a house, well he could own the house legally.

        most would probably like their partners to pay all the down payment on the mortage hehe.

        well i respect their choice 🙂

      15. “But that does not mean I don’t look for love and I don’t want real love ”


        I understand where you’re going off and agree that just because we think money is important to everyday life doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking for love too. Why can’t we have both?

        Yes, we have to try a little harder, but if we don’t mind the hard work, then it’s our choice.

        It’s sad that some people don’t understand that there’s more to it than black and white. 🙁

      16. exoidus, I don’t need my husband buy me house. We both put in the payment for the house together. If we both helps with the payment for the house, then half the house is his house, you agree with this right?
        I did not buy him a house for him to live in free, he also did not buy me a house for me to live in free, we both payment for our house, so half the house is his, since he put in half. I don’t see any problem with that.
        I do not reject a guy just becasue he have no house or cannot afford me house.
        exoidus, may I ask if you a girl or guy? If you a guy, are you OK with your wife help you payment for the house together?

      17. @leilafan;

        i understand perfectly what you mean and yeah it will probably be much easier in a “divorce”.

        no i don’t see any problem with your solution. im just saying that most girls would prefer their partners paying all the bills.

        im a guy and i wouldn’t mind splitting all the expenses 🙂

      18. Sorry to bug in all of a sudden, I think both Chriselle and Leilafan have their own right of opinion/choice in life, since Leilafan is married with kid, I could understand your demand in life and I don’t think Chriselle is wrong either to dream and hope her partner would gives her financial help in future.

        But chriselle, the prob in our life is even if you dream or hope your partner in future will be the one who supply your needs and earn more than you is not always a good thing.. I mean like what exoidus mentioned.. there are many flaws in our life until you can’t speculate or ensure your future will really run smoothly. We need to be more realistic sometimes and work without relying on any rich man when circumstances doesn’t permit us.

        I could understand fully what Leilafan need atm, all she wants is a happy life now with decent job and a happy family.. and I dont think she didnt understand like what you said earlier, I think she’s just down to earth person who think of her family and kid as the top priority in her life. Everyone hopes for an optimistic life but can you really sure u will get one? Dreaming is good it definitely motivate someone to achieve their dreams… but I’m afraid the more you dream and expected, you wont get what u want in future.

      19. Sorry for popping up, but I dun think it’s wrong to have a wish of a rich white horse prince. Money isn’t important, it’s very important :P. Many things can’t buy by money, but without money, these things are also can’t buy. Like that, health can’t buy by money, but money can help to have good health and good things (medicine, food, medical services, etc.) to support the health.

        So, in my opinion, money is very important. We are living in a material world.

      20. Agree with Fox and Chris
        Also, I feel funny when some of you say married rich guy may not Feel secure. They will dumb you and go for younger girls. ….So you think poor guy not do that? It worst for a poor guy who can’t give you a good life and still eyeing for other women. No secure at all in men, poor or rich are the same.

      21. Have money and being rich eating lobster on the yatch, drinking wine and beer everyday is also not healthy, too much cholesterol, high fat.
        Here in USA don’t worry about end up in the hospital and being poor. The laws in USA is everyone are being treated equally in the hospital even a homeless. I give you a real life example, my friend work in the hospital. She once told me there was a case where there is poor, old man come in the hospital. He have stomach pain, need to see doctor, but have no money, no health insurance, he come to emergency room and the hospital immediately find him a doctor to check him out (Hospital do not discriminate against rich or poor). After the doctor check him out, doctor put on him surgery. After stomach surgery, he stay in hosptal for like a week and come home. Guess what, the hospital bills was HUGE!!!! It is a major surgery, expensive. The hospital begin to phone his house ask him to pay, he do not have money, then the hospital ask if his children can help out, I guess they can’t. Hospital check him out, he not working, he living on senior government money. And guess what, the USA GOVERNMENT pay for it. The old man didn’t even have to pay a penny, his sugery was Free!!! His bills balance ZERO!!!
        I give this example, not imply to anyone money is not important. It is, but don’t make it like if you have no money, you will died. False!! In China maybe, but not here in USA.
        I, myself eat family food, rice, vegetables, meat. And guess what, the last time I ever been in hospital was when I give birth. I do not get sick, checkups come out all good, everything normal. Actually now in USA, too many people fat and they even eat less to loose weight.

      22. Rich or poor man can wonder eyes around. But there is a difference between wander eyes around, and actually snatch the girls.
        Like you say, materialistic world, girls will chase after the rich man first before laid eyes on the poor man.
        Rich man go many places, have more friends, more options to choose, meet more people, more girls willing to fall to their feet for their money. So rich men ofcourse will have more choices in cheating than poor men.

      23. LeilaFan,
        “So rich men of course will have more choices in cheating than poor men.”

        Perhaps the richer the man, the more women will throw themselves at them. A rich man may be more attractive to most women.

        However, if a poor man wants to cheat, he has ways too. If it is too expensive to keep a mistress, the poor man can scrape together money for a prostitute.

        I don’t think marrying a poor man necessarily means that he will be less likely to cheat. It really depends on the man and how important he values fidelity in a marriage. It’s like drugs and gambling…even the poorest can afford them.

      24. I agree, but since you talking about prositute, drugs and gambling.
        Rich men have money, if they want prositutes or mistress, or drugs or gambling, they Can Always get it since they have money.
        Poor man want prositutes, sure, but save up first. Poor men want drugs, sure, save up first, want gambling sure, save up first.
        If you poor and go steal money to gambles and drugs, you will be Lock up in jail for stealing. Many pooor African-American people in USA stealing for drugs, and they end up in jail.
        So chances of poor having mistress compared to rich men are far less.
        The top thing people think of is food, poor men will sure have their stomach full first before they have energy to go find a prositute to sleep with. Rich men, no need worry food or pay bills, they can go find mistress anytime.
        Any men will think of cheating, this I agree. But Think and Actions are 2 different things. Wants something and get something are also a 2 different things. Rich men wants they can have. But poor men wants something, they better find money first.
        Heck, when I was younger I dream of married the WWE Wrestler Superstar Edge, LOL!! But dreams are just dreams, did I end up married him? No! Will he married me? No! Also, when I was in school, I dream of being an Aerospace Engineer working for NASA, guess what, I have to drop out of my own major by the 3rd year because it was TOO HARD for me to continue, so I change my major to something else. I just want to point out, dream is one thing, Achieving the dream is another thing.

      25. @ LeilaFan: Wow, you are making life in US is like in paradise, lol. Sorry, it makes me hard to blv 😛 because I heard more complaints about US government than praises like you are saying.

        BTW, I won’t argue this thing with you.

      26. @Fox @Leila
        Our family also came to the United States with no money, but the opportunity is there for anyone to chase their dreams, perhaps more favorable for young children and students who get an education here and find a better financial future.

        I think the United States is more appreciated by immigrants who have lived in other countries, especially poorer countries and harsher circumstances. You do not appreciate a certain lifestyle unless you have lived worse before.

      27. Fox, USA is not perfect. But if you poor and you end up in the Emergency room, doctors are required by laws to treated you first, even if you have no money. After that they will ask for you to pay and if you have no jobs, no asset, no house, then the government will just have to pay the hospital bills. This just goes for being poor and need health treatments only.
        People like me have to get my a-s-s out to work, no government in USA will feed me, heck I am only 27. But if I am 65 or older, then I will get Medicaid and Medical and money.
        You can ask anyone live in USA here like Jaynestar to confirm to you if what I say is true.

      28. @ Leilafan

        I do not reject a guy just becasue he have no house or cannot afford me house.

        But, you will reject him (and even slap him) if he can afford it and buy you one. Poor guy.

        “2) even if a guy buy me a house, I reject it, do not ever try to court me with shove cash down my face, because I will slap it back to his face.”

        What is the treats you very nice and caring beside buying a house for you?

      29. People with different experience that shape their different worldview.

        Leilafan married poor, but, she’s happy in her marriage. So, money is not a problem to her.

        Anya used to live in a dream where she believe love is enough but the reality turns out to be different. So, she has different view now.

        Neither is wrong.

      30. @Kidd @LeilaFan @Anya
        “People with different experience that shape their different worldview.”

        I also think that LeilaFan and Anya have different experiences with money. LeilaFan mentioned the harsh circumstances that her family grew up under when they first immigrated to the United States, which I can relate to well. I also have that mentality that it doesn’t take a lot of money to live happily. When you are married and already have a child, you realize that while it takes money to hold a family together, you just have to be resourceful and figure out what are the most important things to chase after.

        Anya, you sound like a strong woman who has made it through tough circumstances. Perhaps that may be one of the reasons why you are not willing to compromise anything less in your established criteria for a man. 🙂

      31. You right, I will reject any guy who court me by showing off his money to me. Men that come to me with money and try to take me out on expensive dates or buy me expensive stuff, I will not show interest.
        A guy who shove money to my face, can shove money to any other women face behind my back. I do not like those who bragging about how rich they are. Most Chinese are big saver, and many of them have money, they do not need to show it outside.
        I Never type that anyone should married poor, quote me if I ever order anyone around here married poor. I was making a contrast between who do I choose in love, and I choose an poor/average man as long as he is caring and I have good sex life.
        And Kidd, you not married, you still have a choice who you can choose to be your husband, enjoy your time when you still single. Believe me when you married, life is not about yourself anymore, I wish I can go to places often like when I was single, but now with a young baby, my traveling choices are limit. Heck, when not married besides pay bills, we can spend money for ourself, now the money are for the baby first.
        Kidd and anyone who still single, enjoy the time, no need rush, take the time to find the right guy. The real freedom is when you single, no debt, you can do what ever you like.

      32. Jaynestar is right, USA is a country of oppotunities and equal for all. Even poor student here can still get a college degree, as long as they keep their college GPA above a 2.0 and they qualify for Grants and Financial Aids.
        My family are “political refugee”. We are lucky that USA take us and let us immigrant to their country, there still many other Chinese who are still suffering in Communist jail and not as lucky can go out to a foreign country, such as Liu Xiaopo, Ai Weiwei, and all those in the Tiananmen Square 1989 protest.
        Anyways, I apoligize for my blunt character and being straighforward saying out what I think. We are all here under the home of Jaynestars so I want to be friends with everyone. Thank you Jayne and all contributors for their hardwork to maintain this home for all of us.

      33. @Jayne: You are still luckier than me. You came to America with no money, but you had your family with you. I came to America with no money and had no family with me. Honestly, You are right, experience change my view about life. When I was younger, I was naive, I didn’t care about money. All my ex boyfriends were very handsome but poor( usually handsome guys are poor) I never date anyone that shorter than 5 feet10… all the guy I went out with will make other girls say: “Wow”… I swear to God.
        However, the older I am, and with all the hardship I had been through, I understand money’s very important too. That’s why now I’m looking for love with handsome, and rich, not only handsome anymore… hehehe….

    2. @Laila: I live in America too, so I know what you are talking about. BUT you said you won’t take your man money, but you take government money? Isn’t it the same as you taking someone money? Government money is from tax payees. Using people money I rather using my man money. Yes, you don’t have money you don’t have to pay, but you want your life like that? Mostly fat people in America are poor people. They eat junk food. Rich people they eat good, then they go to Gym and work out….I have houses for rent, and just this month, I lost thousands of dollars because the renters couldn’t pay me, my lawyer said that i couldn’t get any money from them, they are out of my house after lived there for 3 months free. I feel unfair as I have to pay for the court to kick them out too. Yes, in America poor people got protected by government but living like that is not a good life. It’s not call living, its trying to service. No one want that kind of life.

      1. Anya, I take government money when? I am a 27 year olds girl with a college degree and I am working to pay my own expense.
        I give you the story above is about a story of a old man who is poor. Old people are not capable of working, but people my age 27 are capable of working. No government will give money free to someone who are in their 20s.
        I write that story to show it to people who claim that if you poor you die in USA, false! In China maybe, not very unlikely in USA. Poor people here in USA can go apply for government assistant aid.

      2. Rich people go gym? Haha!! Not all!! My college friend married a rich business man, he often fly around working on his business deals. He not often home to even see his wife and kids. If they going on business trips all the time, they eat out. Even with his own words, he scare he will be fat and have a fat belly from drinking too much.

      3. Laila I understand that you not the one that take it, but you seems ok to think that living like that is ok. That kinda opposite to your strong opinion about living on your own money.

      4. USA is not China, China government will let old homeless men died on the street or under the bridge if they sick and no money to go to hospital.
        We are young people, we can work and take care ourselves. But if they are old man who have no children with them, and sick, then they deserve to be treated in the hospital. Do you think the old should died instead? What happened if that is Your father?
        Anya, you have money, good for you, and good for your father to have a daughter have money like you. But there are children who abandon their father at old ages and not take care of their father. Old poor people don’t deserve to died, nobody derserve to die. I am glad USA is a nice country where care for old people.
        I don’t need government help me, I pay for my own health insurance. But I do not look down or reject any homeless or poor people coming into hospital for free treatments.

      5. And to make it clear, there is a Big difference between:
        1) a poor old man who have no family, and come into the emergency room in the hospital for free treatments. Every year the USA government spend millions and millions of dollars for healthcare.
        2) A girl who capable of working to feed herself but purposely want her husband to pay for all her living expense and buy her house, when she herself have her own money from work.
        I don’t take my husband money because I have a job, so being a wife, I help him out with the expenses. My money from work are put in to use with the family, not save my money all to myself.
        So compared me a 27 year old girl with a job, to a 70 year olds man who is sick (not capable of working) is unfair.

  7. Sorry, double posting, please delete this comment. Thank you

    1. Oh very sorry, I type the word a-s-s in my post, and I don’t think it was allow. Please delete my post, sorry about that.

  8. Honestly not every actress is lucky like Bridgette Lin, Michelle Reis, Gigi Lai and a few others who can marry into rich families. I always considered it a blessings when you can meet the person you like, can marry that person, can lead a blissful life. Therefore, for Sonija to meet the person she truly loves is more than enough. I wish her good luck though I was never a fan of hers.

    1. You forgot Kate who married to Millionaire Lee or Li (Kate was ex-gf of Hung Tim Ping, eldest son of the kungfu instructor Hung).

  9. Hi Anya,
    I read a little on what you’ve posted. I mean you’re lucky enough to have money for yourself, you’re capable and having your own business. I mean take myself for example, sincerely which women don’t want to have a good looking man who loves them for who they are, it would be a bonus if they are rich & nice. But, honestly how many of us are that lucky. You’ve every right to have your criterias but I just want to point out that in life you choose people and people also choose you. Sometimes it’s not up to you to say what you want, most times you ended up not getting what you desire. But, though I don’t know you, I wish you lots of luck in finding the dream man.

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